• Show Date: 07/07/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nicky Garbutt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: German Spitz (Mittel)

A decent entry numerically but quality was varied. Very untidy hind movement was a common problem with many rather close away and some throwing hocks about. Quite a few short steep upper arms which tend to restrict front movement, and some wide set ears which can spoil the expression. There were also some rather longer in proportions than desired so doesn’t give a correct square outline.

Surprisingly some dirty coats and teeth, which isn’t pleasant for any judge to go over.

Temperaments were mostly good with just the odd one or two not too happy on the table.

I was pleased with my main winners.

Puppy – Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st Fisherbloom Too Funky (Miss G Adams). 8 months medium strength sable shown in good condition with correctly textured coat coming in nicely. Attractive head with good eye shape and well-shaped ears make for a typical expression. Nice for size, correct proportions, level topline and high tailset give a good outline. On the move, he did his best not to co-operate with his handler but finally settled down for the BP challenge to show that he can actually move properly. BPIB.

Junior – Dog Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st Longsdale Turning Tables At Cwrtafon (Mrs D Roberts). Almost 18 months cream male of upper size with good bone and slightly stretched proportions. Good head but could maybe just be a touch stronger for his build, good pigment, correct eye and slightly tall but well placed correctly shaped ears. Good topline, tailset, chest depth, foreleg length and angulation all combine to give a pleasing outline. Not yet in full coat but what he has is of good texture. He shows good movement from all angles which helped to give him this class. Considered him for the RCC but understandably not yet quite the finish or maturity of the open males.

2nd Jansanleis Polar Express To Pomkins (Mrs V J & Mrs V S Brock & Peterson). 12 months cream male shown in full coat and good condition. Good head with dark pigment, correct eyes and neat ears. Lower end of the size scale but all in proportion and correct bone for his size. Good body, tailset, legs and neat feet though he has a tendency at times to stand himself a bit overstretched. Very good sidegait and from in front but just needs to tidy up a little from behind.

3rd Hocombewood Ace Of Spades At Lindcoly (Mr C J & Mrs L M Saich)

Post Graduate – Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st Lindcoly Fozzie Bear (Miss A J Saich). 2.5 year old black masked cream sable. Strong head with good wedge to muzzle and good pigment. Ears are a good shape but slightly tall and wide set and his eyes could be a shade less round to improve expression. Right at the bottom end for size but has good bone and an almost square outline with a good tailset. Enough hind angulation but just a bit steep in front which restricts his movement slightly on side gait. Another one that could be tidier going away but OK coming towards.

Limit – Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1st Lindcoly Mischief Maker (Mr C J & Mrs L M Saich). 2 year old black. Correct masculine head with good width to skull and muzzle. Good pigment, neat ears, eyes of good shape but slightly light for his colouring. Another smaller-medium sized one but of good shape and correct square outline with good tailset and enough bone for size. In common with many today, I would have liked just a little bit more forehand angulation to give him a slightly freer forereach but his movement was otherwise good.

2nd Nickila Silver Sovereign (Mrs A Wilson). 4 year old heavily shaded cream sable. Strong masculine head with good eye shape, well-shaped but slightly tall ears and an attractive expression. Good for size and bone, slightly stretched proportions and good tailset, shown in good coat and condition. Side gait OK but I felt he could have been moved just a little bit quicker to advantage as he looked a bit lethargic, slightly narrow away but OK towards.

3rd Hocombewood Hot Toddy For Lindcoly (Miss A J Saich)

Open – Dog Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

A quality class and my top 4 could easily change places given an outdoor venue and a bigger ring to get into their stride more effectively.

1st Ch/Ir/Intl Ch Amoyalois Rufus For Cadasaro Jun Ch (Mr K O' Leary) CC & BOB. 4.5 year top sized black-masked sable and white male. Very strong masculine head with correct eye shape, being hyper-critical I would like them just a shade darker to better suit his dark mask. It’s when you get your hands on this dog you can appreciate how well put together he is, being strong and sturdy with good ribbing and chest depth under his glamorous coat, and his correctly set tail and nice neat feet just complete the overall picture. On the move, he shows a very easy and efficient side gait and very good action away and back which many seemed to struggle with today.

2nd Ch Studholme Moon Orbit (Mrs A, Mrs I E & Mr G H Cook & Clayton) RCC. 3 year old medium size, well-boned brown and white presented in good coat and condition. Good head and expression with correctly placed ears of good shape and size, good eye shape but colour and pigment could be a touch darker to advantage. Near enough square outline and with tidy tailset. Another who could do with touch more freedom in forereach but otherwise good gait and sound away and back.

3rd Ch Spellcast Jivetalking (Mrs J Smith)

Puppy – Bitch Entries: 7 Absentees: 1

1st Clarmers Mischief Managed Under Tispitza (Miss T Taylor). 9 month black. Good head and eye, ears could be slightly smaller though this may become less apparent once she’s in full coat. Good size, medium strength with slightly stretched proportions and good tailset so not quite the outline of 2 but this one really pulled herself together on the move to show a good side gait and improved outline which gave her the class.

2nd Dulais Moonlight Over Paris At Trebettyn (Miss B & Mrs J Williams & Williams) 8 months heavily shaded cream sable. Very pretty feminine head with attractive expression though again, ears could be slightly smaller. Good size and bone, tidy tailset and lovely outline. I thought she’d be my winner here but unfortunately she gave her handler a really hard time on the move which resulted in legs in all directions except where they were supposed to be. A shame as I liked her a lot and would expect with a bit more practice she’ll easily gain her title.

3rd Kelham Love Is In The Air (Mrs P C & Mr J Rolleston)

Junior – Bitch Entries: 2 Absentees: 1

1st Jansanleis Envy (Mrs J, Miss S & Miss L J Moir). 12 months cream. Good feminine head, correct eye shape and very good pigment. Ears of good shape but could be slightly smaller. Very nice for shape, size, bone, tailset and general outline, just needs her coat back in to complete the picture. Lovely side gait, OK towards, slightly close away. Serious contender for the RCC but just not quite the coat and finish today.

Post Graduate – Bitch Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1st Jansanleis Envy (Mrs J, Miss S & Miss L J Moir). Repeat of Junior.

2nd Bulabs Blonde Lady (Mr G & Mrs J Purves). 2 years cream. Feminine head with good skull and wedge to muzzle, very good pigment, eyes of good colour but slightly bold which mars expression a bit. Totally out of coat so hiding nothing, but she’s a good shape, well off for bone and with a correct tailset and good angulation. Can be a little bit erratic on the move at times away and back but there were enough steps that were OK and she has a good side gait.

3rd Aquaveins Spirit Seeker (Miss G Adams)

Limit – Bitch Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1st Longsdale's One And Only (Mr G & Mr D Pearce & Francis). Cream, handler says nearly 2 but catalogue says nearly 18 months. Very pretty feminine head with good eye and pigment, ears slightly tall but of good shape. Very well presented, medium size and bone, good topline and tailset but just a bit long in proportions so not quite the outline I wanted. Could be a little bit tidier moving away, good coming towards and has a very good side gait.

2nd Bulabs Leading Lady (Mr G & Mrs J Purves). 4 years cream. Strong feminine head with good skull, very good pigment, well-placed ears of good shape but another with slightly bold eyes. Out of coat but what she has is of good texture. Correct shape and good for size and bone, level topline and correct tailset. Good angulation which shows in her very good side gait but another who could be a bit tidier behind going away and I’d like her feet a little tighter as they’re slightly splayed.

Open – Bitch Entries: 4 Absentees: 2

1st Ch Jansanleis Mayhem JW (Mrs J, Miss S & Miss L J Moir) CC/RBOB. 6 year old cream. Top class bitch with a strong yet feminine head, dark well-shaped eyes and good pigment for her age. Good shape, size, proportions, bone and feet, correct angulations, topline and tailset all combine to give her a very pleasing square outline. On the move, she doesn’t put a foot wrong and is one of the few that is correct from all angles. An easy CC winner but another that’s still coming back into coat so just had to give way to the dog for BOB today.

2nd Ir Ch Utopia Aus Dem Norden At Cadasaro Jun Ch (Mr K O' Leary) RCC. 4 year old white. Feminine head with good pigment, correct eye, ears of good shape but a bit big. Good size, bone, feet and angles. She can be prone to standing a bit long but on the move gets it together to show a better shape with an excellent side gait, although another that could be a bit cleaner going away. Not quite back in full coat yet but what she has is of correct texture.

Judge – Nicky Garbutt