• Show Date: 09/12/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Simon Parsons Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Pekingese



I thoroughly enjoyed today’s entry with remarkably few absentees. It was satisfying to find a number of excellent youngsters of both sexes and next year’s competition should be keen indeed. There may no longer be a huge number of committed breeders but with the stalwarts of today the breed is in good hands. We had a spacious carpeted ring though the concealed manhole covers were a touch offputting for both dogs and handlers. Although bitterly cold outside the halls were quite warm; no problem for most of the dogs though a few were breathing a shade noisily which had to count against them in the final analysis. One dog had a moment of Peke stubbornness on the move and sensibly his owner withdrew him, all the rest moved freely with varying degrees of Peke dignity. No visible eye problems, wrinkle was correct in most cases and nostrils were at least adequate in all cases. My main concern would be hindquarters which I’m sure have never been the breed’s forte and a bit more muscle would in some cases help matters enormously. Coat texture and quantity varied from one extreme to the other; I’m familiar with all sides of the debate. All were clean, some superbly presented and in no dog was movement impeded. I can’t help feeling the breed might regain some of its popularity with the general public if coats in general fitted the Standard with the characteristic body shape clearly apparent. MPD (4,2a) 1 Shaw, Yau and Mee’s Pekehuis Magic In The Air, top quality 8 months fawn, super head type, flat skull, well placed ears, correct eyes, typical front, sound at elbows, good bone and unexaggerated bow, compact body with the promise of plenty of substance, well trained to show himself off on the move, superbly presented, one to watch; 2 Fredman’s Edgwarebury Black Magic, small quality black, attractive head set off by dark eyes, compact, shapely body, OK hindquarters, needs to tighten in front, moved OK for his first time out. PD (4) 1 Easdon & Martin’s Klerkshof Desert Star at Yakee, 10 months good all round fawn, quality head type, well placed features, correct width between the sound front legs, compact body, decent hindquarters, scored on size and balance. Moved well here with some style, not quite so ‘together’ when it came to the challenge for BPD; 2 Armstong’s Bellablake For Luv Nor Money at Goldpeke, classy red brindle, liked him a lot, very masculine head, wide muzzle, dark eyes, plenty of substance to a shapely body, not quite so compact or low to ground as 1; 3 Klerks-Delucchi’s Klerkshof Desert Sky, bigger red, handsome head, just preferred size and proportions of 1 and 2, level back, sound mover. JD (5) 1 Thomas’ Meritorous Perfect Ilusion, small compact quality red fawn, beautiful expression in his shallow head, typical front, super balance and shape, sound at elbow, level topline, admired his proportions, close up to kennelmate for the RCC; 2 Klerks-Delucchi’s Klerkshof Desert Storm, contrasting type, bigger less compact red fawn with lots of bone, ultra-masculine head with plenty of width, true front, level topline, would prefer less coat but presentation was superb. The third brother from this litter, each a different type, will be interesting to see how they develop; 3 Martin’s Yakee Lost Legend, quality fawn of a slightly more upstanding type, not quite so wide and shallow in head, dark eyes, compact body, level back, not quite the style on the move of 1 and 2. PGD (2, 1a) 1 Davis and Partington-Palmer’s Klerkshof Mantovani, quality red, impressive head type, wide muzzle, super bone, level back, would prefer slightly firmer hindquarters and a little less neck; 2 Murray and Paterson’s Bratilda Starboy, smaller brindle, liked his expression and overall balance, just preferred bone of 1 and this one was a shade narrow in front but close up. LD (4) 1 Easdon and Martin’s Yakee Now We’re Talking, correct size low set fawn who, I thought, looked particularly good on the move, going smoothly at just the right pace retaining his typical shape. Admired his quality head with correctly spaced featured, wide and shallow, enough width between the front legs, body tapers correctly, high set tail, full of quality. CC, his third; 2 Thomas’ Klerkshof Lomi Meritorous, fawn with a touch of class about him, lovely head and eyes, correct body shape, plenty of bone for his size again good width through the front, excellent mover, 1 is just a shade lower to ground. RCC; 3 Gianniti and Krishan’s Bilanciato’s Earl Of Darkness over Aftershine, slightly taller red, masculine head if not so shallow as 1 and 2, level backline, OK substance, decent bone, preferred movement of winners. OD (5, 1a, 1w/d) 1 Oades and Evans’ Ch Brentoy Double Dair, very handsome fawn brindle, real stallion, ultra masculine head, correct eyes, sound typical front, level back, OK hindquarters, dignified mover, admired him immensely, was just feeling the heat in the hall today, a pity; 2 Shaw and Mee’s Am Ch Dacarman Warrior to Pekehuis, smaller neatly made red brindle, quality head and features if not quite so shallow as 1, lovely size and balance, not quite substance of 1 nor so ‘together’ on the move; 3 Harbron’s Bratilda Starman, small very typy red fawn brindle, attractive quality head, liked his balance, slightly narrower all through than 1 and 2. Good Citizen D: (1) 1 B Starman, good to see a Peke qualify for this class, well done. MPB (2) 1 Morley and Box’s Jidoran Maggie, stunning 8 months black, fell for her in a big way, superb proportions, low to ground without exaggeration, wide shallow head with the most glorious eyes, just the right width in front, sound at elbow with the correct bow, pear shaped body, super topline and a remarkably collected mover for her age, no hesitation in awarding her BP and RCC; 2 Thomas’ Meritorous I Love My Life, deliciously beautiful 8 months red fawn, such a pretty feminine head, compactly built, super shapely body, looked lovely on the move. Felt 1 just scored on bone and width in front but I loved this one too. PB (5) The two puppy bitch classes filled me with optimism for the future of the breed. 1 Klerks-Delucchi’s Klerkshof Cassandra, beautiful 11 month grey fawn brindle, excellent head type both handsome and unmistakably feminine! Tremendous bone, sound at the shoulders, true front, excellent backline, looked the part on the move. Incidentally, good to see this kennel is prepared to let good ones go to other exhibitors as today’s results proved; 2 Easdon and Martin’s Yakee Mary Poppins, hardest decision today, liked this one equally, almost 11 months, similar solid handsome type red, excellent head and eyes, superb bone and substance and moved with dignity. Perhaps winner was a shade more compact but that’s being ultra picky and I’d love to own either; 3 Thomas’ Meritorous Is It Desire, another lovely feminine beautifully presented puppy from this kennel, red fawn, similar type to her sister, prettiest of heads, well balanced, level back, stylish mover, not quite such a substantial type as 1 or 2 but full of class. JB (2) Neither in full coat but none the worse for that. 1 Shaw and Mee’s Pekehuis Its Simply Magic, smaller type very feminine red, super compact balance, pretty face in proportion to her size, lovely eye and expression, enough bone, good topline, moved with style, a shade close in front; 2 Heap’s Pekehuis No Persuasion, I did wonder if they were sisters, they aren’t but could easily be! Red of similar balance and head type, ultra feminine, loved her expression, moved with dignity, shapely body. Marginally neckier than 1. PGB (3) 1 Oades and Evans’ Brentoy Veda, so typical of this line, ultra typy fawn with tremendous substance without being too big, wonderful pear shaped body, good bone, correctly built through the front, sound at shoulder, level topline, all topped with a pretty head. Didn’t move quite so smoothly as the eventual winners but I’d happily award her a green card; 2 Easdon and Martin’s Yakee Stood In Snow, cleverly named black with cute white feet, admired her head with good eyes and width of muzzle, the usual excellent outline from this kennel, level back, good tail set. Suspect she will be a slow mature to develop that extra substance in which winner excelled today; 3 Lockett-Walters’ Mezrab Ivan Idea for Ralines, pretty feminine red fawn full of quality, very compactly made, appealing head, super eyes, good topline and tail set, not quite the front of 1 and 2. Nice to see a top kennel from other breeds joining the Peke fraternity, sure they will make a mark in due course. LB (2) 1 Morley and Box’s Jidoran Kara, red, no glamour girl but wow, when you get your hands on her – tremendous bone and substance, picks up amazingly well, well spaced head features, super front, topline and overall balance, moved superbly here but not quite so smoothly in the challenge. A little more fringing could make all the difference but she deserves a title nonetheless; 2 Blakeway’s Goldpeke Tapestry Of Life at Bellablake, another lovely substantial red bitch of the same stamp, quality head if not quite so shallow as 1, super bone, shapely body, picks up beautifully, sound, a shade more neck than 1 but liked her a great deal. OB (1) 1 Klerks-Delucchi’s Ch Klerkshof English Rose, the finished article today, red fawn, lovely combination of femininity and substance, beautiful expression from super eyes, open nostrils, well placed ears and correct width of muzzle, firm front with the right width between the legs, typical body shape tapering to the rear, firm front, OK hindquarters, super tail set, moved with style and dignity in a very Pekey manner, perfect presentation and sympathetic handling. Was proud to watch her in the main ring, a great ambassador for the breed. CC and BOB.