• Show Date: 28/04/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Bird Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Australian Shepherd


Thank you to the hard working committee for the invite to judge at this lovely well run show, the sun shone till the challenge for BOB but we opted to remain outside.

Overall the quality was very good, although there were a few dogs in the younger classes who were too long in the foreface & also a couple had eye shape bordering on round instead of the almond shape that the breed standard asks for, this does completely change the expression & does need to be watched. I found no bad bites & no dirty teeth, presentation was very good & although I personally don’t like over trimming it doesn’t affect construction or movement. Movement was I felt slightly hampered by the size of the ring, which was half the size of the ring next door for a much smaller breed. But on whole the dogs just shortened their stride to compensate for this.

Veteran Dog 1

1st Swallow’s: Lyveden Castill Chaska; Masculine 8yr old boy not showing his age at all. Broad head with a strong neck. Lovely shoulder placement & firm top line, good rear angulation, allowing free movement. BVD & BV

Puppy Dog 4

1st Allan’s: Allmark The Sequel: Head developing well for his age, well defined stop & good ear placement, moderate length of neck on well placed shoulders & depth of chest. Adequate length of rib for age with well-rounded croup & good bend stifle. Won this class for his steady effortless movement but could do with bigger ring. BPD & BPIB

2nd Milligan’s: Jotars Lies And Deceit With Alfsden; pushed 1st hard, lovely head developing with good length of neck, well placed shoulders & slightly better rib length than 1st chest just needs to develop a bit more, good rear angulation. Just not so steady on move as 1st defiantly needs a bigger ring.

3rd Barr’s: Allmark Yogi Bear:

Junior Dog 2

1st Morley’s: Trijem Magic Trick: 14mth, Strong broad head well defined stop, good pigmented. Strongly arched neck going into well placed shoulders with good depth of chest & well sprung ribs with good rear angulation. Won this class on his slightly steadier movement.

2nd Challenger & Hooker’s: Lyveden Pacon Paladin: Good head & neck well placed shoulders & well sprung ribs with good rear angulation, just not quite as effortless on move as 1st.

Yearling Dog 2

1st Birgisdottir’s: AKC Ch Kraftbrewd’s Blossi At Heimsenda; Well-balanced young male, lovely broad skull with well-defined stop, eyes obliquely set & well placed triangular ears. Moderate arch of neck going into well placed shoulders, good fore chest & depth of body. Ribs well sprung with strong loin & good rear angulations. Well-muscled parallel when viewed front & rear, smooth ground covering movement, did consider for rcc

2nd Richard’s: Accra Mystical Man; Not quite as mature as 1st but everything is there & just needs time to mature. Good head with soft expression, ex pigmentation, good length of neck & well placed shoulders, adequate length rib with good rear angulation, hocks well let down, parallel front & rear.

Post Grad Dog 2

1st Garside’s: Mistyholly Fire In The Sky; Lovely broad head & skull with defined stop well placed ears correct eye placement. Moderate length of neck, well placed shoulders with lovely fore chest, chest reaching elbow & firm topline, good spring of rib & gently sloping croup with good rear angulations & well-muscled throughout with strong hocks, good ground covering movement.

2nd Taylor’s: Trijem Carolina Panther; Good head well defined stop lovely dark eyes, strong neck & front, slightly longer in body than 1st with good rear angulations, just not quite so settled on move.

Limit Dog 6

Really nice class & not a lot between the first three so comments apply to all.

1st Arnall’s: Allmark Jo Malone; Nice head & expression, moderate stop & dark eyes with good ear placement, moderate arch of neck & good fore-chest, well placed shoulders with well sprung ribs, firm top-line good rear angulations & strong hocks, won this class for his smooth & steady movement.

2nd Willet’s: Cadillac At Debeaux Tenderflash (Imp CZE); Lovely for type & similar to 1st but just not so fluid on move & could have done with a bigger ring.

3rd West’s: Amberslade Michigan At Shepalian CDEX UDEX;

Open Dog 5-1

Strong class & 1st three could have swapped easily.

1st Spavin’s: Ch/NL Ch Hearthside Man Of Mystery At Dialynne JW (Imp USA); Well-balanced male attentive to handler whole time & could not be denied this class. Head in proportion to body, broad skull with well-defined stop, expressive dark eyes of correct almond shape, strongly arched neck going into well placed shoulders, chest reaching elbow, with a good spring of rib & firm top line, strong over loin & well rounded croup, excellent bone throughout, good rear angulation & moderate bend of stifle, parallel front & rear. On the move he was both agile & effortless. CC & BOB. Pleased to see him go group 4 where in a much bigger ring he really showed he could move.

2nd Fort’s: Ch Jotars Follow The Rumours From Shulune JW SHCM; judged him as a puppy at his 1st show & gave him bpib, he has grown into a super showman. Lovely broad masculine head & expression, correct eye shape & well placed ears, strong neck & well placed shoulders with good fore-chest, well sprung ribs & strong loin with gently sloping croup, good rear angulation with moderate bend of stifle , parallel front & rear, very steady on move but he defiantly needed a ring much bigger to show his ground covering movement. RCC

3rd Morley’s: Ch Trijem Beach Hoppin Dude JW; Judged as a junior & he has matured well.

Puppy Bitch 3

1st Coutts: Amberslade Santa Ana Breeze; Won this class for being slightly more settled on the move, head needs to broaden but for her age is fine, good length of neck & shoulders well placed adequate length of rib & good rear angulation, just needs time to fill out. Best mover in this class.

2nd Fort’s: Saussurea Grand Entrance By Shulune (Imp PL); pleasing head shape & neck, shoulders well placed & firm top-line, again needs to fill out but still quite a baby, not so settled on move as 1st.

3rd Tierney’s: Rannaleroch Goody Tiptoes;

Junior Bitch 2-1

1st Flaherty’s: Lyveden Pacon Pandora; Feminine head & expression, nicely placed ears, moderately arched neck on well placed shoulders, good spring rib & strong loin with gently sloping croup. Good rear angulations allowing easy movement.

Yearling Bitch 2-1

1st Richard’s: Mistyholly Choca Moch Latte; not the biggest of bitches & at that in between stage with her coat. Feminine head & soft expression, good neck & shoulders, adequate length of rib with rear angulation corresponding to front, just needs time to mature.

Post Graduate Bitch 7

1st Venton’s: Little Red Cap Du Chemin Des Korrigans (Imp Fra); As she came into the ring I thought she was lovely, Broad feminine head with soft expression, lovely eye colour & shape, well defined stop with neat triangular ears. Moderately arched neck on well placed shoulders with good depth of chest well sprung rib & firm top-line with strong loin, good rear angulations allowing free flowing movement.

2nd Wilson & Cudworth’s: Wilduc Syndicate; Similar comments to 1st but just wasn’t as fluid on move. Lovely in profile.

3rd West’s: Love Story Of Fender Song For Shepalian (Imp)

Limit Bitch 4

Class of lovely quality bitches could have changed anyone of them over & still had a super line up.

1st Collins & Uden’s: Allmark Razzle Dazzle Em At Jazdaze; Aptly named. Lovely broad skull with neat triangular ears well placed, dark almond eyes obliquely set, moderate amount of stop & strong muzzle with good under jaw, well arched neck with good fore-chest going into well placed shoulders closely fitting, well sprung ribs & strong top-line, firm over loin & gently sloping croup, well-muscled hindquarters & good bend of stifle, enough bone for her frame. Effortless on the move. Beautifully presented. CC

2nd Spavin’s: Dancing On The Ceiling Del Whymper Delle G Jorasses; Another very feminine bitch, lovely head & soft expression, good ear placement & dark almond eyes, strong muzzle, moderately arched neck on well placed shoulders with chest reaching elbow, good spring of rib & strong over loin with moderately sloping croup, lovely rear angulation with moderate bend of stifle, with good muscle-tone throughout. Very steady on move, just preferred 1st slightly more drive at the rear.

3rd Morley’s: Trijem Secret Bridge; Lovely head with well-defined stop with lovely strong under jaw, moderately arched neck, good lay of shoulder with corresponding rear angulation, well –muscled, very easy moving bitch & pushed 1st & 2nd hard.

Open Bitch 6-1

1st Allan’s: Ch Allmark Vanity Fayre JW SHCM; Litter sister of limit winner. Feminine head with lovely expression, with well-placed triangular ears, almond shaped eyes with well-defined stop & good muzzle with lovely under jaw & good pigmentation. Moderate arch of neck with well laid shoulders, chest reaching elbow, ribs well sprung & strong over loin, with good rear angulation & bend of stifle, firm hocks well let down, Parallel front & rear. Steady mover, RCC. Just preferred her sisters overall proportions.

2nd Challenger’s: Ch Lyveden Texas Rose JW; Head very feminine with an alert expression, good ear placement & eyes obliquely set well defined stop & very good pigmentation, moderate arch of neck with good fore-chest & well placed shoulders well sprung ribs with firm top-line & strong loin, gentle slope to croup & good rear angulation with correct amount of bone, effortless on move. I just preferred the 1st head.

3rd Garside’s: Ch Allmark Join The Clan At Mistyholly, Similar comments to 2nd for breed type, but just preferred 2nd slightly more effortless movement.


Sue Bird