• Show Date: 26/10/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Worrell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: French Bulldog


French Bulldogs

MPD (8/3) 1ST Oakes’ Boule & Onuba Revelations at Luxbear (Imp Esp) 7 month old black masked fawn. A developing square head with good padding to muzzle, slight turn up to lower jaw and good dentition, dark eyes and good pigment gave him a strong masculine expression for one so young. Well placed shoulders and developing rib, straight front and neat feet, still a tad low on his front pasterns. A pleasing topline with a gentle roach rising over the loins came together to present a short cobby outline, finishing with moderate rear angulation. A bit unsettled on the move. BPD 2ND Massey’s Chareve’s Davy Crockett. 8 month old nicely marked reverse brindle with a well padded muzzle, open nostrils and a well defined stop. Dark eye and good pigment, with fine wrinkling on the forehead adding to a strong head design. A wide, deep chest with a clear cut up and developing rib, and a strongly arched neck lead down to a gently roached topline. Longer cast than 1st place. Moved well 3RD Moore’s Maxibulz Second Edition

PD (7/4)1st Pearce’s Bullhawk Rasputin. 9 month old brindle with character in abundance. Presented with coat in excellent condition, a masculine head with plenty of cushioning on muzzle and cheeks, round dark eye and excellent ear placement. A strong broad neck leading to nicely developing shoulders, and a straight front with good depth of brisket and width of chest. Very exuberant on the move making him hard to assess, however a gently roached topline was presented when stationary. 2nd Massey’s Chareve’s Davy Crocketr, see 2nd MPD 3rd Lampen’s Khanin Guardian Angel at Rosco

JD (5/1)1st Small’s Primarius The Phantom Major. 13 month old quality clear coated black masked fawn who scored well in overall type. A masculine square head with plenty of cushioning on his broad, deep muzzle, a good turn up of jaw and well defined stop, expressive dark eyes and gentle wrinkling on the domed forehead, topped by well placed ears which he used to his advantage. Sturdy front with good bone and neat feet, cobby body with good depth of chest and width of rib, came together to present a nicely balanced outline. Excellent muscle tone, he moved out well 2nd Bryant’s Archness Sign O’The Times. 14 months old and another well marked brindle who oozes breed type. Fabulous head profile, well defined muzzle and turn up, good lay back, expressive correctly place round dark eyes and domed forehead with gentle wrinkling. Good shoulder placement, straight front and ample bone, developing rib and gentle roach. Not quite the same overall balanced outline as 1st place yet but maturing nicely, moved and handled very well 3rd Sharkey’s Saffonies Jack of Hearts

PGD (6/2) 1st Davis’ Rowendale Tom Hanks. 20 month old dark masked fawn with a clear coat presented in excellent condition. A very masculine square head with plenty of cushioning on cheeks and under eye, wide jaw and well defined muzzle, round eye and subtle wrinkling on his domed forehead topped by well placed bat ears that were used to his advantage on the table and on the move. Ample bone and substance, with a wide straight front, well placed shoulders and deep brisket with a pleasing spring of rib. Good cut up and gentle roach ending with correct tailset and moderate rear angulation. Excellent muscle tone, moved and handled very well. RBD 2nd Sharkey’s Mr French Fancy at Maxibulz. 20 month old compact well marked brindle. A well defined muzzle with ample padding, good turn up of jaw, round dark eye and good lay back came together to present a soft but masculine expression on a head in proportion to his body. Straight front with neat feet and dark nail, cobby body and gentle roach, would prefer a slightly longer neck to present a more overall balanced outline. 3rd Johnson & McArdle’s Tytorro Dark Side of the Moon at Luconevar

OD (6/2) 1st Krall’s Jafrak Finger of Fudge. I had the pleasure of going over this dog as a pup and I was very pleased to note he has continued to develop into a quality clear coated fawn at just short of his 2nd birthday. Strong masculine head with dark expressive eye, wide and deep padded muzzle, correct dentition, excellent pigment and fine wrinkling on forehead. Impressive straight front, strong pasterns, neat feet and dark nails, and ample bone and substance all over. A good cut up and gentle roach leading to correctly set tail presented a pleasing outline, moved and handled very well, a pleasure to award him BD. 2nd Maxwell’s Eastonite Chocolate Chip JW ShCM, 3 year old well marked brindle presented in good condition. Square head with good turn up to jaw and nice layback, round dark eye and good earset. Wide chest with deep brisket, well ribbed and good tuck up to loin. He presented a short cobby profile, and kept his topline on the move. 3rd Goodman’s Willsanburg’s Blackthorn at Henchbull

MPB (6/1) 1st Cox’s Franstelgo’s Illuminations, pretty black masked fawn bitch, only 7 months old but oozing confidence in the ring . Promising head with feminine expression and good pigment, lovely upsweep of jaw, developing muzzle, dark round eye and well used ears. Developing shoulders and rib, straight front and neat feet, short cobby body with good reach of neck, gentle roach and moderate angulation at rear. Very sound movement, she showed herself extremely well for one so young, one to watch in the future. Pleased to award her BPB & BPIB. 2nd Becvar’s Chareve’s Polar, a double hooded brindle pied, 8 months of age. Nice sized puppy with a square head, good width of jaw, open nostrils and dark round eye, ear set could be a bit higher however could improve as head develops. Straight front and good spring of rib for age, clear cut up from brisket, nothing exaggerated about the topline with a gentle rise over the loin, ending with adequate hind angulation. 3rd Massey’s Chareve’s Polar Queen

PB (11/2) 1st Morgan & Williams’ Gwynsel Chains of Love, 10 month old feminine brindle bitch, pleasing straight front and sound neat feet, good lay back of developing shoulder, well arched neck, shapely body for her age, very attentive to her handler. Maturing head with dark round eye giving a soft expression, good layback and well defined stop, topped by well shaped ears used to advantage, moved and handled well 2nd Waterfield’s Kuredeux Shine Eye Gal at Lukesland, nicely put together brindle bitch, feminine head with well padded muzzle, good width and turn up of jaw, well defined stop, good eye placement, topped by domed gently wrinkled forehead. Cobby nicely balanced body, wide front and excellent depth of chest, did not show herself off to her full advantage today 3rd Tilley’s Kuredeux Hitey Titey Mossport

JB (15/6) 1st Wildman’s Wildax Chudney Ross, attractive well marked brindle bitch, full of character and oozing breed type. Classic headpiece with a soft feminine expression, good dentition, pleasing upsweep of jaw, well padded muzzle and cushioning under dark round eye, nicely domed forehead and flat between correctly placed bat ears. Well developed around front and shoulders for her age, with a straight front leading to neat feet, a strongly arched neck, gentle roach, developing loin and cut up, good turn of stifle and moderate hind angulation. Moved well when settled, and presented a very balanced overall outline, pleased to award her BB and BOB 2nd Morison’s Jafrak Soft Centre with Xandene, pretty black masked fawn bitch with excellent pigment on muzzle, nicely turned up jaw of good width, dark well placed eyes, soft wrinkling on forehead and topped by well placed ears of correct size. A broad front and well sprung ribs, ample bone and substance, good cut up and length of loin, moved well. Preferred the more balanced outline of 1st place 3RD Waterfield’s Mino De Sedda at Lukesland

PGB (21/6) 1st Pleasance’s Katakia One and Only JW, largest class of the day and this brindle pied bitch stood out for all the right reasons. Double hooded and well marked, with a clear coat in excellent condition, she showed herself very well. Head in proportion to rest of the body, good width of jaw and well cushioned muzzle, dark round eye, good ear carriage, used to her advantage. Ample bone on strong straight front, neat feet, good muscle tone, well placed shoulders leading to well sprung ribs, nice turn of stifle and rear angulation. Moved and handled well, however she was unsettled in the bitch line up 2nd Pearce’s Tillcarr Amazing Grace, compact dark brindle bitch with good width and depth on her well cushioned muzzle, lovely dark eye, well defined stop and excellent ear carriage that all come together to create a lovely soft feminine expression. A neck of good length leading into well placed shoulders and a straight front, tight pasterns and neat feet. Good spread of rib and cut up, very gentle roach and moderate rear angulation, she presented a balanced outline and moved very well. 3rd Sharkey’s Rumour Has It at Maxibulz

OB (14/6) 1st Maxwell’s Eastonite Maxwells News JW ShCM. A nice sized clear coated black masked fawn bitch with a very pleasing outline. Nothing overdone, she has a solid stance and the right amount of bone. Dark eye and well marked muzzle, good side profile and gentle wrinkling on the forehead, with her head in proportion to her body, and a strong arched neck set on good shoulder placement. Straight front with broad deep chest, and a good cut up to strong loins, excellent muscle tone all over. Kept her topline on the move, and handled well. RBB 2nd Davis’ Rowendale Teacake, 4 year old nicely matured brindle bitch, feminine with an alert expression, everything in proportion and nicely balanced, lovely square head with plenty of padding on wide deep muzzle, good upsweep of jaw and soft dark eye, head topped by good sized bat ears which were used to advantage. Cobby body with straight front and laid back shoulders, well sprung ribs, moved well and maintained her top line from every angle. 3rd Corish’s Davlokkes L’Oreal Du Paris (Imp Den)

Sue Worrell (Miamou)