• Show Date: 15/09/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Keeley Newman-Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/04/2019

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla

Darlington Championship Show – Sunday 17th September 2017

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

It was an honour to award CC’s to the breed for the first time.  I had a lovely entry full of quality HWV, many of whom could have taken top honours.  Coats were very good, even those with heavier or lesser coats, still possessed the correct texture required for the breed.  All exhibits were well muscled. Heights and weights variance were evident in all classes, but particularly in the younger classes many will grow into their height but it had to be how they were on the day, not what they will be in the future. A number of exhibits were a little short in upper arm and lacked depth of chest.  This affected front movement, with many moving wide, even though they were driving from the rear. Tail carriages were predominantly high, some had the lower correct tail set and so carriage could be forgiven, but many sets were too high with hardly any slope to the croup.  There were a few true horizontal tail carriages and those exhibits possessing it looked far more pleasing on the move. Overall though there is a depth of quality within the breed, on the day the bitches were stronger than the dogs.  There were a number of younger dogs and bitches who I am sure will do well as they mature.

Veteran D/B (8,0) What a way to start the day with a class full of veterans. 1st Lawson and Wright Riannor Oszkar 7yr dog. Russet coloured dog, true wirehair coat texture with an undercoat. He is a bigger dog but everything balances with his size.  Full of bone and substance but in no way course or overdone.  Moderately broad in the skull, a little shorter in the muzzle and with his furnishings gives a square like appearance.  I would prefer slightly less stop.  Oval eyes, not overly dark in colour but balance with his coat colour.  Good length of upper arm and shoulder angulation.  Chest well down to his elbows.  Ribs well back, short coupled and well muscled over the loin.  His rear angulation balanced his front, moderate bend of stifle and a strong second thigh and put together produced balanced front and rear movement, he belied his age, rear driving into good front reach.  This dog has a correct slightly low set tail with a horizontal tail carriage, which makes all the difference on the move. It was this overall picture of balance which won him the class and overall BV. Sad not to have seen him in the veteran group.  2nd Wearing Zoldmali Ubrez at Genlusa (Imp) A smaller stature bitch, with a super wire coat with undercoat.  A very feminine head, slightly shorter in muzzle than skull, which was moderately broad.  Oval eyes giving her a wonderful soft expression.  She has good front angulation, but lacks length in her upper arm.  Ribs well back and short coupling.  Moderate stifle and second thigh.  Not as fluent on the move as the winner, has a tendency to move a little wide in the front. 3rd Allison Monkstrod Hornet.  Another lovely veteran dog with similar qualities to 1st and 2nd.  Good wire coat.  Front angulation not quite as strong as the winner and sadly showed on the move as he moved wide.  Well laid-back ribs and very good rear angulation with a moderate stifle, he did have rear drive when moving but didn’t quite cover the ground at the front. PD (2,0) 1st Gray and Riley Fassfields Silver Lining a class of 2 puppy dogs which were as different as could be. 6mth old lighter colour coated but with a nice wire coat.  Lovely head with nice furnishings already.  I would prefer a little length of muzzle as is of equal length to his skull and can make his head look a little narrow, but he is so young and will come on.  Eye colour will also darken.  He is currently very upright on his front pasterns and this in turn is making him upright in his shoulders.  He has good length of upper arm.  He has a good turn of stile and rear angulation but at the moment not balanced at all but is expected at only 6 months old.  Very loose on the move but his smaller stature than 2nd meant he looked more together and it was this than won him the class.  Looked very immature compared to the puppy bitch for the puppy challenge. 2nd Moss Helios Sol at Ewtor 8mth heavier coated puppy but with the correct wire texture.  This puppy has grown upwards and is still waiting for everything to catch up.  Has lovely bone and substance.  I liked his head and expression, his skull is broad enough to balance his larger size.  Nice oval eyes of a good colour giving him a very soft expression.  He has nice length of upper arm leading to good should angulation.  Chest still needs to deepen and so does look very leggy currently.  He is a longer cast puppy than the winner and although his ribs are well back is slightly longer coupled and even with very good rear angulation he his movement is very loose at the moment which stood him second.  I am sure he will have a good future as he matures. JD A strong dog class, nice to see many promising youngsters. (6,0) Newman Zoldmail Szeles Morganna (Imp) JW  13mth.  A wonderful junior who I am sure will go on to greater things.  Stood he presented a very nice typical outline of a HWV, bone and substance and most certainly a male but with no sign of coarseness at all.  Nothing is overdone. A lovely russet colour with a good wire coat.  Head of correct proportions, lovely oval eye of good colour in harmony to his coat.  Excellent length of upper arm and shoulder angulation.  Chest still to come down. Ribs well back, strong muscular loin and short coupled. Moderate stifle, strong thighs and hocks well down.  Has a moderately low set tail off a good slope to his croup.  On the move, he is balanced but his lack of chest depth currently does show as a little loose in the front but has good rear drive and front reach.  He just needs time.  Although young and in strong company from the older dogs I was pleased to award him RCC. 2nd   Another 13mth dog who I liked a lot.  A heavier stature than the winner but in no way course, with a heavier coat but of good wire texture. All the same qualities to 1st but I just preferred the balance of the winner stood and on the move.  I am sure he also has a bright future and like 1st I will watch to see how he progresses.   3rd Hope-Cliffe, Hope- Ellershaw and Cliffe Zoldmali Tudor for Galvikki (Imp) 12mth, another promising junior dog with similar qualities to the 2 in front of him.  He has a higher set tail though and carries it high which did not present quite as pleasing picture than 1 and 2. PGD (4,0) Byrne Aldozovolgyi Drotos Nador at Enryb (Imp) 2nd Williams Ambermoore Diamond Heist Hollowmoor 2-year-old.  Another nice young dog.  Really liked his head, moderately broad skull with slightly shorter muzzle which gives him a very balance head, with nice furnishings, nice dark oval eye, and soft expression.  I liked his length of upper arm and shoulder angulation, his chest is well down, ribs well back and short coupled.  I liked his colour and lovely wire coat of good texture, length and undercoat.  I would prefer more stifle which would give him improved rear drive to match his good front extension on the move.  Has a nice tail set but is docked a little short. Close to the winner but just preferred the balanced angulation of 1. 3rd Howard Zoldmali U R Special (Imp) LD (4,0) Another strong class with exhibits which all were capable of winning the class 1st Allison Napvirag Dolgos Arlo 5 yr deep russet dog, with a beautiful correct wire coat and undercoat.  A masculine head but not coarse, moderate in the skull and slightly shorter in the muzzle with nice furnishings.  A lovely expression with oval, dark eye.  Has lovely length of upper arm, leading to well laid-back shoulders.  I would prefer a little bit more depth to his chest though just to keep his elbows a little closer.  Ribs well back, short coupled and strong over the loin.  Good rear angulation, moderate stifle and strong thighs, his hocks are well let down.  One of the few with a very good tail set and horizontal carriage which presented very well on the move.  His balanced front and rear angulation produced a ground covering, fluid stride with excellent front reach.  He thoroughly deserved and I was pleased to award him the CC and BOS. 2nd Whiting Cragvallie Copper 7-year-old, a veteran who belied his age. I liked him a lot, with similar qualities to the winner.  Very nice head of correct proportions, and a lovely soft expression.  Balanced front and rear angulation.  Moved well but carried his tail a little high which spoilt his outline a little.  Considered him for the RCC but sadly on the day had to give way to the junior dog.  Thought he was my BV but when challenging the VD winner just was not as fluent as he had been in this class. 3rd Lanokk Szivos JW OD (3,1) 1st Branney Belatarr Django Reinhardt Sh CM 5 yr a masculine, well up to size deep russet dog.  One I have judged before as a youngster and liked then, he has matured well.  He always has a lot to say for himself when going over him! One with a shorter coat but has the correct wire texture but maybe lacks a little bit of undercoat.  Another with a masculine head, broad in the skull but not overdone and balances with his height.  Has wonderful bone and substance.  Good length upper arm, straight front pasterns and well back shoulders.  I would prefer a tad more depth of chest though.  Well sprung ribs, a little longer coupled than most but has a nice strong loin. Moderate stifle, strong thighs and used his rear angulation to good effect on the move covering the ground well.  Consider him for the RCC but as with 2nd in LD on the day had to give way to the JD. 2nd Whiting Cragvallie Zenit 5 year old, smaller stature dog than 1 but has many similar qualities.  He was not helping his handler on the day.  Another strong male which I liked very much but preferred the overall bone and balance of 1st. PB (7,3) 1st Summerfield Miadsc Eternal Flame 6mth old super puppy who I would happily own! The most feminine, balanced puppy for one so young. Deep russet colour, coat with correct wire texture and will continue to come as she matures.  Has the most beautiful head, nothing overdone from her slightly broad skull and muzzle length to her furnishings just beginning to show.  Eyes need to darken but nothing to worry about at this age.  Loved her upper arm and shoulder angulation, already balanced with a good turn of stifle.  Ribs well back, already strong over the loin.  Good slope to croup and correct moderately low set of tail. Moved as a 6mth pup would do, a little loose but everything is how it should be for her age and I am sure has a very exciting future, very happy to award her BP and she looked lovely in the puppy group. 2nd Riley Fassfields Like a Baroness 7mth very similar to 1st and I notice the same sire.  Could have won the class but just preferred the balance of the winner, otherwise all the same qualities and once again should have a good future. 3rd Moss Electra Atlantis at Ewtor JB (1,0) McNeil Fassfields Pride and Rock 7mth a lighter coated bitch but with the correct wire texture of coat.  She is very typical for her age, very loose in movement.  Has moderate front and rear angulation but on the move was more sideways than forward but I am sure she will improve as she matures.  Liked her head, has good furnishings, oval eyes which need to darken though.  Ribs back but a little longer in the loin which showed as she moved.  A little down on her front pasterns currently but still has lots of bone to grow into, I expect she may just need time to come on. PGB (9,2) Probably the strongest bitch class of the day and shows the depth of quality the breed has. 1st Bebbington Gonegos Motor Cycle Irene 22mth deep russet colour with lovely wire coat and furnishings. A beautiful head with just enough broadness in skull, oval eyes of nice colour.  Nice length of upper arm into well laid-back shoulders, ribs well back and very short coupled.  This bitch was presented in very good muscular condition, especially over the loin which held her top line very well on the move.  I would prefer slightly more stifle and rear angulation to balance her front.  Moved well with very good front extension.  Considered for the RCC but just preferred the extra length of back 2nd in OB had. 2nd Bendikas Holsan Wirestone from Morganna  2 yr Another lovely bitch, longer cast than 1 but presenting just as nice picture stood.  Beautiful feminine head with good furnishings, oval eye of good colour.  Lovely russet colour with super wire coat and undercoat.  Nice length of upper arm and shoulder rear angulation, balanced with good rear angulation.  Ribs well back but a little longer coupled than 1 which showed as a little less balanced on the move. 3rd Holt Leiborschy Maia Do Ones Best 3yr very similar to 2nd and yet another lovely bitch who could have easily won the class.  Super coat and colour, good bone and substance.  Feminine head with enough broadness of the skull to fit the standard but without a hint of coarseness.  Beautiful furnishings.  Good length of upper arm, with balanced shoulder and rear angulation.  Moderate stifle.  Ribs well back, strong over the loin and short coupled.  Correct tail set and good carriage.  Although older than 1 and 2 she looked younger and I think will be a late maturing bitch, she was less balanced on the move but I liked her a lot and think she will do well as she continues to mature. LB (7,3) 1st Edminson Kisdons Custom Made 22mth heavier set bitch than 2nd, lighter colour and slightly heavier coated but with the correct wire texture and super undercoat.  Nice front angulation but could have a little more length to the upper arm.  She was a little loose in front on the move but settled as the class progressed.  Has good depth to her chest which won her the class as he presented a more balanced picture than 2nd and 3rd.  Ribs well back and a little longer in the loin than some.  Very nice turn of stifle and rear angulation.  Had nice rear driving action but not quite the front extension or tightness at the front and this showed especially in the bitch challenge.  Still only young and sure has a nice future.  2nd Summerfield Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc Another lovely bitch less heavier set than 1 which I preferred, she was very close to winning the class as has all the same qualities of the winner but lacked slightly in her depth of chest, on the move this showed as she moved a little wide.  Has good length of upper arm and rear angulation, used for a nice driving action but just didn’t have the front extension to match the drive.  Excellent coat of nice wire texture, lovely feminine head, oval eyes of colour to match her coat.  3rd Riley Fassfields Queen Jamillia 5 yr old, yet another quality bitch with all the same qualities of 2nd.  Once again she lacked depth to her chest but otherwise a nice bitch. OB (3,0) 1st Newman Ch Morganna Star Anise JW Sh CM 3 yr.  One I liked very much as a youngster and predicted she would live up to her name and be a star.  It was lovely to judge her over 2 years later and realise she has fully reached that potential.  My opinion has not changed.  She is every bit a HWV, has a beautiful russet colour, super wire coat and undercoat.  Has balance, bone and substance, no hint of coarseness.  Presented in wonderful muscular condition.  Her head is very feminine but still has strength with her slightly broad skull.  The nicest expression from oval eyes with a nice dark colour.  Straight front pasterns, strong forelegs leading up to an excellent length of upper arm.  Well laid-back shoulders. Her depth of chest was just below her elbows which made a large difference to her balance compared to others on the day.  Ribs well laid back, strong loins.  Moderate stifle and strong second thighs.  A low tail set and horizontal tail carriage completed the picture of exactly what I had been looking for on the day.  She is very light on her feet, driving from the rear and with fabulous reach at the front.  So pleased to award her the CC and just presented a thoroughly balanced HWV against the DCC winner to achieve BOB. 2nd Deighton Kisdons Attribute 4yr.  Such a nice bitch, interesting to note the same sire as the LB winner.  Excellent wire coat and colour, good muscular condition.  I liked her head very much, a little broader in the skull than 1 but still feminine.  Possessed the super soft expression for the breed, eyes of good colour.  Balanced front and rear angulation with good length of upper arm which she used on the move to produce front extension with a strong rear drive.  Ribs well back, she is slightly longer than 1 in the loin but balanced.  Her tail is correctly set but she does tend to carry it high. Had strong competition but thoroughly deserved the RCC. 3rd Wearing Zoldmali Anizs at Genlusa A smaller stature bitch then 1st and 2nd but has a nice coat and colour.  Front and rear moderate angulation but not the depth of chest as the first 2.  She was a little less balanced and loose on the move.

Judge K Newman-Jones