• Show Date: 03/06/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/11/2021

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: German Pinscher

It was a genuine pleasure to judge this charming breed and I was very pleased with the entry in terms of number and quality. The sporting attitude of the exhibitors was second to none, particularly where classes clashed for those with other breeds, and offers of handling and support were immediately forthcoming.

PD (2 1)1 Ranson & Pearce’s Calvaxar Canoochee taf. 8 month old red dog who was fairly smart in outline and put down in good condition. Masculine but well proportioned head, with strength to muzzle and slight stop. Clean, length of neck into reasonably well laid shoulder the angulation of which matched that at stifle. Could be slightly shorter coupled but held his topline well. Slightly rounded croup and good tailset. Easy mover going around although a little loose in front, but one would hope this can improve as he develops greater forechest and brisket with maturity. Pleasing strong hocks. Correct rotary action from rear. Best Puppy Dog. JD (1) 1 Lundy’s Aritaur Nefarious. Exuberant black and tan boy of 14 months who is maturing well. Quarters were nicely filled and good length of neck but I would prefer greater strength of head and depth of muzzle to enhance what was otherwise a reasonably well balanced outline. Forechest extending beyond point of shoulder with good width of front and standing on straight legs from all angles. Excellent angulation fore and aft. Firm topline but lacking slope which may come with age. Sound and steady on the move. PGD (2) 1 Duncanson’s Redrovia Aragon. Fairly well balanced dog of 2 years old with body developing well. Head was in proportion to body with lovely dentition and strength of muzzle although rather prominent in cheek when viewed front on. I would prefer a little more angulation at point of shoulder, but he had a very good front for depth and width just needing a little more depth of brisket to reach below elbow. Good length of back and scored in rib and loin. Slightly higher at croup than wither there was an implication of further growth to come. Excellent turn of stifle and well muscled at rear. Purposeful and positive mover, although a little erratic when coming toward me. 2 Ellis’ Nettle’s Londonderry for Falkor (Fin Imp). 22 month old boy of good size and compact with a height to length ratio which pleased me. I preferred the overall head shape to that of winner giving a wedge-like appearance from the side and above. Pleasing width of front, although he needs to develop in forechest and I would prefer greater angulation at shoulder and stifle. Tended to lose his topline both standing and on the move which unfortunately detracted from his overall outline. Nicley muscled he was both sound and enthusiastic when gaiting. LD (1) Clark’s Calvaxar Bad Boy Lincoln. Upstanding, honest red dog of 19 months who whilst giving something away in maturity had all the essentials. Overall body shape was very good and compact although he needs to develop greater depth of body to enhance this further and feet could be better. Scored in head and expression and pleasing disposition. Liked his lay of shoulder which complemented turn of stifle and he held a firm topline throughout. Free, balanced movement with excellent and reach and drive carrying himself well and holding outline. Would like to see him when he has finished. Reserve Best Dog. O (2) 1 Ranson & Pearce’s Multi Ch Aritaur Gunga Din. Handsome, well grown mature dog of 5 ½ years. He presented a striking outline with excellent depth and width of body and super musculature. So well balanced with correct angulation back and forth. Whilst no doubt as to his masculinity his flowing lines ensured he conveyed the required elegance. Head was of good size and shape when considered against length of back. Lips are tight, slight stop and clean skull. Pleasing rib and firm loin supported by a good strong topline which sloped slightly. Effortless mover, demonstrating vigour without overreaching in front and excellent powerful drive from the rear. I was very pleased to award him Best Dog and Best of Breed and thrilled to see him shortlisted in a strong working group. Looking at the catalogue it is clear he has left a significant and positive mark on this breed. 2 Clark’s Hickson Phantasos Dream Vid Dreamtasos (Imp Swe). 3 ½ year old who was reasonably well balanced in terms of length of body as compared to height. Pleasing head and expression with good eye and used his ear to advantage. Standing on good legs and of adequate width throughout. Unfortunately he couldn’t match the topline or shoulder of the winner. Correct turn of stifle and was shown in very good condition. Sound, lithe mover who found his stride easily although occasionally a little wide in front. GCDS (1) 1. Ellis’ Nettle’s Londonderry for Falkor (Fin Imp). PB (2) 1 Wickers & Munday’s Starviper Black Magic at Vukasin. Very sweet black and tan of 6 ½ months. Very much a baby, but pleased me greatly for her well developed quarters, rib and loin with each part flowing into the next. Not too long in body she was of good height although needing time to drop into her angles and grow into the shape for which the foundations are there. Wonderful temperament. Feminine and attractive headpiece which was of desired strength. Covered the ground with good reach and vigour. Best Puppy in Breed. 2 Stewart & Kell’s Calvaxar Cheyenne. Another attractive puppy this one being slightly more mature at 8 ½ months. Not quite the head an expression of the winner and little bit wayward in topline due to age, but this was firm. Nice length of neck into a good front which was of adequate depth. Liked her underline which lent itself to an elegance of outline. Pleasing tailset and movement. Like the winner she needs to grow on but has plenty of time. JB (2) Horgan’s Aritaur Nymphadora Tonks. I was impressed by the mature outline on this black and tan girl of 14 months. Head size, length of neck, correct angles back and forth and probably the best topline of the day stood her in good stead. Lovely headpiece from all angles with excellent eye and depth of muzzle. Good width throughout although feet could be better. Came into her own on the move where she carried herself so well and easily. Somewhat unsettled she didn’t always make the most of her virtues of which there are many. 2 Mordacz’s Paula Kalong. Smart bitch of 16 months who was shown in excellent condition. Pretty, feminine head of adequate strength, with pleasing eye and expression, mounted on a clean neck of good length. Tends to stand rather wide in front and longer in body than the winner, although her topline was in no way weak and she had a firm loin. Adequate angulation of shoulder and stifle with correct tailset. Good side gait but not as positive coming toward me. PGB (2 1) 1 Ranson & Pearce’s Calvaxar Black Swan. 20 month old black and tan bitch who was elegant without compromising strength. Well shaped head of correct proportions and pleased me for expression using her ear. Good neck and not too long in back with clean underline. Needs to develop more in front as one would expect, but standing on good legs. Developing well behind with just enough hind angulation at present. Ocassionally lost her topline when being baited on the stand. Clean and purposeful mover with good power going away but a touch wide when coming toward me. L (1) 1 Duncanson’s Aritaur Jemima at Redrovia. Very honest 4 year old red bitch I have had the pleasure of judging as a youngster. Pleasing head, mounted on a good neck, both of which were in proportion to body. Good width to front, but I should have liked more fill at this age. Excellent flat rib leading into a good firm loin although I did prefer the topline of the winner. Nice muscle at the rear with moderate angulation. Steady and sound on the move demonstrating good carriage. O (3) 1. Ranson & Pearce’s Calvaxar Amniculous. Rising 3 year old red bitch who impressed me with her outstanding movement demonstrating the best action of the day. True from all angles she was a joy to observe. Powerful rotary drive and excellent reach without a hint of hackney action thanks to her good, well developed and angled quarters. Still not quite fully mature she has a little more to give in terms of chest, but this did not hinder her. Head is of correct shape and proportions and in balance with body. Lovely flat rib, slight slope to topline with good height to length ratio. Did not stop showing although handler must be careful when baiting her as this can cause her to pleat her wither on the stand which can spoil her outline at a crucial stage. Very pleased to make her Best Bitch. She pressed her sire very hard for Best of Breed, but just needs that little bit more maturity to overcome him. 2 Horgan’s Ned & Int Ch Aritaur Fabulousity. Excellent black and tan bitch of 5 ½ years who pressed the winner very hard indeed. Loved her shoulder and correct hindquarters, held together with good coupling, rib and firm short back with slight slope. Classic headpiece from any angle with strength but in no way overdone. Shown in hard condition with wonderful musculature and width and depth throughout. Vigorous and powerful mover she held her outline whilst going around the ring. It was a difficult choice between her and Amniculous, but I just felt that latter was more positive in front movement when coming toward me. I had no hesitation in awarding her Reserve Best Bitch. 3 Clark’s Lux Ch Starviper Apple Schnapps

Ric Beall