• Show Date: 28/09/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Penny Roberts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/04/2019

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Samoyed

Driffield Agricultural Society – 28th September 2017


Thank you to Driffield committee for inviting me to take on this appointment and thank you to my stewards and all the team on the ground who did such a good job in (increasingly) difficult weather conditions. My request to move to a ring more suited to our breed’s needs was met with positivity and the team doing a swap around with one of the stakes rings for us. This was much appreciated and even with the ground becoming more ‘poached’ as judging went on, I was able to move all the dogs to my satisfaction.

Overall I feel movement is improving, which is very good to see; and while the time of year means many are changing coats, quality and texture was good. Lovely to see more biscuit marked dogs and bitches making their way in the ring – retaining biscuit does have an impact on the coat quality and is so attractive! Some round feet in evidence, some too fine in bone, and a couple where I would prefer a darker eye to achieve the correct Sammie expression – but overall was very pleased with the quality of the entry.

Minor Puppy Dog (2):

1. Hounslow’s Nikitta Flaming Star. Handsome and sturdy youngster. 9mo with lovely head with correct ears and good dark eye. Thick plush puppy coat covering good bodily structure with good angulation front and rear. Would like a little more length of leg, but good for bone. Moved well.

2. Pupinis’ Cocosamel Cuir De Russie. 8mo pup finer all through than 1. Loved his head and his attractive puppy ears. Nice front and rear angulation; good coat, which was presented well. Super tail plume, well set and carried. Moved well when concentrating on the job in hand.

Puppy Dog (3):

1. Dudek’s Easy to Love Carpathian White Smile for Blossomrain. 11 mo pup developing well. Good head with correct eye set and shape and enchanting biscuit tipped ears. Strong in body and well balanced, good bone and feet; well set tail. In lovely puppy coat and well presented. Very good side gait, moving well, but just needs to tighten behind. BPD.

2. Hounslow’s Nikitta Flaming Star. As above

3. Pupinis’ Cocosamel Cuir De Russie. As above

Junior Dog (0)

Yearling Dog (0)

Post Graduate Dog (4)

1. Owen’s Whitespirit Dillenberg. 2 year old male. Masculine and of good type. Loved his head with neat ears and correct eye shape giving good Samoyed expression. Could take a little more length of neck, but a super bodily frame covered in correct harsh textured jacket which was well presented. A little light on undercoat, as were several of the males today, but lovely construction and very sound on the move.

2. Short’s Zakaytia Angel of Mine. Nicely constructed youngster with attractive biscuit tipped ears. Slightly light in eye, but overall good head. Beautifully presented and shown in good fit condition. Nice bone and feet. Moved ok.

3. Green & O’Brien’s Taronakits Kall Me Kosmic

Limit Dog (4,2)

1. Moody & Haffenden’s Novaskaya Lysandro Lefay. Loved this boy. 3 year old male of medium size. Handsome head with such a good, kind expression, especially when using his ears! Good length of neck, correct angulation front and rear; sufficient bone for size and lovely overall balance of leg to body ratio. Masculine without coarseness, with super harsh textured top coat. A little lacking in undercoat, but still presented a great outline. His movement was smooth and free and effortless. Couldn’t deny him the CC and later BOB.

2. Oxley’s Amarige Versace. 3 year old male. Good head and expression, neat ears; not the reach of neck of 1 and more compact in outline. Beautifully presented and coat of good texture. Moved ok but lacked the freedom of 1.

Open Dog (4) What a lovely class of quality males – of differing types but each with so much to offer.

1. Craig & Chen’s Aust,Lit,Est Ch Lunasea One Of A Kind ShCM (Imp). Loved this gloriously biscuit shaded male of such super type. Appealing head with good ears; lovely length of neck, strong in body with good bone and feet. Full of fun and mischief. Moved out beautifully with an easy, even stride. Pushed the Limit winner hard for the ticket. RCC.

2. Freer & Smith’s Ch Nikara Diamond Dancer JW. Very different, but so full of quality. Smaller boy of more compact outline. Well put together and presented to perfection. His lovely construction shows on the move – he is so sound.

3. Dudek’s Lighto The Twinkling Star of Blossomrain ShCM (Imp)

Good Citizen Dog (0)

Minor Puppy Bitch (4) Four lovely babies who will battle it out for top spots!

1. Drummond’s Sasoolka Feel The Force. I was so taken by this 7mo – pretty and feminine but with sufficient substance. Loved her front and rear angulation. Super thick, plush puppy jacket; lovely body shape, and a well set tail, which was up over her back enough for me to assess. Very sound for such a youngster. One to watch.

2. Craig & Scobell’s Smiling Snowball Mont D’Or at Samoravich (Imp). So pretty and feminine, this 8 mo puppy has lovely length of neck, good front and rear angulation and presents a beautiful outline. Good coat, well presented. Lovely side gait.

3. Smith’s Reach For The Stars With Aleski

Puppy Bitch (2)

1. Brandenberg & Jackson’s Taronakits It’s Karman. At first glance has it all in place – and this is confirmed on closer examination. Medium sized girl, pretty and feminine. Lovely head and expression, good length of neck, correct angulation and well-proportioned overall. In good coat, well presented and stood and showed like a pro’. Good bone and correct feet. Didn’t disappoint on the move – very sound baby. BPIB.

2. Young’s Cocosamel Misia. Very different in outline and coat pattern to 1, and higher on leg. Good length of neck and very nice overall balance. Good bone. Quality plush coat, good tail set. Neat and economical on the move.

Junior Bitch (3,1)

1. Dent’s Whitespirit Madam Mischief. More biscuit tipped ears – so good to see! Good head with neat ears and correct eye set and colour. Would prefer a little more neck, but lovely in body with good front and rear angulation and correct bone and feet. Fine quality coat, presented very well with silver tips shining in the sun. Very sound on the move.

2. Jackson’s Nikitta Walking On Sunshine. Very pretty bitch with sweet head and expression. Attractive ‘tea stain’ biscuit markings on muzzle. Overall a finer built bitch than 1 and slightly longer cast. Good angulation and well presented. A little overawed and a bit uncertain of the ground, but very neat on the move when settled.

Yearling Bitch (1,1)

Post Graduate Bitch (2)

1. Thomas’ Zeelukzak Om Shanti. My notes say ‘what a cracking bitch!’ and so she is. Correct head with good ears and eye set and colour. Good length of neck leading to lovely balanced front and rear angulation, super leg to body length proportions, lovely bone and super feet. In full coat with was presented in tip top condition. Presents a lovely picture standing and super sound on the move. Delighted to award her the CC, in strong company.

2. Glover’s Whitespirit Zilverschoon. Lovely biscuit bitch who had left all her clothes at home – so nothing hidden. Pretty, feminine head, good length of neck, lovely body, good bone and sufficient length of leg. Shown in good well-muscled condition. Moved so soundly. A pleasure to watch these two girls going around the ring.

Limit Bitch (6,3)

1. Yorke’s Timras Muireann Of The Mist Over Shelbydown. Very pretty bitch with lovely eye shape and colour. Such a balanced outline with good length of neck, correct angulation, good bone. Good quality plush coat, presented beautifully and with correct tail set. Moved out well.

2. Shepherd’s Shianise Just Jemima. Smaller bitch, very feminine with good head and neck, correct front and rear angulation and nice bone for size. Not in full coat, but what she had was of quality and well presented. Moved very well.

3. McGreade’s Frostia Someone Like You

Open Bitch (6,1) Quality bitches of very differing styles.

1. Brandenberg’s Ch Taronakits Its Keeta JW. A lot of Samoyed in a smaller package. Lovely head with super ears, sweet expression – with just a hint of mischief. Good length of neck and compact body in great coat, presented to perfection. Good for bone and lovely feet. Would just like a little more leg. A super bitch who was great to watch on the move. RCC.

2. McGreade’s Nikara Private Dancer For Frostia. Lovely for type this very attractive 6 yo bitch was shown in great coat, but perhaps carrying just a little excess baggage. Very pretty head of correct wedge, sufficient neck and good angles. Good for bone and correct feet. Very sound on the move.

3. Short’s Zeelukzak Ice’n Glorious At Zakaytia JW

Good Citizen Bitch (0)

Judge: Penny Roberts