• Show Date: 24/09/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alanna Johan Blaney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Canadian Eskimo Dog Club of Great Britain

CEDCGB Open Show – 24/09/17 – Stakes Classes

My sincere thanks to the CEDCGB committee for inviting me to judge today at what proved to be a most enjoyable set of stakes classes at their fourth annual open show. Unsurprisingly a majority of dogs I judged today were Canadian Eskimo Dogs, with a handful of Siberian Huskies present in the AV Sled Dog classes, but my general comments are applicable to both breeds. Given the primary function of a sled dog is a working one, it was pleasing that no dogs were carrying any excess of weight and muscle tone was well developed throughout the age groups; a majority had complete, tight scissor bites, with only a couple where teeth look to have suffered from more excessive wear & tear, and while I am certain the warmer weather will have affected the ’show attitude’ of some exhibits, I came away with the impression of a well tempered, friendly and confident breed going very much in the right direction. An extra thank you to my two stewards who kept things running smoothly and efficiently throughout, something I am sure the exhibitors appreciated as the weather warmed.

Shepherdsway Memorial (8 Ent, 1 Abs).

A strong class to start on with quality throughout.

1st. Atkin & Bailey’s Akna Asavakkit**

4 yr, red & white bitch who has an impressive, confident presence. Correct, oblique set of eye and shape of skull with good proportions and nice tight lips. Strong front assembly with a muscular neck, standing on well boned legs and nicely shaped feet. Well sprung ribcage and compact loin, leading into a broad thigh and strong hocks giving nice proportions throughout. Strong topline and nicely set tail, both of which were held well on the move. Was sound on the out and back, and very pleasing in side gait, powerful and covering the ground with ease. Finished off with a nice harsh coat.

2nd. Bailey’s Shepherdsway Eskimo Angel At Akna

8 yr grey & white bitch who I see was littermate to my Res & VHC placings and like them was in no way impeded by her age. Loved her head piece with good strength of muzzle and broad skull, lovely dark pigment, correctly set oblique eye eye and thick, densely furred ears. Good length of neck leading into a strong, level topline and well set tail. Good bone, nice tight feet and no sign of weakness in pasterns. Wore a fantastically thick, harsh coat, she moved with such balance and pushed hard for the top spot in the class, but on this occasion was edged out by 1 on rear drive.

3rd. Wearmouth’s Akna Castiel

2 yr grey & white bitch and unsurprisingly not as mature as her class mates today, being smaller and more compact throughout, with chest still to fully develop. That said I thought she was very well proportioned, with a lovely feminine head and expression, good ear set and another with an appealling, dark eye. Well laid back shoulder and level topline. Moderate bone and although not in full coat what was there was of correct texture. Really won this place on her sound movement, which was effortless and without any wasted motion, holding her shape well and displaying the brisk pace characteristic of the breed.

Progeny (2 Ent, 0 Abs)

Two very close, typey dams with their progeny teams, not an easy choice and was splitting hairs in final placings.

1st. Atkin & Bailey’s Akna Asavakkit**

A couple of different ages for comparison in this bitches progeny, but all appealled hugely for their consistency in construction and type, with dam clearly passing onto the same typical wedge shape in skull, strong straight toplines and well constructed front assembly. All moved with power and drive and matched pace well on the go round.

2nd. Smith’s Akna North Wind**

This team of white mother and litter mates were so alike on the stand and were very eye catching. As with first, Dam is clearly throwing a real consistency in headpiece, with good strength in bone, balanced proportions and quality, stand off coats. A mix of enthusiasm on the move gave them a slightly less uniform gait on the go round, so had to concede with second place today.

AV Sled Dog  (4 Ent, 0 Abs)

A difficult class, not for lack of quality but rather a mix of ages and type to compare.

1st. Allen’s Arcticskies Leading Light.

Siberian Husky. Grey & white, piebald male of 4 yrs, and masculine all through. Good shape of muzzle with nice tight lips, with a well developed skull and high set, proportionately sized ears. Strong, arched neck and well muscled shoulders, with legs parallel when viewed from the front. Strong topline leading to a balanced rear, with nice turn of stifle. Chest deep, accentuating a nice tuck up and such a well muscled loin, giving a strong outline in profile. Moved out with a free and easy motion, and plenty of extension to cover the ground smoothly.

2nd.  Semple’s Akna Sila**

Canadian Eskimo Dog. 4 yr old male who was determined to give his handler a challenge. Strong, masculine skull, with obliquely set eye and thick, well furred ears. Strong neck leading into a well developed chest and fantastic layback of shoulder which benefited him greatly on the move. Straight topline and well muscled rear quarters with compact hocks. Well off for bone and carried a profuse coat, but of correct texture. Sets off with a lot of drive from the rear, and took a couple of attempts for him to settle, but when he did it was hard to get past the determined and powerful side gait he displayed.

3rd. McIntyre’s Dreamwolves Celtic Queen.

Siberian Husky. 20 mth, red & white and very pretty bitch, whose fine, feminine headpiece gave an appealling, typey expression. Good shape of eye and well developed cheekbones. Lovely length of neck leading into a nice straight topline. Bone proportionate to size, with a good width to chest and strong parallel hocks when viewed from the rear. Moved out steadily with a well carried tail, and had nice clean footfall coming and going, but didn’t quite have the strength in topline as 1st & 2nd on the go round, which I am certain will come with maturity.

AV Sled Dog Brace (3 Ent, 0 Abs)

1st. Lunn & Heye’s Amical Theo & Amical Katrina.

3 year old Siberian brother-sister pairing and absolute peas in a pod. Presented in a good quality of matching red & white coats, both stood lovely and square in the line up, with the charming, foxy expression so typical of the breed. They moved together with great fluidity and a twinned pace that made them hard to get past today.

2nd. Bailey’s  Akna Dale** & Akna Morzine

CED, male & female pairing, grey & white who were well matched in markings and proportions and gave a similar impression of proportion and balance in profile. Both moved with power and drive once settled, covering the ground well.

3rd. Needham’s Akna Arch Angel** & Arcticice Qimmiq Jasper (IMP CAN).

Another male & female CED duo whose typey headpieces and cheeky expressions definitely would have won them the award for matching smiles.  Being so well paired in playful attitude unfortunately made them less consistent on the move than 1st & 2nd but a delight to judge nonetheless.

AV Sled Dog Team (2 Ent, 0 Abs)

Another very difficult class to split, with all credit to the handlers of these dogs in taking on what must be quite a daunting task!

1st. Bailey’s Team of Three: Akna Iskut, Akna Kohler & Shepherdsway Cinders At Akna

This team of black and white CED bitches had a big range in age, from 6 months to 8 years, which could have been to their disadvantage but instead all displayed such a consistency in type. It took some patience from the handler to begin, but once settled into the task at hand they really did move as one, displaying a wonderfully balanced set of side gaits.

2nd. Allen’s Team of Three: Akna Galatea, Akna Yamnuska & Akna Pika*

A beautiful trio of 2 year old CED siblings, mixed in gender and colouring but all well off for substance and strength with an impressive profile stood together. Were certainly consistent on the move in a ground covering gait, making it such a hard decision to split, but not quite as matched in step as 1st team.

AV Sled Dog Bred By Exhibitor (4 Ent, 0 Abs)

1st. Smith’s Gerifreki Lysanders Love**

CED. 2 yr bitch, who I felt had the right mix of strength and female presence. Well developed skull, with good proportions and a pretty expression. Strong neck and well muscled shoulder, leading into a nice level topline. Good chest and nice tight feet. Compact in loin and balanced in rear angles with a correct harsh coat. Moved with balance, holding her shape well and displaying the same strength as she suggested on the stand to win the class.

2nd. Porritt’s Blizzardsrun Black Velvet

Siberian Husky. 3 yr black & white bitch who with a very sweet expression, possessing finely chiselled features, a lovely shape of eye and nicely set ears, although would prefer them just a touch smaller in proportion to her skull. Loved her arch of neck and well layed back shoulder, which led to a firm topline and a good sloping croup. Moved with a brisk and ground covering gait with a look of purpose.

3rd. Smith’s Gerifreki Duke Of Athens**

Canadian Eskimo Dog. 2 yrs, brother to my class winner who caught my eye on the stand for his masculine outline. Skull developing well, with good strength throughout and nicely furred ears. Well proportioned, with heavily muscled shoulders, broad chest and nice angles fore and aft. Well off for bone and a fantastic harsh coat, but unfortunately not quite in show mode today which meant although moving with drive he was not quite as clean on the up and down as I’m sure he could be.

AV Sled Dog Not Bred By Exhibitor (7 Ent, 1 Abs)

1st.  Porritt’s Skimarque Winter Frost At Blizzardrun

Siberian Husky. 3 yr grey & white dog who impressed throughout the class. An absolutely typical head, not overdone in anyway but with an inquisitive,  foxy expression enhanced by almond  eyes and well set & attentively carried ears. Nice length of neck leading into a well laid back shoulder and a strong chest without too much spring to rib. Stood on strong pasterns and oval feet. Well muscled loin, straight topline and good croup with strong hocks to match the front. Moved with that almost floating side gait that is so appealling in this breed and couldn’t deny him the class.

2nd. Logan’s Qimugta Carmine* From Miamilady

CED. 1 yr, red & white bitch. Developing well for age, with correct wedge shape of skull and a nice shape of eyes. Not in full coat but still displayed good substance throughout. Good length of neck and nice straight legs viewed front on with strong pasterns. Scored in side profile for overall proportions, with a nice level topline, balanced angles fore and aft. Correct feet and displayed a good gait coming and going, with enough drive to win this place despite some maturing still to come.

3rd. Wearmouth’s Akna Castiel.

As per 3rd in ’Shepherdsway Memorial’ class,  maintaining the same delightful sidegait she did earlier in the day and close up to second but not quite as developed in front yet – one I will look forward to seeing in a few years time.

AV Sled Dog Open (2 Ent, 0 Abs)

A small but strong class to end my day on.

1st. Bailey’s Napu Of Northwinds*** At Akna (IMP CAN) ShCM.

CED. 6 yr white male and quite the eye catcher. Strong, masculine skull without any hint of coarseness. Nice tight lips, good oblique set eye and densely furred ears. Thick strong neck, that leads into a good lay back of shoulder, nice length of upper arm and a well developed forechest. Strong bone and tight feet. Well off for coat, so have to get your hands on him to feel what is a correct level topline. Deep chest, well sprung ribs with plenty of heart room.  Balanced rear with good turn of stifle and strong hocks. A pleasure to watch on the move, with an efficient gait, clean coming and going, but still powerful and showing correct extension in side gait to cover the ground. Really looked like he could go all day.

2nd. Atkin & Bailey’s Akna Asavakkit**

As per 1st in ’Shepherdsway Memorial’ class. Pushed hard but couldn’t quite match the ground covering, fluid gait of 1st in this class.

Alanna J Blaney (Fenrirkin)