• Show Date: 19/01/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Karen Anderson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Finnish Lapphund

Manchester Championship show - Finnish Lapphunds  


Judge: Karen Anderson 


Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at their show.  Thank you to my two stewards for ensuring the ring ran so smoothly and of course to the exhibitors for their entry and sporting acceptance of my decisions. 

Temperaments were excellent throughout and it was nice to see the cheeky character of this breed which for me is it’s main attraction.   


Puppy Dog (2,0a) 


1st Cooper & Duncans’ Pavoskas Britti Banditti  9 months W/S. Promising puppy.  Happy boy.  Maturing nicely. Head of promising shape. Just needs to broaden out now with time. Dark  brown eye of good shape.  Ears set apart and used well. Nice overall dimensions. Just needs  to fill out in body and drop in chest.  Well off for bone. Well covered tail set on high.  Full top  coat of nice length and texture with enough undercoat and furnishings to tail/legs.  Moved well but has a tendency at times to over lift at the front in his excitement but he’ll   soon calm down.  BPIB. 


2nd Francis’ Ivydale Tuhka.  6 month B/Tri  What a little star for his first show. Nothing phased him.  Lovely temperament. . Dark eye of correct shape. Promising head, still so much more to grow  on. Clean scissor bite, dark pigment.  Skull still quite narrow and needs to broaden as it will as  he matures. Ears well covered.  Enough bone. Balanced angulation with enough turn of stifle  to rear. Chest still developing Tail set on high.  Quite a fitted coat at this stage and shorter in  length than my winner, however the coarseness required is there. Soft undercoat, featherings  still growing in.   Moved neatly and parallel away and back and particularly nice side gait.  Well  handled. 


Junior Dog (2,0) 


1st Shorts’ Glenchess Gregory.  12 mth B/Tr. Handsome youngster. Maturing head of good  proportions for age. Still needs to fill out in cheek. Brown, oval eye. Medium ear, well   covered and used to finish his beautiful soft expression. Moderate length of neck on to well- made shoulders with enough length of upper arm.   Plenty of depth to chest, straight front.  Firm topline with enough tuck up underneath. Balanced at rear, moderate angle and low hock.   Course top coat with good  length and ample mane to neck. Such a thick undercoat you could  lose your fingers in. Once settled into his stride, he had clean and brisk paces in all directions.   Impressive side gait.  RBD 


2nd Glenchess Gamaliel.  12 mth B/Tri. Another lovely male and brother to my winner.  Beautiful  head complimented with a  dark eye and enough stop.  Lovely expression to him using his ears  well. Longer cast than my winner and would prefer a little more length of leg to balance him  out.   Big coat  with abundant mane, plenty of undercoat. Rich tan markings  Difficult to assess  him fully  on the up and down as he was too busy enjoying himself, but settled more moving  around the ring showing nice placement and pace in side gait. 


Post Graduate Dog (6,0a) 


1st Allisons’ Aramis Des Calaban of Oberitz.   2 Yr B/Tr. Dark eye of oval shape. Appealing head  with good muzzle/skull proportions.   Would like a bit more padding to cheek which he still has  time.  Ears used well and set well apart. Clean front with good depth and width of chest.  Parallel when viewed  front and rear.  Strong upper arm and moderate slope to pasterns.  Firm  back and good slope of croup. Tail set on high.  Coat growing in was of good texture with  enough undercoat, just needs feathering to grow through to complete the picture. Parallel  moving away and back and even strides around the ring. 


2nd Allison’s Oberitz Upponalle.18 month Br/Sable. Solid boy. Larger cast.  Very appealing head  with plenty of width and padding to muzzle. Clean bite. Good under jaw and tight lip.  Oval  brown eye complementing coat shading and giving a  kind expression.  Ample chest space  finishing just above elbow. Very well off for bone. Firm back and spring of rib. Touch long in  body. Coat of good texture and tight, oval feet. Would like a bit more length of tail and set a  little higher.   Moved ok away and back but once settled really drove around the ring well with  good balanced paces.   


3rd Green’s Gillesta Just Elliot  19/3/11  W/S 


Open Dog (5.0) 


1st Robinsons’ Oberitz Rumpali  6 year Brown Tri. Quality male, shown in superb condition.    Lovely, balanced outline to him when viewed from the side.  Pleasing muzzle/skull proportions  with enough stop. Medium ear. Oval brown eye harmonizing with coat.  Ample neck, well  covered mane. Chest dropped just above elbow. Length of back correct to height. Tail set high  and well  covered.  Low hock and  tight, arched feet which were well furnished.   Good muscle  and tone throughout.  Dark, rich brown top coat of excellent length and texture with plenty of  dense undercoat.  Lovely movement. Brisk, neat strides on the up and down and effortless in  side gait, covering the ground well BD 


2nd Shorts’ Glenchess Vaeltaja.  Handsome 8 year B/Tri. Lovely head of pleasing proportions. He  has an expression that melts you, such a kind dark eye. Ears set quite far apart but completes  the picture when he uses them.  Nice overall shape. Strong front with enough depth of chest,  good length of leg,  sloping pastern and well covered feet.  Enough angulation to stifle and  set on low hock. Enough bone for his size.  Abundant mane and profuse coat of excellent  length and harsh texture. Ample soft undercoat.  Impressive side gait of brisk, medium paces.  Just a touch close behind at times. 


3rd Alliison’s Glenchess Nallukka by Oberitz 


Puppy Bitch (2,0) 

1st  Henrys’ Allforus Raksha.  8 months. Very pretty pure black girl. Very dark eye of good shape.  Head developing well. Good width to muzzle, slightly rounded skull with enough stop.     Medium  neck onto good lay of shoulder.  Chest developing, needs to drop more Parallel when  viewed from the front and has the required slope of pastern.  Top coat is a touch soft and lacks  the coarseness at this time. Tail set ok and has good length and furnishing. Longer cast in  body and slightly long on hock   Moved straight and parallel away and back with consistent  medium pace and good side gait, Just needs to tighten up all round. 


2nd Beaumont’s Tabanyaruu Pilvi Tildakoi.  7 months Br/Domino.  Very feminine youngster. Eye of  good shape and shade. Slightly long in muzzle and narrow at the moment, but she’s a baby.  Ears used well. Skull still needs to broaden, slightly rounded. Clean bite. A little fine in bone all  over.  Good front construction with enough width of chest, still developing in depth as you  would expect. Ample neck. Good length of body.  Needs more turn of stifle and high on hock  which affects the rear movement at this stage not being balanced with the front. Very attentive  to her handler.   


Junior Bitch (3,0) 


1st Dickson’s Glenchess Georgette to Bernavia. 12 months.  B/T  Pleasing head. Muzzle slightly  shorter than skull. Filled cheek and enough underjaw.  Would prefer a darker eye and shape a  touch round.  Ears set wide apart and of good size/shape. Moderate neck in well  constructed  shoulder. Good upper arm length, sloping pastern and well covered oval feet. Ample bone throughout. Would prefer more length of leg to balance out her shape as she looks a touch  long at the moment.  Well coated with good  texture. Strong pastern and tight feet.  Nice  straight lines on the up and down parallel front and rear. Nice side gait with even brisk strides. 


2nd Graystone’s Keskiyo Kohtalo. 16 months Br/W.  Glossy, rich dark brown coat.  Eye of good  shape and  harmonizing colour with her coat. Clean bite and good pigmentation.  Muzzle   appearing a little narrow at the moment  & needs time to broaden out as she grows on.  Enough stop and rounding to skull. Ears used well.  Straight front with enough depth & width of  chest for age. Slightly long in body. Enough turn of stifle and well toned throughout.  Top coat  has length and correct texture, undercoat growing back in. Good clean paces away and back.  Just needs to straighten up on her lines. Pleasing side gait, covers ground well. 


3rd Beaumont’s Tabanyaruu Pilvi Tildakoi  


Post Graduate Bitch (8,2a) 


1st Allison’s Oberitz Vakkara JW.  18 months Br/Wh. Compact bitch. Strong head but doesn’t give  away her femininity or expression. Broad, short muzzle, slightly tapering and tight lip. Skull of  good width and slightly rounded.  Oval eye harmonizes with coat colour.  Ears used well, set  wide apart. Medium neck, balanced front construction, good length of leg and slightly  sloping pasterns.  Straight when viewed from front with enough depth of chest. Lovely shape  when viewed from the side. Strong topline with slight tuck up.  Well muscled at rear with   enough turn of stifle and strong, low hock. Oval feet well covered. Coat on the change and  lacked some undercoat but good texture to top coat.  Effortless movement in all directions  holding a good shape and  topline with tail carried over back. 


2nd Bells’ Elbereth Kaikki Meille Allforus. 4 years Dark W/S. Pleasing head proportions with   good width of muzzle and sufficient under jaw, clean scissor bite.  Dark oval eyes   complemented with harmonizing spectacles which shade beautifully into her dark coat. Good  length of neck. Strong body, solid and well muscled throughout. Longer cast than my winner  and more up on leg and hock but she is balanced in shoulder and upper arm complemented  with enough angulation to rear.  Parallel on the move away and back with neat paces. Brisk  side gait holding her topline well. 


3rd Robinsons’ Dagolas Oradd (Fin Imp) 


Open Bitch (7,0a) 

A lovely class of quality bitches with tight decisions between placings. 


1st  Thomas’ CH Elbereth Pelinainen JW.  4 years W/S.  Quality bitch who shows strength and  substance but is feminine through and through. Beautiful head with good padding and taper to  muzzle with enough under jaw. Clean stop and rounded broad skull. Ears set wide, of correct  size and well covered.. Brown oval eye with shaded spectacle.  Well off for bone throughout.  Well covered neck onto good lay of shoulder. Balanced in upper arm, with slope to pastern.  Tight, arched feet.  Chest has enough width and depth.  Parallel when viewed from front and  behind.  Firm top line, enough spring or rib. Tail set on high.  Beautiful coat of good length  and texture. Clean mover. Tidy paces away and back and held her shape and topline in side  gait around the ring.   BB BOB 


2nd Allison’s CH Oberitz Rillumarei.  6 years B/Tr. Another quality bitch.  Smaller cast and more  compact than my  winner but lovely proportions throughout and ample bone.   Very appealing  feminine head with the darkest of brown eye of oval shape.  Short muzzle, rounding to skull.  Enough stop.  Well covered ears set well apart and very mobile completing her beautiful  expression. Strong neck and forequarters. Firm back with enough spring of rib. Excellent rear  construction. Balanced throughout.  This girl has an amazing coat finished off with an  abundance of furnishing to her legs and feet. Best mover in this class. Brisk medium gait all  the way round. Hard choice between her and winner but just preferred winners head   proportions. RBB 


3rd Shorts’ Glenchess Anikka