• Show Date: 07/07/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Bird Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Collie (Smooth)

Smooth Collies

Not the biggest entry, but never the less lovely sound dogs that really moved out & made full use of the ring.

Junior Dog

1st Forbes: Natalain Star Lord Willowhurst; (Imp Rus) just 14months, clean blunt wedge shaped head, soft expression, almond shaped eyes, nicely tipped ears, correct bite, well arched neck on well placed shoulders, with good depth of chest & ribs well sprung, good length of back with strong loin, well-muscled hindquarters, with good bend of stifle, well-padded feet, moved steady. RBD

Post Grad Dog

1st Vickery’s: Oakestelle Sebastion Bach RL2: 4yr old masculine male, loved his clean lines, nothing exaggerated & looked capable of doing a day’s work if called for. Well-developed head, with good muzzle, dark almond eyes obliquely set, correct bite, good under jaw. Well arched neck, with good lay back of shoulders, deep chest & well sprung ribs, firm back & gentle rise over loin, with good rear angulations, hocks well let down & well-padded feet, Very light & graceful on move. BD

Limit Bitch

1st Forbes: Willowhurst Vanity:3yr old feminine bitch, wedge shaped head with good ear placement nicely tipped, dark almond shaped eyes, moderate arch of neck on well placed shoulders, good depth to chest & ribs well sprung, firm back with strong loin & good rear angulations, well bent stifle & hocks well let down, feet well padded, very steady ground covering movement. RBB

Open Bitch

1st Forbes: Natalain Kilkenny At Willowhurst (Imp Rus)Really liked this bitch for her lovely balanced outline with correct proportions. Good head & expression with nice stop, well rounded muzzle, obliquely set eyes, nicely tipped ears, correct bite & strong under jaw, muscular neck on well angulated shoulders, nice depth of chest & good spring of rib, firm back & gentle rise over loin, good rear angulation with well bent stifle, parallel when viewed front & rear. Effortless on the move & with ground covering movement. BB & BOB


Sue Bird