• Show Date: 09/12/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Simon Parsons Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Dachshund (Wire Haired)

Ladies’ Kennel Association


Well, what can one say about Sunday at LKA! Wires had drawn a superb entry of 85 dogs for Marilyn Norton, a testament to the respect and affection in which Marilyn is held in the Dachshund world. Unfortunately she has been laid low by a painful back problem and therefore had to withdraw, and a week before the show I was asked to take over. We all wish Marilyn well and hope that in every way 2018 is a happier year for her. I was really looking forward to this unexpected privilege but of course the weather had other ideas. Nevertheless Wire people are made of tough stuff and I was grateful that a respectable 29 dogs managed to make it to the NEC. Thank you for your perseverance and I hope all had a safe journey home. As for the dogs, my ringside impression for a while now has been that this has become perhaps the most interesting Dachshund variety in the UK show ring. Of course there have always been some top class Wires, but now there seems to be strength in depth – congratulations to the breeders who have combined US, Canadian, Brazilian and/or European bloodlines to great effect. Even in today’s reduced attendance there were plenty of excellent Wires of various types, and certainly there was no question of ‘cheap’ tickets or reserves, with quite a number of each sex I’d have been happy to sign a green card for. Temperaments as ever were wonderful, heads and eyes all acceptable. Not so many had smooth well laid shoulders set well back but most had decent ribbing. Thank you all for braving the roads!

MPD (6, 3a) 1 Adams’ Wyldetarn Shoot From The Hip, just 9 months and to my mind a beautiful puppy, a real eye catcher already with great ring presence. Super arched neck, excellent angles both ends with an ideal topline in between, well ribbed and boned, moved true both ends and keeps his shape, if time is kind should have an exciting future; 2 Wharton’s Greyhayne Hooray Henry, very masculine 7 month old with lots to like, good neck, front and forechest, OK shoulders, correct keel and ribbing, free active mover. Just preferred 1’s hindquarters. Topline needs to settle standing but it leveled out well on the move; 3 Smith’s Salixian Eau Rouge, more compact 6 months red baby of a smaller type, OK neck, enough bone for size, good body and topline, not quite angles of 1 or 2 or at this stage so true coming and going, a few more months will make a big difference. PD (5, 3) Quality here if not quantity, two future stars I hope. 1 North-Row’s Tendrow One More Time Barmaud, mature 11 months red of super type, OK neck into excellent shoulder accompanied by good upper arm and a super forechest, correct shape and length of ribbing, typical front and feet, superb bone, in excellent coat, smooth free mover. BP and RCC; 2 W Shoot From The Hip, only lost out here by being a less finished overall picture as you’d expect from a more rangy type, will be interested to compare them as adults. JD (3, 2) 1 Howe’s Bravalodge Bravac Boris, smaller type neatly made quality brindle, OK neck, decent angulation, true front, feet could be a shade tighter, good topline retained on the move, true coming and going, could have a little more reach and drive, not in best coat. PGD (5, 4) 1 Shaw’s Tendrow Moondance, handsome showy dark brindle, super topline, reachy neck with proud carriage, good forechest and upper arm, correct hind angles, OK ribbing, shoulder blade slightly upright, moved OK with some style, slightly close behind. LD (8, 4) 1 Marston-Pollock’s Cloudside Oliver, masculine very substantial dog with huge bone, super feet, excellent coat texture, firm topline standing and on the move, true coming and going, OK angulation. In contention for the top awards, just preferred slightly more refined type of CC and RCC; 2 Norman’s Silvae Klansman, more elegant dog with much to admire, lovely neck and forechest, clean lines, well ribbed, has a real quality look. 1 had a shade more hind angulation and was a touch firmer in front but this one was close up and looked very good going round; 3 Maes-Jones and Bates’ Derochaise Versace, another quality dog of good overall type, neatly made, shapely body with good topline, OK angulation, true coming and going, not quite neck of 1 and 2. Moved OK but could show a shade more enthusiasm for the job. OD (6, 2) 1 Wharton and Pughe’s Ch Derochaise Black Tarquin, caught my eye immediately for his classic Dachshund outline, from a distance could easily have been a Smooth which is surely the aim! Super matching angles with the shoulder girdle set in the right place, correct reach of neck, has the desired length without exaggeration or weakness, true front, moved true and a smooth free rhythmic side gait which was a pleasure to watch. CC. Close up to BOB, the bitch was in better coat on the day; 2 Moore’s Cloudside Picasso, masculine strongly boned dog of a similar type to C Oliver, has plenty of presence and attitude, super head carriage, good forechest, OK angles, well bodied, true coming and going, didn’t retain his outline on the move quite as well as those who beat him; 3 Phillips’ Ch Wiretap Here I Am, very stylish red of the desired size, smart outline, nicely arched neck, super coat, excellent hindquarters. A shade upright in shoulder and moved rather close in front. Sire of the lovely puppy to whom he has handed on his virtues. GCD (1) 1 G Hooray Henry, well done on achieving his award so young.

MPB (5, 4) 1 Howe’s Bramalodge Betsy Button, pretty feminine 6 months baby, OK neck, well ribbed, true behind, needs to tighten in front a little. Looked best on the move where she strode out nicely with a correct topline. PB (4, 4). JB (12, 7) Three good bitches of differing styles. 1 Bliss’ Tobenkipt Artemis, lovely type, looked a picture standing, super neck, scored here on forechest, excellent head carriage, well ribbed back, well angulated behind, true coming and going; 2 Paterson’s Ambiesque Applaud, lengthy bitch who makes a striking outline, lower to ground type, super topline, decent mover, just preferred forechest and hind angles of 1; 3 Phillips’ Tendrow I Am What I Am, classy red daughter of Here I Am and very much his stamp, lovely neck, body and topline, ribbed well back, OK hindquarters, a shade upright in front. PGB (7, 6) 1 Smith’s Salixian Tea For Two, good honest compact type bitch of the correct size, super coat texture, reasonable forechest, excellent ribbing, sensible length of loin, sound steady mover, could just have a shade more scope and angulation. LB (13, 9) 1 Paterson’s Ambiesque Aperitif, classy girl, sister to Applaud and of a similar pattern, lower to ground, very good neck and forechest, decent shoulder, strong hindquarters, well ribbed, sound mover retaining her shape on the go-round, just a tad long in loin; 2 Maes-Jones and Bates’ Derochaise Elusia, slightly higher stationed bitch who caught my eye when standing, excellent topline, reachy neck, super coat texture, sound mover, close up, just preferred 1’s front angles; 3 Phillips’ Tendrow Time N’Time Again, appealing dark brindle, very good neck, OK forechest and ribbing, super hindquarters, could have a shade more hind angles, didn’t quite retain her shape on the move as well as 1 or 2. Sister of BOB and dam of BP O (7, 3) 1 Phillips’ Ch Tendrow A Page In Time, delightful unexaggerated red girl with lots of character, just the right bone and feet, clean well laid shoulders, strong hindquarters with correct angles so she stands fore square, in excellent coat, super ribbing and, unlike quite a few today, a sensible length of loin, absolutely sound, free side gait and the whole picture fitting together well, moving all as one piece. CC and BOB; 2 Warren’s Ch Wagsford Jennifer, very eyecatching bitch of super quality, shows herself off with style, lovely arched neck, excellent ribbing and topline, god coat, moved true and with a decent side gait, marginally preferred 1’s front angles but this is a real beauty too. RCC; 3 Howlett and Prowting’s Boloria’s Arabella, quality girl in super coat, very good overall balance and body shape, could use a shade more angulation but held her own in this super class. GCB (2, 1) 1 Wharton’s Greyhayne Black Velvet, quality bitch, good neck and forechest, shapely body, correct upper arm, would prefer a shade more hind angulation, moved OK in front, a touch close behind. SIMON PARSONS