• Show Date: 02/12/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Melanie Harwood Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

British Utility Breeds Association

Breed: Poodle (Toy)

British Utility Breeds Association

Toy Poodles

Judge Melanie Harwood


It has been a while since I last judged Toy Poodles and while this is not numerically one of the highest entries for Toys this year, the entry certainly did not disappoint in any way with overall quality. Thank you to all the exhibitors for your entries and to my two wonderful stewards, Stephen Jepson and Tim Jones, for keeping things running swiftly for me. I was more than impressed with the quality of Toys today, feet have improved immensely so don't cover them up with hair, show them off. I just had a few exhibits who lacked in body weight, condition and muscle tone and a few with not the best front action but these were only in the minority. Ears are still virtually none existent in Toys! But overall Toy Poodles at this moment are in a good place.

Puppy - Dog, Entries: 5 Absentees: 3 1ST - Afterglow Americano NAF TAF (MRS D & MRS A GRANT & MURPHY), a handsome puppy dog who is developing well in all the right places. His head is not my cup of tea, for me he needs more refinement to his back skull and better eye shape, but he has a decent underjaw and good chin. Good reach of neck and layback of shoulder, good ribcage and bend of stifle and his tail is set right. His coat is maturing well and it was presented in top order but don't hide those lovely feet under hair, show them off! He is balanced throughout and moved covering the ground with ease in a lovely light action. 2ND - Philora Silver Defender (MRS D CATCHPOLE), its always difficult with the colours as they take that bit longer in time to develop and this was the case with this little guy as he lacked the overall finish of the winner of this class. This boy had the better head and expression with beautiful dark expressive well shaped eyes and clean refined back skull. Good in neck and ribcage but for me needs the time to develop that bit more throughout in body for me. He moved using himself to advantage and has a good coat.

Junior - Dog, Entries: 2 Absentees: 0 1ST - Afterglow Aloysius (MRS S, MR T & MR J BAKER, ISHERWOOD & LYNN), one word WOW, for a dog of this age to have that wow factor, he's going to trouble the breed next year for sure! This dog has the most beautiful moulded head and expression, clean refined back skull and gorgeous small expressive eyes. Super reach of neck set into good shoulders, correct rib, good bend of stifle and excellent tail set. Stacked he looks a picture, he is just so perfectly balanced and just oozes that ‘Poodley’ look but he comes alive on the move, super side gait and sound both ways, he's the complete package, just my style and type of dog! In super coat for his young age, he looked immaculate. Take age out of the equation here as a dog of this quality who could not be denied the CC & BPIB, he is something special! 2ND - Philora Silver Defender (MRS D CATCHPOLE), critique from the previous class

Limit - Dog, Entries: 2 Absentees: 0 1ST - Tuttlebees Dream A Lil Magic with Claumaur (MRS M D & MISS C M COOKSON), maturing handsome male who has a beautiful refined back skull and gorgeous dark expressive eyes, but I would just like a bit more strength to foreface and underjaw. Nicely balanced in outline with a super reach of neck, good developed ribcage and decent feet. Good tail set and well angled rear and he is covered by a super coat which was presented to advantage. Uses himself on the move with purpose, holding his topline but just needs to settle in rear. 2ND - Seldom Mighty Hurricane (MISS J H & MRS S TAYLOR), a stylish dog with a beautiful balanced outline but for me he does not have the best of heads, he needs more refinement, but he has a nice eye. Good reach of neck and rib but lacking in body weight, good tailset. He has a really good side action, covering the ground with ease, but needs to settle in front and rear.

Open - Dog, Entries: 5 Absentees: 0 I must say what a super class this was, gave me quite the headache sorting the first 4 out! 1ST - CH Afterglow Foxtrot Oscar ( ISHERWOOD & HOWARD-RAWLEY), A dog I have admired since I saw him as a puppy and have longed to get my hands on! Another from this kennel with the most beautiful headpiece, that expression i so long for in a Poodle and melting small eyes. He is ultra short, has a great neck which he uses to advantage, good shoulders and well developed throughout in body, well muscle rear quarters, good tail set all standing on good feet. One the move he shines, he was the soundest in this class with a lovely outline. He has a wealth of fabulously textured coat which was presented in first class order. He pulled out all the stops to win this class, but I feel he completely let himself down in the challenge and had to settle for the Reserve CC to his kennel mate as his overall type and quality could not be denied. 2ND - Nasailleen Intuition (MISS L J & MRS L J BRYANT & NELSON), no disgrace in standing in 2nd place here! This dog was presented to absolute perfection, he looked amazing! He to has the most beautiful head and expression, clean refined back skull, gorgeous foreface, good chin and dark expressive eyes. Super reach of neck, fantastic deep chest and well developed in body, good tail set and well muscled quarters with a good bend of stifle. He is balanced throughout, has a gorgeous outline stacked and on the move and uses himself to advantage on the move, covering the ground with ease. Beautiful thick textured coat, a dog well worthy of attaining his crown! 3RD - Ch Afterflow Route Sixty Six (MRS C & MR J FUREY & LYNN) RES - Ch Seldoop Imtold Imgrand (L & M THINDAL & MARSTON)

Puppy - Bitch, Entries: 5 Absentees: 1 1ST - Tuttlebees She’s My Girl (MRS S F TAYLOR), this young lady was a easy winner of this class, loved her overall style and type and she is so full of that ‘Poodley’ attitude! Very pretty headed feminine bitch with nice expressive eyes. She has a super reach of neck, decent shoulder placement and is developing well throughout. Nice bend of stifle and she is a very well-balanced bitch. Full of herself on the move, light free action and maintaining her outline, just getting a little carried away with her front action but she was thoroughly enjoying her moment in the limelight, she will soon control that as maturity sets in. 2ND - Philora Silver Destiny (MRS S E MARTIN), a lovely youngster who also has a pretty feminine head and expression, would just like more chin on her. She is nicely balanced and is developing well throughout with a nice reach of neck, good body and bend of stifle. Lovely coat which is beginning to clear very nicely. She just needs more confidence and to relax and this will help her settle in movement. She did at times hold her outline well but with age she will gain that confidence. 3RD - Joccoaa Woah Ho Black Betty (MRS V A DIMERY)

Junior - Bitch, Entries: 7 Absentees: 3 1ST - Smart Connection Stagedoor Drama (MR T & MRS O ISHERWOOD & KNORRE), a beautiful feminine baby thrown in the deep end in the junior class with much older and more mature bitches, however she more than held her own! For one so young she is so self-assured, full of attitude and put the older ones to shame with her performance. She possesses a beautiful refined head with a dark eyes and wicked expression, she is developing so well throughout with matching angles front and rear and great body condition. She moved with aplomb, so full of that ‘Poodley' style and very sound coming and going. In the challenge she demanded to have that RCC and just could not be denied. Again beautifully presented as one would expect from this kennel, she has a great future ahead of her. 2ND - Afterglow Arrabiata (MRS S, MR T & MR J BAKER, ISHERWOOD & LYNN), a stunning bitch who instantly commands your attention on first glance. She has a feminine head and wicked expression but for me is not as refined as I would like. Super reach of neck, good shoulders, super rib and forechest, good tail set and well bent stifle. She is so full of herself and so busy she just needs to learn to control that, which will come age, as I just love Poodles with this attitude. Covered by a wealth of good textured coat which as usual presented without a hair out of place. 3RD - Afterglow Bedazzle (MISS C HUGHES)

Post Graduate - Bitch, Entries: 2 Absentees: 1 1ST - Seldom Miss Eyecatcher (MESDAMES M & T MARSTON & PUGH), and she sure is an eye-catcher both stacked and on the move! A lovely honest well balanced brown bitch with a beautiful well chiselled head, refined back skull, wicked expression and gorgeous eyes that give you that ‘Poodle look’. She has a super reach of neck, good shoulders, deep chest, well rounded ribcage, good tail set and well angulated rear. She is sound on the move and holds a lovely attractive outline in profile with a strong top line. She has a lovely textured coat and although she is beginning to lose her colour this does not detract from her overall quality and as usual from this kennel she is well presented. In the challenge I thought she would be my reserve CC winner but she just was not going with the same pizazz that she did in her class.

Limit - Bitch, Entries: 2 Absentees: 0 1ST - Philora Silver Pudding (MRS S E MARTIN), this silver was an easy winner of this class, although I would like her to be slightly shorter in back. Pretty feminine head and expression, lovely dark expressive eyes. Nice reach of neck with good shoulders and spring of rib, decent chest, good rear angles and she has a lovely well-muscled body. Her movement won her this class and she is quite sound coming and going and holds a lovely outline in profile, but for me she just needs that overall finish and Poodle sparkle to complete the overall picture. 2ND - Seldoop Imindisguise at Zarinska (MRS B A NADOLSKI), this is a pretty headed feminine lady with a lovely expression and nice eye. She is a lovely well-balanced bitch but for me lacks in body condition, she needs more weight and muscle tone throughout. Well angulated rear with a good tail set. Holds her outline on the move but needs to settle in front and rear. Nicely presented.

Open - Bitch, Entries: 5 Absentees: 2 1ST - CH/IR CH Tirkane Constellation(MISS L & MISS K BRYANT & RYAN), WOW, today this bitch stole it, she looked a million dollars and was presented to absolute utter perfection with not a hair out of place, just stunning!! This bitch has matured into such a gorgeous example of the breed. Beautiful moulded head with a refined backskull and gorgeous expressive eyes giving that typical Poodle expression. Super reach of neck and depth of chest with a good spring of rib, super body condition, well angulated rear and is well muscled throughout. She is in the peak of condition covered by a wealth of well textured coat, good rich black colour and as I said before world class presentation! Presented a balanced picture both stacked and on the move. When she moved she was stylish, held a beautiful outline and used herself to advantage, today she oozed that essence of a ‘Poodle’ and she was sound coming and going! On this form she could not be denied top honours, I was delighted to award her the CC & BOB. 2ND - Amberiffic One Direction (MS J WEBB), this is an honest bitch with all the right essentials but against the winner of this class she lacked in overall Poodleyness and overall finish for me. She has a lovely balanced head with a pretty feminine expression and a nice eye. Good neck and well developed in body, good rib and tail set and nice bend of stifle. She is honest on the move I would just like to see more Poodle spirit in her. 3RD - Alexhian Now You See Me (MRS H TODD)

Judge Melanie Harwood