• Show Date: 22/10/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rachel Snelgrove Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/10/2019

Midland Whippet Club

Breed: Whippet

The Midland Whippet Club Championship Show 22nd October 2017 – Dogs

I would like to thank the committee of the Midland Whippet Club for inviting me to judge at their well organised show, for my very efficient ring stewards and of course to the exhibitors for bringing their lovely dogs under me. I was spoilt for choice in many classes and was very pleased with my final line up. My co judge and I only called the referee for BIS, agreeing on all other awards on the day.  Thank you to everybody for a very enjoyable day.

Vet Dog 7-9 (5,1abs)

1st    Woods – Ch. Ardencote What A Cracker;    in lovely body condition for his age and of a lovely size with correct proportions and no exaggerations. A lovely head and neck into nicely laid shoulders, good length of body with depth and correctly angled rear quarters. Moved out well and pushed hard for BV.

2nd    Russells – Chapleigh Asellus Borealis;        another in good  condition overall , neat feet, good head and neck into his well laid front, good for depth of brisket and correct length of loin, curvy rear quarters and moved freely.

3rd    Dillons – Ch.Collooney Billy The Whizz JW.

Vet Dog 10 + (1,0abs)

1st    Russells – Ch Willingwisp Star Trooper;    11 year old parti dog, one of my favourites who did not disappoint me. Lovely size with no exaggerations, lovely head of correct proportions, good neck into good lay of shoulder & return of upper arm. Good in depth and length of body, good ribbing, correct rear quarters & moved true all ways. BV and BVIS

MPD (13,2abs)

1st    Smeaths – Willingwisp Skys The Limit;    w/br parti baby who caught my eye. Super head & expression with lovely shaped eye & good under jaw. Good neck into well laid shoulder, lovely tight feet, nice size and good fill in front with nice body length. Needed to settle somewhat in his movement but when he did he covered the ground well. Should have a bright future.

2nd    Mitchells – Anndonmill Majestic Prince;    lightly brindled boy who was beautifully handled to get the best from him. Good overall balance, of lovely size and good bone & feet, well angled front and back and of a nice length with sufficient depth for age. Another who should have a bright future.

3rd    Andrew & Rees – Kierpark Hello Love.

PD (11,0abs)

1st    Newtons – By Design Of Nevedith;    I have admired this dog and going over him today he did not disappoint me in any way. In excellent condition, lovely overall shape from his head through his lovely neck to his rear quarters, super front and upper arm, good body length and depth and lovely topline flowing into his well muscled rear angulation. Moved effortlessly, one I am sure who will take top honours soon. Delighted to award him BPD & BPIS

2nd    Andrew & Rees – Kierpark Hello Love;    placed 3rd in MPD but far more settled in this class. Nothing exaggerated on this youngster, lovely head & expression, good neck length into well laid front, correct length & depth of body with another nice topline flowing into correctly angled rear quarters. Moved out well.

3rd    Pooles – Edenwhip Quantam Of Solace.

JD (10,2abs)

1st    Wheelers – Mythic Balder Des Planes Des Bruyeres avec Ranveli;     brindled male who is lovely for size, good for head & ear set, good neck length flowing into his well laid front with fill. Flowing lines over his back with good depth of body and length, well conditioned dog with neat feet and moving true from all angles.

2nd    Russells – Glantam Genesis;        lovely type fawn dog who needed to settle a little more but with a lovely head & expression. He has a lovely overall shape with balance, good angles front and back with correct depth and length of body, flowing lines and another well conditioned lad.

3rd    James – Drakesoak Rum Punch.

YD (8,2abs)

1st    Shepherds – Citycroft Sundae With Oxana JW ShCM;    this dog is of lovely quality, so typey and balanced with the icing on the cake, ring presence. A lovely overall picture starting at his lovely head & neck flowing into his correctly laid shoulders, good depth & length of body and correct rear angles with muscle tone. In superb condition overall he moved out effortlessly & true as expected from his correct angles. A pleasure to go over & I was delighted to award him the DCC & with my co judge awarded him RBIS & BOS. I am sure that his title will come.

2nd    Cahill & Timberlakes – Enolacans Antonio Banderas at Chipperlake(Imp);  unfortunate to meet 1st in such form, this lovely young fawn male has a lovely overall shape & settled more into himself in this class. Nothing exaggerated, flowing from his good head through his correct length neck, well laid front and good for body length with sufficient depth and correctly angled rear quarters. Moved out better in this class.

3rd    Brodie & Owens – Oakbark Making Dreams at Wolfscastle.

MD (9,2abs)

1st    Andrew & Rees – Kierpark Hello Love

2nd    Morris & Waddells – Crosscop I Want You;    still very much a puppy & has time on his side to come together & mature into his frame. Good in neck flowing into a well laid front, nice length of back & sufficient depth of body with correctly angled rear quarters with neat feet.

3rd     Young, Witham & Heads – Demerlay Golden Eagle (TAF)

SBD (7,2abs)

1st    Ellam & Robinson- Tarward Jaguar avec Clionys JW;        fawn/white parti male, very honest type with no exaggerations. Lovely in head and under jaw, lovely neck into his correctly laid shoulders, good fill in front with lovely depth and length of body. Good rear angulation, in lovely condition and moved out very well to head this class.

2nd    Trouton – Runnel Run For Fun;    fawn dog of a nice type with no exaggerations and with a good overall shape. Presented in good overall condition he has lovely angles to his front with fill and correctly angled rear with good length & depth to his body. Moved out well from all angles.

3rd    Perkins – Jasarat Jettsetter At Zeglynn.

GD (9,4abs)

1st    Howgate & Hulls – Palmik Whisper Again JW;    br/white parti dog, he is nicely balanced with a good head & lovely neck flowing into his correctly angled front. Standing on good feet and pasterns, he has good depth and length to his body which flows into his correctly angled rear. Good muscle tone throughout & good in second thigh he moved out well from all angles.

2nd    Hawkers – Mollytop Dream Maker JW;    fawn male with a lovely head, under jaw & expression and a good neck flowing into his well laid front with fill.  Lovely depth to his brisket, good ribbing and good for body length. In lovely overall condition, sufficient angles to his rear and moved out well.

3rd    Perkins – Dejare Would You Believe at Zeglynn ShCM.

PGD (14,1abs)

1st    Waymans – Creme Anglaise One More Knight at Scarletfair(Imp);        fawn/white parti of super size and balance with a lovely overall shape. Lovely head & well set ears, good neck flowing into a well laid front angulation with fill. Good topline flowing over a good length of back with lovely depth of brisket, nice bone and feet, correctly angled rear and presented in lovely condition throughout. Moved out effortlessly & true to take this class.

2nd    Bellamy – Kandalama Royale;        lightly br/parti dog with a lovely head & expression and a lovely shape overall when he relaxed into his frame. Lovely angulation front and back, good for body length and depth, flowing topline into his rear quarters and a well conditioned dog. Just slightly pulling away at times on the move but true when he settled.

3rd    Topes – Bryarose Theseus at Dewerstone

MLD (9,3abs)

1st    Pooles – Crosscop No Matter What;        fawn male with a good overall shape & balance. Nice in head, lovely length of neck flowing into his well laid shoulders. Flowing topline over a good length of back, nice ribbing with correct depth into correctly angled rear quarters.  Good for bone with neat feet and presented in good body condition throughout. At times a little unsettled on the move but did enough correctly for me to give him this class.

2nd    Scholes – Craigavad Once In A Lifetime;    brindled balanced dog of correct size with lovely curves throughout. Nice in head with good neck into his well laid shoulders, correct for body length and depth with nice ribbing and flowing into his correctly angled rear quarters. Sadly appeared to be a little reluctant to show off his many attributes today.

3rd    James – Drakesoak Halloween Twist.

LD (20,2abs)

1st    Allens- Zoraden Ginger Latte JW;    Headed a class of quality dogs and I really liked him and considered him strongly in my final awards. Super overall shape with no exaggerations whatsoever and in lovely condition throughout. Nice in head, good length neck into his correctly made front, lovely length and depth of body, well ribbed, all flowing into his correctly angled rear and with neat feet.  Lovely movement from all angles.

2nd    Cuthburts – Whipplei Body Of Proof at Lunaire;    another dog that I really liked and unlucky to come up against 1st in such form.  A very honest & balanced dog with a good overall shape. Loved his head & expression, good neck flowing into his well angled front, correct length & depth to his body, good ribbing with correctly angled rear. Another presented in lovely condition & moved out well.

3rd    Waymans – Speymalt Northern Star JW

OD (14,4abs)

1st    Newtons –Nevedith Zufor Zeffa JW;        an excellent class of males headed by this dog of super quality, another which drew my eye on the day. Lovely proportions and balance with no exaggerations on this boy from his lovely head & expression through to his correctly angled rear. Good length of neck into a lovely front, topline flows over a back of good length and depth, good ribbing and good angles to his rear. In lovely condition throughout, moved with ease and pushed hard for the DCC but pleased to award him the RCC.

2nd    Whiteheads – Ch. Citycroft High Society JW;         this male is of such a lovely balanced type with nothing exaggerated about him. Good head & expression, a lovely neck flowing into his well constructed front with fill, a lovely topline flowing over a back of good length & depth with correct ribbing. Curvy rear quarters and lovely muscle tone throughout. Good for bone, feet and pasterns, he is a very steady and true mover from all angles & pushed 1st hard.

3rd    Russells – Palmik Depeche Mode.

Judge;        Miss Rachel Snelgrove (Huntinghill Whippets)