• Show Date: 05/08/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kris Kingsley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 16/02/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: German Pinscher

2017 Paignton 


German Pinschers 


PD/B 2 (0 abs) 


1st Ellis’ Goodsouls Rumour Has It It’s Falkor 

6mo red bitch, little unsettled but lovely type and outline, blunt wedge shaped head, dark eye, good earset, lovely clean neck of good length into well laid shoulder, rib not to elbow yet, better topline than 2, good hind angulation set off by a good width of thigh, tailset fraction high.   Best mover. 



2nd Wicker’s Starviper Black Magic At Vukasin 

Well marked black & tan bitch, lovely head and expression, good eye and earset, with good length of neck into well laid shoulder, topline growing a little uneven at present being slightly bum high, rib not to elbow yet, lovely width of thigh but preferred hind angulation of 1.  Moved ok.   


JD/B 3 (0 abs) 


Lovely class. 

1st Lundy’s Auritaur Nefarious 

16mo well-marked black & tan dog, fabulous outline, didn’t disappoint going over.  Head blunt wedge shape, lovely dark tight oval eye, neck of good length fitting well into well laid shoulders, super topline which he kept on the move, good tailset, well bodied with rib reaching to elbow, well boned with tight feet, hind quarters with good bend to stifle and set off by lovely width of thigh, moved freely with good reach and strong drive.  BD and BOB. 


2nd Wakefield’s Ceriinan Vivica At Brintala 

Red bitch, larger type, head of blunt wedge shape with defined stop, dark eye, clean neck of good length, shoulder slightly upright currently, back short and slightly sloping, good tailset, well boned, well arched compact feet, preferred head of 1.  Moved ok.  Litter sister 3rd.  RBB. 


3rd Wakefield’s Ceriinan Violetta Via Brintala 


OD 3 (0 abs) 


1st Wakefields Int Ch Hickson Matrix Of Milo At Brintala (Swe Imp) 

Red male. Typiest in class, blunt wedge head of good proportions, good length of neck onto good shoulder placement, rib reaching to elbow, lovely topline, good croup and tailset, well angulated hindquarters set off by good width of thigh, well arched tight feet.  Moved well.  RBD. 


2nd Wynne-Eyton’s Brintala Valentino At Twrcymru 

Red stag dog, balanced outline although a little short in upper arm and moderate hind angulation, head of blunt wedge shape, dark eye, distinct stop, good ear set, level topline, well boned, tight cat-like feet.  Slight hackney in front on move. 


3rd Ellis & Nettles Londonderry For Falkor (Fin Imp) 


OB 2 (0 abs) 

1st Smith & Holliday’s Inxs Written In The Stars 

Red bitch, smaller in type, good head proportion and expression with dark eye, clean neck, good width to chest, shoulder well laid back but upper arm slightly short hence slight wrinkle over wither, level topline, good depth of rib reaching to elbow, moderate angulation behind with good width of thigh, well set hocks, tight catlike feet.  Profile movement showing characteristic rotary action.  BB 


2nd Newey’s Brintala Isabella 

Red bitch of larger type, good head and expression, good eyes and ear set, good neck, shoulder little upright, topline level with correct croup and tailset, moderate hind angulation with good width of thigh, good bone and tight feet.  Moved ok.   


Judge:  Kris Kingsley