• Show Date: 23/06/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Steve Mitchell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Pointer

BLACKPOOL CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW 2017 Pointers I would firstly like to thank my stewards and more importantly all the exhibitors for their support and the sporting way they accepted my decisions. It is always a privilege to have the opportunity to judge one's own breed and I felt honoured to have had such a good entry both in numbers and in quality for my first time judging pointers at this level. I was looking for aristocratic, well made dogs with balanced heads of medium breadth and with the correct slightly sloping outline. The happy pointer character & temperament was prevalent in the majority of the exhibits and I found the puppy classes to be full of quality and a delight to judge, a few classes gave me a real headache with their high quality. Critically there were a few too broad in skull and the height generally is above what is laid down in our breed standard but nevertheless overall I feel that there is strong depth of quality in the breed which bodes well for the future. Dogs Minor Puppy 8 (2) 1. Gerrard & Galloway's Sharnphilly Santorelli with Carmandine. 6mth old B/W puppy, handsome head with dark eye and soft lip, very good lines, balanced throughout, well bent stifles & correct tail, moved well for a baby. B.P.D. & B.P.I.B. 2. Scales' Sharnphilly Mackintosh NAF. Sibling to 1, and my notes said similar remarks apply, they are both of the type that I like and a nice size for their age just preferred the head of 1 at present. 3. Tobin & Moss' Davigdor Corn Master Puppy 6 1. Best's Bestina Balbenach B/W youngster of almost 12 mths, attractive head with nice eye colour, good in outline, well angulated fore and aft, nice feet, moved ok. 2. Tibbs' Raigmore Beekeeper. Well balanced 10 mnth old young O/W dog, attractive head with kind eye and expression, well angulated and good overall outline, more to come, moved ok. 3. Chisholm's Raigmore Beewax Junior 4 1. Ashbury's Millpoint Simply In Step with Dorbury. Upstanding B/W dog, good balanced headpiece, clean in neck & shoulders, well constructed throughout, moved with drive. 2. O'Neil's Chesterhope Thrill of T Chase (IMP NZ). Balanced O/W youngster with correct oval bone and good pasterns, good forehand with deep chest and spring of rib, good tail, moved well just preferred head of 1. 3. Nelis & Mason's Freebreeze Let's Do It Graduate 6 (1) 1. Ashbury's Millpoint Simply in Step with Dorbury 2. Dyer & Oddie's Sharnphilly Secretariat. Well presented quality B/W, lovely head, nice eye & soft expression, good shoulders & spring of rib, powerful quarters, good bend of stifle, sound mover, could easily change places. 3. Collins' Collholme John Paul Post Graduate 6 1. Hall's Gartarry You Shook Me. Appealing B/W dog, lovely lines, good eye & expression, strong topline, well coupled and strong over the loin, good tail shape which he used on the move, moved well. 2. Saunders' Teisgol Double Trigger. O/W dog with attractive head, good depth of chest and good coupling, oval bone, good body proportions, well bent stifles, would just like stronger pasterns, moved ok. 3. Scholes' Pipeaway Antonio Manchini at Rossgilde Limit 10 (1) 1. Weaver's Anniezu Lovely Day ShCm. Compact O/W dog, nothing exaggerated about him, balanced head with kind eye & thin leathers, good depth of brisket, well angulated quarters, neat tail well set on, sound on the move. 2. Hazeltine & Welch's Just Wilbert by Hookwood JW ShCm. Stylish B/W well balanced dog with a lot to like, good front, clean neck & shoulders, correct bone, powerful hindquarters, well knitted feet, moved with style. 3. Rayner, Spinks & Pringle's Freebreeze Over The Top at Spinray Open 8 1. Harrison's ShCh Millpoint Heat Wave JW ShCm. B/W dog with masculine head, good eye & expression and nice leathers, well balanced all through with good depth & spring of rib, powerful hind quarters, good tail set and shape, not over done in any way, moved with purpose. Pleased to award him the CC. 2. Watkins & Davies' ShCh Hurwyn Law N Order JW. Another really well constructed B/W dog, excellent headpiece, lovely clean lines and presented in good hard condition, excellent muscle tone and positive movement. RCC. An honour to judge 2 very worthy champions 3. Hazeltine & Upton Hookwood by George JW ShCm Veteran 3 (1) 1. Westron's Aurichalcum Lord Beckett of Castlepoint. Two very nice O/W veterans, masculine heads, well constructed, both moved ok, just preferred the overall balance of 1. 2. Gordon's Hawkfield Sunkissed Sea Bitches Minor Puppy 7 1. Tibbs' Sharnphilly Escada at Raigmore. B/W baby puppy, lovely feminine head, dark eye, well balanced with clean lines, well bent stifles & good tail well set on, moved well. B.P.B. 2. Dyer & Oddie's Sharphilly Vera Wang. Another lovely headed puppy with attractive expression, good oval bone and neat feet, well balanced, good quarters and tail, moved well. 3. Siddle & Crocker's Wilchrimane Frankel (AI) Puppy 4(1) 1. Guy & Lowe's Blueyonda Peaches at Carofel. 11mnth old O/W puppy appealing head with kind eye, well constructed with good forehand and well bent stifles, neat feet, moved ok. 2. Fewster & Rossiter's Sonstraal Only An Illusion. Another attractive headed O/W bitch similar in age to 1, dark eye, good overall shape, well angulated, moved ok. 3. Fox's Phlynnies Catch Me If You Can of Dappleline Junior 7 (1) 1. Harrison's Millpoint Simply Scrumptus. Quite mature L/W bitch in excellent condition, well constructed front & rear, good pasterns and feet, moved well. B.Jun. 2. Nelis' Freebreeze Easy Virtue. I love the attractive feminine head of this young bitch, good eye shape and colour, clean outline, compact couplings, neat feet, moved well. preferred in head just lost out on maturity and overall balance. 3. Barker's Flinthill Orange Princess Graduate 10 (2) 1. Dyer & Oddie's Sharnphilly Makybe Diva JW. The first two bitches could easily change places at any time, lovely head, kind eye, correct ear-set, good front, clean in neck & shoulders, ribs carried well back, good quarters, athletic in shape but not overdone. Neat well set tail, moved freely covering the ground with ease. 2. Elrington's Ansona Cinderella JW. A lovely B/W bitch, lovely eye & soft expression, very feminine, combining strength with style graceful flowing curves, I liked her muscle tone & hard condition, well angulated quarters, nice depth & spring of rib, positive mover. 3. Gordon's Hawkfield Saunter Post Graduate 9 (1) 1. Evans & Pavey's Joneva Mrs Bridges JW. Striking B/W bitch, true pointer character, alert & outgoing, pleasant head, beautiful eye & expression, wide flared nostrils, very feminine, pleasing all through, good depth & spring of rib, strong over loin, good tail set, moved with panache. A worthy CC. & BOB. 2. O'Driscoll's Fowlington Risque. Sound BW, pleasing in head with kind eye, arched neck into well laid shoulders, good bone, feet and pasterns, well coupled body, good width to hindquarters, short hocks, good tail shape, moved ok. 3. Lowe's Lowsmoor Shiralee JW Limit 9 (4) 1. Guy & Hinton's Carmandine Cookie Crumble By Fleurfield, O/W with attractive expression, good bone, pasterns and feet, carrying right amount of body, well muscled hindquarters, well shaped tail, moved ok. 2. Barker's Flinthill Sunshine Suzy. O/W feminine head, well balance with and flowing lines, well ribbed to strong hindquarters, moved out well with lashing tail. 3. Roberts' Woodfleet Lasoo The Moon Open 7 (1) 1. Blackburn-Bennett's ShCh Kanix Chilli. O/W bitch with presence, attractive head , good eye shape & colour, good reach of neck and layback of shoulder, well ribbed body, good rear end and feet, lovely tail, a happy mover who covered the round well. RCC. 2. Welch's Oxfordacres Trinity By Hookwood JW ShCm, Lovely bitch, good head, soft expression, well balanced, good shoulders, strong over loin, neat tail, strongly made all through, great substance, positive mover 3. Harrison's Millpoint Hopes N'DreamsJW Veteran 1 1. Booth's Galema Iona. 9yr old B/W, pleasing head, good forehand & pasterns, compact & balanced, covered the ground well. Judge Steve Mitchell