• Show Date: 17/06/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mike Wildman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

One of my favourite shows on the circuit thank you to the committee for my invitation, also thanks to my ring stewards Mark and Joyce Collins who did a great job, it was a pleasure to work with you both, on this baking hot day, in this excellent sized ring. 


The females were stronger than the males in this entry, the majority where sound although alot lacked angulation. I noticed that some low fronts are creeping in with short steep upperarm which results in restricted movement. I was surprised to find a number of exhibits with non standard dentition, otherwise the entry pleased me.  


Minor Puppy Dog, 2 (1) 

1st. Steele's Glenntree Gandolfini at Zienne. Dark blue with pleasing head and eye, good size and substance has reach of neck and well laid shoulders short back and well sprung ribs a sturdy well bodied pup. He really covered the ground and moved with freedom, reach and drive. He stood alone but a worthy winner who has the potential for a bright future.  


Puppy Dog, 4 (0) 

1st. McBrides Topday Ringo star. Loved this steel blue who pleased for so many reasons, he is so balanced and scores in outline,  he has a strong head of correct balance to be critical, I would prefer his eye tighter. His neck and shoulder are as moderate as the standard asks for. He has tremendous bone and thickly padded feet. A dog of great substance but all within the desired size. He has a level topline, deep cobby body and well rounded, broad thighs with short strong hocks. His movement was a joy to watch, he had the reach and drive, moving economically from his well angulated front and rear. His coat  was well prepared. He's sure to have a great future. I did consider him for top honours, his day will come. Best puppy dog. 

2nd. Todd & Rahmans Glenntree Tradition  

Another top draw puppy he has style and pleases for outline, loved his head and soft expression although I would prefer a little less neck for balance.  Correct in upper arm allowing him freedom in movement, his topline is spot on. Another with the well ribbed sturdy body that gives the Cocker compact squareness.  He is very cockery and sound moveing with typical action, I'm sure he will make his title, just preferred the balance of my winner. 3rd. Whitings Marquell Mister Goodnight by Annilann. 


Junior Dog, 3 (0) 

1st. Cellands Totenkopf Dutch Showtime. This black scored in outline and on the move in this class of mixed type. Good size, pleased in head and eye with a kind expression, he was constructionally sound and well put together, with good carriage. Still needing to spring a little in rib to finish. 

2nd. Babesters Kalispell Kingsman. This boy pleased for type but lost the class to 1 on outline and on the go around where he lost his topline, he had amazing reach and drive and was so sound away and back. I liked his head and expression, compact body and well rounded rear end, I would prefer his tail set a little higher. His coat was well presented. 3rd. Yilmaz Kisim Kelpie. 


Yearling Dog, 7 (0) 

1st. Adams Whinburn Night Owl JW. Black of quality, excellent work in head, correct eye shape and colour, good neck and shoulder with moderate upper arm. Weell ribbed middle, superb rear quarters which were wide and well muscled.A cobby little dog of good substance and a sound happy mover. 

2nd. McBrides Topday Hugo boss, Super blue who's head and expression are hard to surpass, such a cobby little dog with ultra short back and huge ribs, he just looked somewhat lost here in the grass being shorter on the leg than ideal. He is merry in action and so sound with it, he also scores in type. 3rd Gladmans Chativore Souvenir. 


Post Graduate Dog, 8 (0)  

1st Williams Gallingos gold finger won the class,  closely followed by 2nd. Gains Molkara Pharrelll JW. 2 lovely dogs for type, both golden who immediately impact for outline. What separated these 2 was toplines  and carriage on the move. I did prefer the rib and body of 2 but 1 scored in outline on the move holding a more balanced shape and carriage, he was more controlled. I liked both in head, both were lovely dogs to go over on the table, put together correctly and with excellent bone and substance throughout. 1 won the Res CC in good company from this strong class of males. 3rd Flowers Totenkopf Dutch Magician. 


Limit Dog, 8 (0) 

1st Rodgers Pembrokegate Dandy Lad. Square compact black dog with masculine head, pleasing neck and shoulder, moderate all through. A strong cobby short body with level topline, moved out well, merry and covered the ground. A very sound honest exhibit. 2nd Atkinsons Drewrimic Alphamale. Another black, striking outline, balanced head with soft expression, low set ears and clean throat. Straight well boned legs more angulated than 1 behind but not the topline in profile, movement slightly sloping to croup. Sound away and back, lovely coat and condition. 3rd Gain & Amatts Molkara Maurizio. 


Open  Dog, 4 (0) 

1st. Todd & Rahmans Sh Ch Lynwater Classic Design, so typically Lynwater and a very worthy title holder. Dark Blue who appealed for his correct proportions, super head and expression. He has that ring presence and merry disposition that is so typical of the Cocker.  I loved his neck, well laid shoulder and rounded bone big ribs, short firm loin and balanced angles. He moved well fore and aft, really using himself well, driving around the ring using his well set on tail. He was shown in excellent order, I was pleased to award him the CC. 

2nd Brennan's Bencleuch Brilliantino at Kerrijoy, another blue who is also so typical of his breeding. Preferred the shoulder and the stature of 1. This boy has a dreamy head and kind expression. He’s well off for bone and substance, with a short cobby body well made rear quarters, which he used well on the move. He was also very well handeled. 3rd Hynds Scomar Magic Flute. 


Veteran Dog, 5 (0) 

1st. Kirlinjis Dutch Dragon JW ShCM. What a Smashing class of veterans, all showing no signs of their age. This black filled the eye and ticked all the boxes, shown in excellent coat and condition he just had the edge of presence over the others and was so sound, holding his outline at all times BVIB.  

2nd Fairburn, Madigan & Nuttalls Chativore Stargazer, compact well put together blue of classic type, moderately angulated throughout and soundly constructed. He held a good outline and moved with drive. 3rd. Smiths Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshya. 


Minor Puppy Bitch, 7 (1) 

1st. Babesters Cachel Queen of Hearts, dark blue of lovely type, she caught my eye on entering the ring. Developing just right for age, she had it all together and never put a foot wrong. An ultimate show girl for her tender age, everything is balanced.She has a sweet head and expression and a clean neck set on well laid shoulders. Compact body, level back with good length of croup with well made rear quarters, short strong hocks. She is sound and covered the ground looking every bit cockery, one to watch. 

2nd. Glendinnings Plaiglen Jenga, this raw golden has the most appealing head and expression and if there was an award for that she would of won. She to was well put together but was the real baby of this class and couldn't match my winners balance and carriage on the move on the day. Another very nice, promoising youngster who I liked a lot. 3rd. Rodgers Kenwad Black Opium at Ravensgreen.  


Puppy Bitch, 12 (2)  

1st. Master & Dotts Manchela Where The Heart Is, my notes just say ‘wow’ such a typical Cocker, from her melting expression to her spot on size, all combined with good substance, excellent orange coat which shone in the sunlight, she looks a picture of balance, everything is moderate and nothing overdone. Her movement was unbeatable here, she is so merry and typical of how this kennels dogs perform for their clever handler. She was in incredible order and an object to all in presentation. I loved her and she was closeup today for top honours. I was thrilled to award her BPIB. 

2nd. Hattons Royaldean Majester this short cobby blue has exhubrance in abundance and really puts all in to her movement. She pleases for type and size with huge ribs, well rounded croup and broad quarters. She was close up. I just preferred the flow of 1’s overall balance and angles but another most promising youngster. 3rd. Grices Kyna ava Gardner. 


Junior Bitch, 2 (0) 

1st. Kettles Lujesa Jean Genie, just two here but both of excellent quality and lots to like on both, they were unlucky to meet one another. This black won the class on her classic head and lines, so typical of the type produced from this kennel. She flows from head to tail, is so feminine and typical. Another bitch  of correct proportions and size, well knit body, broad well turned quarters, who's sound and correct movement combined with good carriage and merits will surely take her to the top. 

2nd. Robertson & Rahman's Zheirdons China Chi, this blue also appealed greatly, for much the same reasons as 1 she too has good scope and balance on the move and is pleasing for type and has substance, combined  with quality bone just preffered the head and eye of my winner. 


Yearling Bitch, 5 (3) 

1st. Duncan's Bartonholm Bellisima, this exhibit gave me goose bumps when I sent the class around the ring. At first glance I thought, this one will be the one to beat today. I sent them around another time as I wanted the ringside to see her accurate movement. To quote the standard ("merry,sturdy,well balanced compact merry nature with ever wagging tail shows typical bustling movement") her tail never stopped and is so well set and carried ''this movement and temperament are what epitomise  the Cocker Spaniel. I was so pleased how she handled on the table, her head is classic, strong but still femine. Everything is just balanced each part fitting the next. Such a square cobby girl, I'm a fan of her sire and awarded him BOB last time I judged the breed. She is in my opinion the best I've judged and I was delighted to award her her tiltle, later she was 2nd in a strong Gungog Group. My congratulations to her breeder for producing this fine example of the breed. 

2nd Rainey's Tipperlin Marie Claire, very unfortunate to meet this exhibit had a pleasing expression good body and rib, she moved soundly but lacking the verve of my class winner. 


Maiden Bitch 5 (1) 

1st Bond's Sharemead Miss Zara at Olibond. 2nd. Gladman Chativore Cameron Diaz  

Two blues of similar type and structure, 1 secured her place on outline and balance on the move. Both had super ribs and quarters with good toplines and pleased when stacked, 1’s head was a touch more femine. I liked them both for size having quailty bone and substance. 3rd. Bodzak's Kenan Korona.  


Post Graduate Bitch 11 (3) 

1st. Young's Canyonn Classic Symphony JW, and classic she is, what a fine example of a black who scores in neck and shoulder. I would like a slightly longer upper arm, she has a rock steady topline, well developed rib has good depth and width to body, with excellent bone and feet. Moved with style and very sound behind, excellent quarters. Super well prepared coat. is so balanced and cockery. 

2nd. Thomson's Colenda Chasing Shadows, very pleasing blue for type who's ratios are correct, she. She moved and showded well,  just preferred the flow and elegance of my winner. 3rd. Torbett's Kirlinjis Made You Stare. 


Limit Bitch 12 (1) 

1st. Thomson's Colenda Chooseday, my eye kept drawing back to this bl/white exhibit throughout this large class, she was a new one to me and hard to fault in outline and stature. She's completely square and fills the eye. Suberb head, clean neck and well laid shoulder with great ribs. She really holds her outline on the move, with good carriage and covered the ground well to take the class. 2nd. Young's Canyonn Classical Music JW, red, another square and cobby girl with pleasing lines. Very short and compact with strong loins, she also presented her self well when moving and was sound away and back, another so typical from this kennel just preferred the flow and balance of 1. 3rd. McBrides Charbonnel Life'n'Soul at Topday.  


Open Bitch 9 (1) 

1st. Lowery's Sh Ch Bartonholm Nobody's Girl JW ShCM, really impressed with this exhibit from the same kennel as my BOB. Easy to see why she made her title, she too is so correct for size and substance, melting head and expression. So lovely to go over, her well put together body has amazing substance and retains femininity. She has great quailty coat and texture and such a show girl. Moved with such style, she has forward reach and excellent rear drive, holding her outline at all times. So pleased to award her the RCC in this quality line up of females. 

2nd. Whitings Sh CH Annilann Miss Sing JW, another cracking blue who I've awarded well on merit before, she scores on the move with bags of personality every bit the merry cocker. Just preferred the head and eye of my winner but she is still the most worthy exhibit. 3rd. Steele & Glennerster's Kalrizienne's Zaffiro JW. 


Veteran Bitch 1 (0)  

1st. Macdonalds Wishuswell Echo Springs, 7 years black and white, totally free of exaggerations both ends, a finer more old fashioned sort who moved and showed well.