• Show Date: 25/11/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alanna Johan Blaney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Finnish Spitz Club

The Nordic – 25/11/17

I would like to start with giving thanks, to the Finnish Spitz Club for inviting me to judge at what I consider one of the most special UK Open Shows, to my friendly & organised stewards and of course to the exhibitors who braved what was a very chilly day, even indoors! The standard of presentation across all three of my breeds was fantastic, I was pleased to report very few dogs carrying excess weight and a vast majority with good dentition. While the rings were of a good size, flooring at this venue is not a favourite for many exhibits and while there is no choice but to assess what is in front of you on the day, I have no doubt this affected the movement and imagine placings could swap on a different surface.

Alaskan Malamute

Puppy (2, 0). Two lovely siblings who gave me a tough decision from the outset.

1. Woodhead’s Noraisy Take My Breath Away. 6 mth dog, already showing good overall balance in proportions and the substance typical of the breed. Adult coat still to come through but what is there is profuse and stand off. Handsome head with not too much stop, lovely dark, almond eyes and good depth to muzzle. Thick ears,correctly set on skull, and nice reach of neck leading into a well laid back shoulder. Front developing nicely and rear balanced in angulation which showed in his sidegait, moving freely and with only a bit of puppy looseness. Finished off with a fantastic plume of a tail. Best Puppy.

2. Ballington Graham’s Noraisy Ring of Fire In Catua. 6 mth bitch who pushed her brother hard all the way. More compact all through, but still showing good overall balance in proportions. A very pretty, feminine expression and lovely dark, almond eyes. Good set of ears and a nice arch to her neck. Front still developing, as one would expect at this age. Correct tail carriage. Good footfall on the move, although a little loose, showing enthusiasm and drive. Not holding her topline quite as well as 1st so had to settle for 2nd place today. Will watch both with interest.

Junior (2, 1).

1. Ballington Graham’s Noraisy Ring of Fire In Catua. As per 2nd in Puppy.

Post Graduate (1, 0)

1. Singh’s Mountain Home Sledog Staxtacular (IMP USA). 19 mth dog, eye catching dog with good overall proportions. Loved his headpiece which has so much breed type – strong, broad skull without too much stop, oblique almond eye, super dark pigment and a lovely bulky muzzle. Good length of neck leading into a slightly sloping topline. Front still developing but showing good forechest and a nice spring of rib. Well muscled shoulder and nice broad thigh. Good bone and fantastic harsh coat. Correct set of tail but can hold it a little tight on the stand. Took a while to settle on the move, but once focused demonstrated a powerful, driving action from all angles.

Limit (3, 2)

1. Thompson’s Libertia In The Red Again At Shomont. 5 yr dog with a cheeky expression, who impressed me on the stand for being moderate in everyway the standard asks for without lacking in substance and type. Athletic & shapely in profile, with a lovely wedge shape to his head and a broad, masculine skull without coarseness. Good sized ears and well shaped eye with impressively dark pigment for his red colouring. Nicely arched neck with a strong, sloping topline. Broad chest, and well angulated in front & rear. Harsh coat, nice tight feet and a perfect waving plume. Well muscled all through, he demonstrated a free and easy motion on the move, with good extension and obvious drive. He became more efficient and settled in the final challenge, covering the ring so well that I couldn’t deny him Best of Breed.

Open Dog (4, 0). A difficult class with good depth of quality but a range of type.

1. Thompsons CH Shomont Raisin Cain ShCM. Handsome, 7 yr old male with great substance throughout. Very masculine headpiece, with fantastic small ears, a good almond eye and a bulky muzzle. Good reach of neck, well constructed front with nice spring of rib and depth of chest. Well angulated front and rear, with strong pasterns, compact hocks and large, tight feet. Correct tail set and carriage. Slightly longer in proportions, and has a tendency to over-stretch himself on the stand, over-accentuating his topline, but no sign of this on the move where he held his shape beautifully and demonstrated a powerful action from all angles. I initially thought he was my BOB winner but had to concede to his kennelmate today who I felt edged him on rear movement in the challenge.

2. Loades’ Snowolf Black Ice Buddy. A charming 2 yr old male who has a most appealling expression, with super dark pigment and a nice size & shape of eye. Well set ears and good skull to muzzle proportions. Good length of neck leading into a strong, sloping topline. Athletic in side profile but not lacking in bone, with good depth of chest and a nice tuck up. Shoulder well laid back and good depth of chest. Nice front and balanced in rear angles. Another very well muscled boy with a pleasing harsh jacket and a well set tail. He was very pleasing to watch on the move, with a very balanced sidegait and a workmanlike attitude. Pushed hard but conceded to the maturity of 1 today.

3. Ellis & Nevinson’s Chayo Golden Touch ShCM. 2 yr old male who ticked a lot of boxes. Masculine head, broad in skull with nice oblique, almond eye and small, well furred ears. Good arch of neck and nice sloping topline. Balanced in front & rear angles with good length of leg. Broad chest with well sprung ribs. Plenty of bone and well muscled, with a lovely harsh coat and correctly set tail. While clean on the up and down, he seemed to struggle for grip on the floor and was not showing the drive his construction and condition suggested, costing him a higher placing today.

Open Bitch (4, 1). As with Open Dog, another difficult class with three lovely ladies of very different type.

1. Butler’s Arcticdawns Free and Easy At Kaytoo. 10 yr old bitch who showed little sign of her age in attitude or condition. Typical wedge shape of skull, with nice dark pigment and almond shaped eye. Would prefer a slightly smaller ear but well set, leading into a good length of neck and slightly sloping topline. Moderate in angulation, with good length of leg and nice tight feet. Correctly set tail although tendency to hold tight on the stand. Not in full coat and so not appearing as substantial as some of the other exhibits today but bone adequate for size. Very well developed in muscle and won this class on her beautiful movement, effortless and powerful from all angles, really driving round the ring.

2. Thompson’s Shomont Ras Ma Tas. 7 yr old bitch and another defying her veteran status. Very feminine head, with nice small ears, dark almond eye and good skull proportions. Nicely arched neck and a correctly sloping topline. Well developed chest and well angulated front and rear. Strong pasterns and tight feet with good bone for size. Well muscled all through and correct, harsh texture to coat. Enthusiastic on the move, she showed a reachy sidegait but wasn’t quite as efficient on the up and down as 1st.

3. Ballington-Graham’s Catua She’s The One. 6 yr old bitch who has a powerful side profile. Strong skull, with a nice bulky muzzle and not too much stop. Dark, almond eye and thick, well set ears, with a calm expression. Strong, sloping topline and deep chest with good length of leg. Good bone and super thick, stand off coat. Nice tail set and moderate, balanced angulation front and rear. Stood on good sized feet, and moved well but with not quite the drive of 1 & 2 today.

Greenland Dog

Puppy (0, 0).

Junior (0,0).

Post Graduate (1, 0)

1. Ile’s Sledog Amarello Coffea At Iceisle. 23 mth bitch, with a compact, balanced profile. Good wedge shape of skull, with a lovely eye shape and a hint of mischief in her expression. Nice length of neck leading into a strong, level topline. Chest still developing in front, but well laid back shoulder and good spring of rib. Strong in pasterns and nicely shaped feet with moderate bone. Well carried tail and correct harsh texture of coat. Very well muscled and nicely proportioned, she moved with a brisk but economic gait. Considered her strongly for Reserve Best of Breed, but didn’t feel she had quite the drive of the older male today.

Open (2, 0). Two quality veterans of differing type.

1. Winterton & Singh’s Arabica Av Tasermiut at Sledog (IMP NOR). 8 yr bitch who gave an elegant profile without lacking the strength the breed requires. Another with a lovely wedge shape of skull, nice shape of eye and well set ears, creating a very feminine expression. Good length of neck leading into a strong, level topline that she held beautifully on the move. Nice front and balanced in outline, with well developed muscle and good proportions all through. Not keen to use her tail today, which almost cost her this placing, but did show correct set and carriage when it suited her. Really excelled on the move, with a clean, balanced and ground covering action, showing little to fault from all directions. Best of Breed.                            

2. Winterton & Singh’s Sledog Winter Blizzard. 7 yr dog who was as masculine as my class winner was feminine. Very strong, broad skull, heavier in stop & muzzle than the bitches but still showing the correct shape of eye and a typey expression. Powerful, well muscled neck leading into a strong level topline. A touch longer in proportions than my class winner, with a well laid back shoulder and deep chest. Broad, well muscled thigh, with strong pasterns and good feet. Wore a fantastic, harsh, stand off jacket and well carried tail. Moved with drive and power, with no excess motion, proving strong competition to his classmate but felt 1 that bit more balanced in sidegait today. Reserve Best of Breed.

Japanese Akita Inu

Junior (1, 0).

1. Bennet & Chapman’s Tsoyu Murasaki Go. 10 mth bitch and what a promising youngster to start on. Beautiful headpiece, with muzzle still to strengthen but cheeks developing nicely and using her ears well. Lovely dark and correctly shaped eye giving a feminine and elegant expression.  Good length of neck, well placed shoulder, moderately angulayed to give  and balanced in rear angles. Topline firm and level. Good length of leg and nicely arched feet. Quality coat of strong colouring and correct markings, with a tightly carried tail. Was a touch distracted on the move, but once settled showed a free and east sidegait, very balanced for her age. Best Puppy.

Post Graduate (3, 2)

1. Punton’s Koteisamurai Yabbadabadoo. 2 yr dog with the happiest of natures! Typey headpiece, with nice cheeks, dark almond eye and an appealling, friendly expression. Good thickness and arch to ears, set well on skull. Nice arch to neck and correct level topline. Front nice and straight viewed head on, with good spring of rib. Nice tuck up and well let down hocks. Good coat and markings. Moved with an easy sidegait, but has a tendency to let his tail drop which cost him in the challenge today.

Open (2, 0)

1. Thomson & Wiesmuller’s Tsoyu Kokoro No Hiroi. 16 mth dog who impressed for overall balance & type. Such an attractive headpiece with well developed cheeks, broad skull and a good furrow. Ears thick, well furred and correctly hooded. Dark pigment and correct set & shape of eye giving a typical expression. Lovely arch of neck and strong, level topline. Front still to fully come, but not to his overall detriment, with nice strong pasterns and correct moderate angulation front & rear. Well off for bone, with thick, quality coat and correct markings. Tight, correctly carried tail. He was lovely to watch on the move, very balanced and with an effortless sidegait. Best of Breed.

2. Bennet & Chapman’s Tsoyu Hamako Go. 3 yr dog, father of my class winner and masculine all through. Possesses an arrogance in his stance and expression that makes him quite eye catching. Broad skull, thick & correctly set ears with broad cheeks. Nice crest to neck, strong topline and good front viewed head on, although would prefer a touch more lay back of shoulder. Correct tuck up and broad thigh with strong, compact pasterns front & rear. Good set of tail although could be carried a touch tighter and quality stand off coat. A steady mover, he showed good footfall in sidegait, but not quite as clean on the up and down as 1st today.

Alanna J Blaney (Fenrirkin)