• Show Date: 03/12/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Midland & West Of England Great Dane Club

Breed: Great Dane

My thanks to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge at this popular show which I have enjoyed attending since becoming involved with the breed as a child. The Committee worked hard to make this an enjoyable, festive show and I am grateful for the hospitality shown to me. Particular thanks to the exhibitors for the super entry which consisted of many quality bitches; I was very pleased to have the opportunity to assess them and it made for an excellent line up in the challenge for the CC. I was, however, disappointed and somewhat concerned to discover a number of incorrect mouths; more so than I have ever encountered before. Handling and presentation of exhibits was left wanting in some cases. This can make all the difference when splitting hairs over exhibits. My co-judge, Bill Patterson and I agreed on all the major awards, save for Best Puppy in Show which required the referee Liz Cook to officiate. Best In Show was the exciting, young fawn bitch Camburn’s Garsak Still Game. Reserve Best In Show and Best Opposite Sex was the handsome fawn male Mosvold’s Ganteus Alfa Americano Il Decimo. At 4 years old he was evidently in his prime and it was a pleasure to judge this excellent dog. His head is well proportioned when compared to body shape although he has a slight roman nose which cost him against the bitch for Best in Show. Clean yet strong outline, he stood foursquare and without exaggeration. Excellent length of neck into a good front with correct shoulders which corresponded well to his hindquarters. Lovely bone and substance, firm topline and good spring of rib. Very purposeful on the move, he was quite showy with an easy, fluid action although rather proud of his tail. I later learned it was his third and crowning CC today. A well deserved title. Best Puppy in Show was the most promising fawn Pendleton-Watkins’ Zefather’s What It Takes. Best Veteran in Show was Harvey’s 8 year old fawn gentleman,Ch Keirkane Commander at Clannalba. I have always admired and appreciated this elegant, well made chap since he was a puppy and it was a genuine pleasure to judge him today. He is the epitome of elegance of outline and grace of form, yet there can be no denying his sex. Extremely well made, I found him a very worthy champion. So well balanced with excellent quarters and still the consummate, confident showman. Expressive, handsome headpiece which is carried so well and with pride. Sound and purposeful on the move with an easy, free action.

MPB (10 1) A variety of puppies of differing make and shape. 1. Pendleton-Watkins’ Zefather’s What It Takes. Exuberant fawn puppy of 6 months, very much needing to settle into her role as a showgirl as she has much to offer! She was gone over and stood long enough to display her considerable virtues. One of the more balanced and shorter coupled outlines in this class with solid well developed quarters of good width and depth. Pleasing head of adequate strength and in proportion to body mounted on a crested, clean length of neck. She was well off for good flat bone, standing on cat-like feet. Well muscled, good ribbing, topline and short loin. Sound and lengthy stride when she got her act together. Change of handler greatly assisted in the challenge and subsequent competition where she really came into her own. Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show. 2. Middleton’s Rayjen Campaign. 6 month old charming black baby with a lovely disposition. Another who presented a pleasing silhouette for make, shape and balance with angles corresponding fore and aft. Head is developing well with lovely breadth of muzzle and the darkest of eyes. Straight front, which was clean, of good fill and pleasing forelegs. Held a firm topline, both standing and on the move, with correct coupling. Easy mover who carried herself well and handled to advantage. 3. Day’s Vanmore Melody at Janriche. PB (5 3) 1. Harvey’s Clannalba Eadarra Dubh. Elegant, 9 month old black girl with lovely head; so well chiseled with correct planes, characteristic cartilage, depth of muzzle and square drop of lip. Super length of neck which is set well into shoulder. Very much needing to develop in forechest and fill her frame generally. Her lack of body made her appear somewhat longer cast than ideal, but with correct topline, rounded croup and excellent turn of stifle she presented an attractive outline. She was somewhat erratic on the move, but had a good length of stride, holding her outline throughout. 2. Middleton’s Taysca Mast de Cartier. Younger black of 7 months who did not quite have the outline or head of the winner on the day; understandably giving something away with immaturity. That said, quarters are developing nicely and she was well covered with good depth and width of body. Excellent eye for colour, shape and set and correct bite. Good spring of rib, strong back and pleasing width to second thigh. Very sound mover who was quite true from all angles. JB (10 3). 1. Camburn’s Garsak Still Game. Outstanding fawn girl of almost 18 months. Of good size, she was strong and substantial, but with no hard angles through her flowing lines she retained her femininity and essential elegance. She stood foursquare at all times projecting an excellent, balanced outline with wonderfully short back. Very showy, she commands attention with her well shaped head mounted on a crested neck and simply excelled in forehand. It was lovely to go over her good ribbing, firm topline and loin. Correct depth throughout with a pleasing underline. Strong, rounded croup flowing easily into strong, angulated hindquarters. Shown in excellent condition and very well presented. Powerful and ground covering on the move, with reach and drive, but handler must take care as her natural exuberance can on occasion make her a little erratic. A pleasure to judge she demanded the CC and Best In Show. 2. Pocock’s Tamzdane Cake My Day. I liked this classy harlequin of almost 14 months. She appealed for overall balance and outline. Head is in proportion to body with lovely expression, but I would prefer a touch more length of foreface. Good length of neck, leading into a clean front of adequate depth and width. Textbook topline and underline with belly nicely drawn up. A good croup, but a little too low in tail set, correct turn of stifle with lovely strong hocks. One of the best movers of the day with a fluid, easy stride, true from all angles. Her time should come. 3. Sneddon’s Culseandanes House of Tully. YB (6) 1. Searle’s Droolakiss Miss Busybody at Murrayvhayle. Elegant brindle girl of 19 months who was quite beautiful in outline, with good length of leg, balance and grace of form. Excellent headpiece, with correct planes, strength of jaw, dentition and balance between muzzle and skull. Crested neck of length flowing cleanly into good wither and topline. Well developed in forechest and correct depth to brisket. I would prefer a little more angulation at shoulder, but this did not detract too much. Lovely spring of rib, tuck up and strong, correctly angulated hindquarters of good width. Very easy on the move with lithe, ground covering stride. I liked her very much and was delighted to award her the Res CC. I look forward to seeing her fully mature. 2. Tempest’s Adoreadane Just The Ticket. Attractive, nicely marked harlequin girl of 20 months with a lovely head and expression. She was slightly longer cast than the winner, but her angles matched back and forth. She held a firm topline standing and on the move. Good straight front and standing on correct tight feet. Elbows well tucked in, correct tuck up and croup. Clean tailset and presented in good condition. Lovely mover in profile with good carriage, but somewhat close behind when going away from me. 3. Dyson’s Samdice Best of You. NB (2) 1. Pendleton-Watkins’ Zefather’s What It Takes. 2. Cranfield’s Zefather’s Shine On. Fawn litter sister to the winner with very well developed quarters for one so young and shown in lovely condition. Head needs to break, but is feminine with kind, dark eye, and mounted on a crested neck. Her lines flowed in profile with pleasing angulation back and forth, but she was rather long in body. Good strength to hock but not the forelegs of the winner. Sound and steady on the move. PGB (5 1). This was a very disappointing class. Newton’s Stpiran Velocette at Shlarra. This fawn of almost 2 years was the easy winner of the class, being put down in good condition and demonstrating the best overall outline. She didn’t have the balance I was looking for being somewhat high over the rear and long in loin. Scored in head which was of strength, well proportioned but feminine. Very good eye and expression. Neck was clean and flowed into an adequately filled front, but rather out at elbow. Nicely covered with good spring of rib and topline was firm. Powerful driving movement with excellent hock, but rather restricted in front. 2. Drew’s Lindeefay The Sweetest Love. 2 year old well marked brindle. Elegant in outline, but lacking body, condition and being somewhat unsettled, she could not overcome the winner. Head was of good proportions, not the planes of the winner, but attractive front on. Excellent length of neck, good topline and turn of stifle. Sound on the move, but quite erratic. 3. Harrison’s Jasnettdanes Misty Morning. LB (6) 1. Bishton’s Jaydania Steffi Graff. Good, full bodied fawn whose outline was very mature for 17 months. Pleasing shape to head with good breadth of muzzle which was in proportion to skull. Very nice expression and used her ears. Stands on a good straight front which was well filled and on tight feet, but being a strong girl I would prefer a touch more length of leg. Good neck flowing cleanly into wither and well laid shoulder. Pleasing spring of rib and firm topline, but slightly sloping. Strong loin into good croup and turn of stifle which was of correct width. Handler must take care not to overstretch her. Very sound on the move with a steady, even stride. 2. Burton’s Ravendane Enchanting Dream at Elbarevol . Honest, well marked harlequin of almost 5 years. Evenly matched quarters of strength, depth and correct angulation lend themselves to a decent outline. Head is of adequate strength and in proportion to body shape, but a little plain as compared to the winner. Eye could be tighter. Lovely well developed front and brisket, firm topline and croup. Super on the move, with free, easy reach and drive. 3. Donnelly’s Primus Timeless Style. VB (9 1) This class was a joy to judge. 8 lovely veteran ladies all showing with dignity. 1. Ingram’s Dainmajik The Sorceress. Regal 6 1/2 year old fawn of proud carriage and noble bearing. Quite striking in outline with excellent, correctly angulated quarters, textbook topline and underline. Balanced, well proportioned head if a little plain, Strong, arched neck which flowed into the best of fronts. Very well covered with good spring of rib and loin. Really came into her own on the move; true from all angles, unencumbered and free. 2. Dyson’s Samdice Written In The Stars. Stately fawn also of 6 1/2 years. Being longer in loin she did not have the overall balance of the winner, but I liked her correct angulation, flowing lines and depth of body. Classic headpiece; so feminine but with adequate strength and melting expression complimented by a good eye. Lovely crested neck, straight front and firm back. Sound as a bell on the move with easy stride. 3. Simpson’s Equleus Celestial Beauty. SOBlue (5 1) 1. Price’s Ch Leamap Iron Maiden. 5 year old I have judged before. Now a worthy champion and very much in her prime. She had the best head in the class; it was expressive with correct planes, stop and square drop of lip sitting atop a lovely crested neck of good length. Her well laid shoulders matched her turn of stifle for angulation which pleased me. I found her a touch prominent in sternum but overall outline was reasonably well balanced. Well handled and in good condition she did not disappoint me on the move with good reach and drive maintaining her outline. 2. Middleton’s Dornoir Ain. I have often admired this quality 2 1/2 year old from the ringside so it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to judge her. So honest, as one has come to expect from this kennel. Very clean in outline, she was fairly well balanced with good quarters of pleasing width and strength. Nicely developed in front she correctly filled her frame and fit her skin. She is still young and should finish well. She pressed hard but I preferred the head of the winner. Very sound and true on the move, if lacking a little animation. 3. Harrison’s Jasnettdanes Misty Morning. SOBlack (5) 1. Simpson’s Renescent Miss Naughty. Scopey girl of 14 months who was well off for size and substance. Reserve in Junior and yearling but held her own in this class and notwithstanding her name was as good as gold! Good solid outline, but giving something away with immaturity, her topline will hopefully benefit from letting down behind as she finishes. I liked her head which was strong but proportionate with a lovely expression from dark eyes. Good clean front with enough depth of body for her age. Correct underline and she was presented in good condition. I would prefer a more rounded croup and a touch more width of thigh. Purposeful mover with reach and drive but occasionally a little erratic. 2. Harvey’s Clannalba Eadarra Dubh. 3. Black’s Bandwar Taylor Made. SOBrindle (1 1) SOFawn (7 1) 1. Ingram’s Dainmajik The Sorceress. 2. White’s Smalltalls Fairytale (Imp Nor) Honest, well balanced girl of 3 1/2 years who presented a square outline. Her head is attractive and of good shape, but being rather too deep in body it appeared slightly out of proportion, although her excellent length of leg meant that this did not detract from the overall picture too much. Scored in shoulder and stifle for angulation and was firm in topline and loin. Not the most animated of movers, but was sound with a steady, even stride. 3. Drew’s Lindeefay Heart of Glass. SOHarlequin (4). Ellis-Khanna’s Ravendane Maleficent for Harvaxe. Attractive girl of almost 4 years who was very nicely short coupled. Appealed in head with good planes, square drop of lip, of desired strength without being too heavy in flews. Excellent tight eye which was the best in this class. Good straight front of width and depth, but could be little cleaner in sternum. Adequate lay of shoulder and she stood on good catlike feet. Back is short, but she tended to slope in topline. Pleasing to go over with good condition, spring of rib and loin. Very good turn of stifle and was a graceful, easy mover. 2. Burton’s Ravendane Enchanting Dream at Elbarevol. 3. Kelleway’s Jeamluks Dannie of Clinton. SOMantle (2) 1. Waring’s Ravendane Queen of Darkness for Elleyenda. Mature, well developed 4 year old bitch I have always liked and have had the pleasure of judging before. She continues to please me with her elegant, clean and flowing outline. Nothing is overdone or out of place; she is extremely honest. Head is very balanced with good ratio of skull to muzzle the latter of which is of good depth and square. Lovely eye and used her ear well. Crested neck leading into a good, clean front with depth to brisket. Topline was good with desired rise over the loin leading into solid correctly angulated hindquarters. Sound easy mover in profile, but was not so good coming towards me today. 2. Tempest’s Adoreadane Make Your Marc. Rising 3 year old girl. Fairly tall and quite well built with pleasing outline. I didn’t feel she could match the markings or the head of the winner, this girl’s being a touch too pronounced in stop. It was, however, very much in proportion to body. Ample bone, standing on good tight feet and she has matured well into her frame being of good depth and width throughout. Held her topline both standing and on the move and I liked her turn of stifle. Shown in good condition. Very strong driving movement, using her hocks, but very untidy when coming toward me. OB (7). This was a very good class as one should expect at this level. 1. Dyson’s Ch Selmalda Journey to Melody at Samdice. I last judged this 3 year old fawn as a junior and it was most gratifying to find she has fulfilled her potential into a worthy champion. Quite lovely in outline and competently presented to get the best out of her in what was a very strong class. Completely free from exaggeration, but nothing weedy about her. I liked her head which was expressive, well shaped and proportionate. Lovely square drop of lip. Very good shoulder and upper arm, the angle of which corresponded so well to her turn of stifle. She was a touch longer in body than I would have liked, but she held her topline well and it was firm. Good depth of body and tidy underline with good croup and depth of loin. A stylish mover who made the most of the ring with an easy stride although tended to toe in. 2. Hooker, Armour & Lockey’s Ch Garsak Adaption. Big, strapping fawn of 2 1/2 with personality plus! She may be considered too much by some, but I liked her strength of quarters and lovely clean, well developed front. A full sister to the CC winner and overall of the same good make an shape although I found her lacking balance today being high at the rear which detracted from her overall outline when compared to the winner. Scored well in head and expression and being so showy she looks right at you. Strong neck flowing cleanly into wither. Put down in super condition her ribbing, strength of topline and loin were very pleasing. Gave a very good account of herself on the move; powerful, true with good drive from the rear and reach in front. 3. Henshall’s Calchas Wincy Willis. Brace (1) 1. Robinson’s brace. In agreement with my co-judge, although they stood alone, this was a worthy winning brace of fawn males. Very similar in type and style, well presented in good condition and moved out purposefully with style. A credit to their owner and handler.

Ric Beall (Eppwood)