• Show Date: 07/10/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ruth Robinson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Welsh Dobermann Club

Breed: Alma Page-Owen Memorial Stakes

The Alma Page-Owen Memorial Class (6,4)

1st Graham & Mycroft’s SUPETA’S POCKET ROCKET AT SHARHYSTE JW, and isn’t she just! 2 ½ blk/r bitch, short-coupled and square with a sharp, smart outline and superb muscle tone, presenting an overall picture of compact strength and energy. Head is of good length with wide deep muzzle and enough underjaw. Almond-shaped eyes are well-filled under, but could be darker. Clean cheeks and a pleasingly flat narrow backskull, with correct high-set ears, however, diverging head planes detract somewhat from the overall impression. Elegant neck flows cleanly into slightly high wither and super short firm topline sloping into excellent croup and tailset, matched by clean underline with correct tuck-up. Front is true, with good forechest and depth to close-lying elbows, straight legs with good round bone into firm pasterns and compact, well-arched feet. Front angles are a touch open, however rear angulation is excellent, with well-developed hindquarters, super width of second thigh and strong straight hocks, leading to powerful movement with precise footfall, good reach through the fore and superb drive from the rear.

2nd Tyler & Tyler’s CHANCEPIXIES ANGELENA. 3 ½ year old br/r bitch, bigger than 1 and of a different style, her overall shape is compact, square and balanced, with plenty of substance whilst retaining her femininity. Head is well-proportioned, long and clean with parallel planes and good width and depth to the muzzle. More underjaw and slightly smaller ears would complete the picture. Typical expression from almond eyes of excellent dark colour, to match her deep brown coat and rich markings. Excellent front and evident forechest, with well-sprung ribs and brisket down to tight elbows. Neck is nicely arched although I would prefer more length, into strong straight topline held well on the move. Lovely tight feet and straight legs. Moderate angulation both ends giving balanced and true movement, accurate from all angles, but lacking the reach and drive of 1.

Ruth Robinson