• Show Date: 07/07/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Bird Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Finnish Lapphund

East Of England Show

7th-9th July 2017

I really liked the new layout of this show & although we were inside on a sunny day, the dogs where not bothered by the heat outside. We had a lovely large double ring which the Finnish Lapphunds made full use of. As a Pastoral breed used for herding they should be more than capable of a ring this size. I was pleased that All exhibits where presented in a clean & well-groomed condition & all teeth where pristine. Some of the Rough Collies where not as happy with the flooring & so consequently in some classes it did effect there placings which was a real shame, again all presented clean & well groomed. The Smooth Collies coped really well with flooring.

Thank you to my two stewards who kept my ring running so smoothly for all three breeds I judged.

Finnish Lapphunds

Puppy Dog

1st Thorn’s: Rycamrhia Aamuaurinko: just 6 months old, I hope he doesn’t grow any more, slightly longer in foreface than 2nd, but has a pleasing expression, adequate shoulder angulation & rib, chest reached elbow and rear angulation corresponded to front. Won this class for being slightly steadier in movement. BDP

2nd Clark’s: Lumikoira Maitosuklaa: 7 months, not co-operating today. Head needs time to fill out but correct eye shape, moderate neck & length of back, good rear angulation, just needs time to mature in body & mind. Lovely rich colour.

Junior Dog

1st Short’s: Glenchess Gregory; Strongly built, Masculine broad head with clearly defined stop, good breadth of muzzle, dark oval eyes & well placed ears, moderate neck & well angulated shoulders with good forechest & moderate spring of rib, firm topline strong loin with medium length of croup, moderate rear angulation which allowed free & effortless gait. Pushed hard in challenge.

2nd: Thorn’s: Rycamrhia Aamuaurinko; winner of puppy

Post Grad Dog

1st Trott’s: Glenchess Gamaliel; Very masculine with strong bone, brother of junior winner & very similar, broad head with well defined stop, correct bite, broad muzzle & strong underjaw, correct ear placement, medium length neck with good forechest, well placed shoulders & spring of rib, strong loin with firm top line & good tail set, moderate rear angulation. Well-presented but could do with a little more ring training & once handler relaxed moved briskly.

Limit Dog

1st Short’s: Glenchess Gregory; Winner of Junior, won this class with ease for his steady movement.

2nd Pashley & Morrison’s: Elbereth Miskakarhu JW: Masculine head, well defined stop, strong muzzle, dark oval shaped eyes, good ear placement, medium length of neck on well-placed shoulders with good depth to chest, well sprung ribs & well angulated hindquarters with strong bone, good tail set, in good coat. Could do with carrying a little less weight, this did effect his movement.

3rd Trott’s: Glenchess Gamaliel; 1st in post grad. Slightly better moving in this class.

Open Dog

1st Short’s: Fin Ch Shacal Tiltalthi; Solidly made dog of good proportions, masculine head, with good infill, clearly defined stop, strong slightly tapering muzzle. Correct shape eyes & well placed ears, which he used giving that soft expression, strong neck on well-placed shoulders with good fore chest & depth of chest, moderate spring rib & firm top line, well-muscled hindquarters with good rear angulations’ & strong bone, high set tail that didn’t stop wagging& was well furnished, feet arched in line with plenty of hair & in good coat. Effortless on the move. DCC & Pulled all the stops out for BOB

2nd Robinson’s: Oberitz Rumpali; Strong in head, well defined stop & muzzle slightly tapering, moderate length of neck well placed shoulders, good depth of chest & firm back, good rear angulations, moved with drive. RDCC. Just preferred 1st more ground covering movement.

Puppy Bitch

1st Moore’s: Morval Salainen Haave; 11month, strong feminine head with clearly defined stop & muzzle slightly tapering, dark oval eyes, ears set wide apart, strong neck & with good forechest, with good lay back of shoulder, medium spring of rib, firm back, well placed tail with plenty of furnishing, good rear angulation & well-padded feet, well presented & so steady on move making it look easy & effortless. BPB & BPIB In challenge couldn’t be denied the RBCC & very nearly gave her the CC

2nd Stilwell’s: Rycamrhia Aamusuukko; just 6 months and that extra few months can make a huge difference, very feminine head, dark oval eyes, well placed ears & medium length of neck, shoulders just need to drop back, good rear angulation, everything there but could do with more ring training but has plenty of time..

Junior Bitch

1st Moore’s; Morval Salainen Haave; Winner of Puppy. Won this class on her sheer ring presence & effortless movement.

2nd Dickson’s; Glenchess Georgette To Bernavia: feminine head with good breadth between ears, dark oval eyes & clearly defined stop with slightly tapering muzzle, good underjaw. Medium length of neck on well laid shoulders, firm top-line & well- muscled hindquarters, in good coat. Just wasn’t as steady on move as 1st..

Post Grad Bitch

1st Moore’s; Morval Salainen Haave; Winner of Puppy & Junior.

2nd Anderson’s; Oberitz Vallila; not quite the length of body as 1st but a balanced bitch, feminine head with correct ear placement, dark oval eyes with clearly defined stop, slightly tapering muzzle, moderate length of neck on well placed shoulders with good depth of chest, well sprung rib, Firm back & good rear angulation & well-padded feet, moved out with brisk effortless movement.

3rd Dickson’s; Glenchess Georgette To Bernavia; 2nd in last class

Limit Bitch

1st Allison’s: Oberitz Vakkara JW; Feminine head with slightly tapering muzzle oval eyes & good width between ears, moderate length of neck & shoulders well laid back, good fore-chest, with body reaching elbow, moderate tuck up & firm back with adequate rear angulation, brisk & effortless on move.

2nd Bright’s: Alkantara Ilo Mina; feminine bitch similar to 1st but not quite the front extension as first on move.

Open Bitch

1st Thomas’s; Ch Elbereth Pelinainen JW; Lovely head with soft expression, correct eye shape & well placed ears, broad slightly tapering muzzle & clearly defined stop. Strong neck on well placed shoulders with good fore-chest & depth of chest & well sprung ribs & firm back with good rear angulations, feet well-padded. Very steady on move with ground covering movement. BCC. In the challenge she just seemed to be flagging under the heat & the dog seemed more steady & agile.

2nd Allison’s; Oberitz Trolleri: Judged her as a junior & she has developed into a very feminine bitch, lovely head with soft expression, dark oval eye with slightly tapering muzzle, strong neck & good fore-chest, moderate lay back of shoulder & firm top-line & good rear angulation with good muscle-tone. Very steady on move & considered her for RCC

Veteran Bitch

1st Birks; Ypreau Aliisa: 7yr old, Very feminine bitch with refined head & dark oval eyes, good ear placement. Strong neck & well laid shoulders, firm top line and good rear angulation, moved out well. Didn’t look like a veteran BVIB

2nd Bright’s; Honeybears Lumpi Pilvi: 8yr old, slightly heavier type of bitch, pleasing head with dark eyes, muzzle slightly tapering, well placed ears. Adequate shoulder placement & hind angulations corresponded, Steady on move when wasn’t barking.

Sue Bird