• Show Date: 07/07/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Bird Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Collie (Rough)

Rough Collies

Such a shame a few exhibits didn’t like the floor surface, as we had a lovely ring, but the matting was quite shiny. Temperaments where very good, a few decided to leave there coats at home today, but new coats where coming through. I was pleased to see no very gay tails which can spoil the outline on the move. All exhibits where clean, including teeth.

Puppy Dog

1st Wray’s: Takhisis Dream Weaver: just 10 months & really didn’t like the floor but a quick change of ends & he was happier, balanced in profile, head developing well, correct bite with good under jaw, well placed ears, moderate length of neck on well placed shoulders, good spring of rib & slight rise over loin, moderate rear angulation & parallel when viewed front & rear, well presented coat, well-padded feet. Steady once settled. BPD & BPIB

Junior Dog

1st White’s: Mejola Dangerous Liasion: Well blunted wedge shaped head, giving clean lines. Obliquely set almond eyes, correct bite & good underjaw, lovely ear set & he used them, moderate arch of neck on well placed shoulders, chest still needs to drop slightly, but fine for his age, well sprung ribs & gentle rise over loin, strong back, well angulated hindquarters, moved out purposefully with effortless strides. A typical junior coat at the moment but had a good texture.

Yearling Dog

1st White’s: Mejola Fate And Fortune: Litter brother of Junior winner, slightly more mature in coat & body than his brother. Lovely wedge shaped head developing with dark obliquely set eyes, good ear placement that where mobile whole time, correct bite & strong underjaw, well arched neck, with good lay back of shoulders, well sprung ribs & gentle rise over strong loin, well rounded croup, nice tail set. Parallel front & rear, well- padded feet, enabling him to cover the ground with effortless movement. RBD

Post Graduate Dog

1st Wright’s; Pelido David Weir: 4yrs old & lovely in profile, lovely head of good length, obliquely set almond eyes, correct ear placement, jaws strong with correct bite, well arched neck on well angulated shoulders, good depth of chest & well sprung ribs, with gentle rise over loin, well rounded croup, well-muscled hindquarters, correct amount of bone. Moved out well but in challenge wasn’t quite so settled. In good coat.

Open Dog

1st White’s: Mejola I Am Persuasive JW: Correct wedge shaped head with just the right amount of stop to give that lovely typical Collie expression, dark almond eyes obliquely set, good ear placement that where very mobile, lovely dark pigment to nose & lips, correct bite, strongly arched neck on well angulated shoulders, good depth of chest & ribs well sprung, gentle rise over strong loin, good rear angulation & bend of stifle. Parallel both front & rear, easy ground covering movement. Looks like his coat just coming back in. BD

2nd Adams & Carlyon’s: Bellcot Winter Bliszard At Dycoshem 7yr old not quite so balanced on move as 1st but never the less pleasing head & soft expression, dark almond eyes, correct bite & moderate arch of neck, well placed shoulders & length of back, moderate rear angulation, correct amount of bone & in good coat.

Veteran Dog

1st Adams & Carlyon’s: Bellcot Winter Bliszard At Dycoshem: 2nd in last class BVD

Junior Bitch

1st Hanson’s: Ingledene Ebony Lace: Out of coat but at least she couldn’t hide her lovely shape, feminine wedge shaped head, almond shaped eyes, with good ear placement, moderate arch of neck on well placed shoulders, well sprung rib with slight rise over loin, well rounded croup, with good rear angulations, correct amount of bone, won this class on her steady easy gait.

2nd White’s: Mejola Fatale Attraction: litter sister of Junior & Yearling dog, very similar to them, pleasing wedge shaped head, good ear placement & eye shape, moderate arch of neck & well angulated shoulders, good spring of rib, rise over loin & well angulated hindquarters, good bone. Not as confident as 1st with the floor & therefore just didn’t settle into her stride.

Yearling Bitch

1st Hanson’s: Ingledene Ebony Lace: Winner of Junior

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Adams & Carlyon’s: Latika Actis Poland At Dycoshem; feminine wedge shaped head with obliquely set eyes, well placed ears where mobile that she used, giving that alert expression, correct bite with good underjaw, well arched neck going into well placed shoulders, good depth of chest with well sprung ribs, gentle rise over loin, good rear angulations with nice bend of stifle, well-padded feet, best mover in this class.

2nd Wright’s: Aqualita Rosetta: very similar to comments to 1st, very feminine throughout, just not in best coat today & not quite the drive of 1st on move.

3rd Singh’s: Bermajo Blue Mist For Trenic

Limit Bitch

1st Whitaker’s: Aniesh Misty Blue Moon Of Siluto: Liked this bitch for her overall more balanced shape which showed in her movement. Feminine head with lovely dark almond shaped eyes, good ear placement & although not heavily tipped, for me I was prepared to forgive that, neck well arched on well angulated shoulders, good depth of chest & well sprung ribs, gentle rise over loin with good rear angulation, neat hocks, coat not heavy but that will come back. Effortless on move.

2nd Farthing’s: Ladnar One More Time For Didek: Lovely in profile, pleasing head. With good length of neck & lay of shoulders, ribs well sprung & rear angulations corresponded to front, but just didn’t think she move as positively as 1st,

Open Bitch

A really lovely class with 3 super bitches.

1st Wray’s: Beldones Duchess Of Dreams JW: my notes say lovely ring presence. Beautiful Shape & outline, clean blunt wedge shaped head, dark obliquely set eyes, ears correctly set & very mobile. Strong arched neck on well angulated shoulders with good depth chest & well sprung ribs, strong back with rise over loin & well rounded croup & good rear angulation, hocks well let down. Groomed beautifully. It was the complete picture & she moved with drive. BB & BOB

2nd White’s: Corydon Femme Fatale For Mejola JW: Another super bitch, feminine head & soft expression, almond shaped eye, nice ear placement, well arched neck on well placed shoulders, good spring of rib, slight rise over loin & well-muscled hindquarters. Hocks well let down. Another who moved out well. RBB

3rd Adams & Carlyon’s: Ladnar Kiss’N Temptation At Dycoshem.

Veteran Bitch

3 super Vintage bitches, all in excellent condition & I would happily have awarded anyone of them a 1st in this class, a credit to owners. All 3 beautifully presented in good coat, obviously not as muscled as youngsters but still showing just how if kept fit they can cope with any floor surface.

1st Milligan’s: Alfsden Never Say Never: 11yrs old. Preferred the fact she was still light on her feet & enjoying her day. BVB & BVIB

2nd Whitaker’s: Sabiha’s Sweet Melody: 10 yrs old, litter sister to 3rd & both moved well on this floor.

3rd Whitaker’s: Sabiha’s Songbird With Sachenda: 10yr old

Sue Bird