• Show Date: 01/10/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jill Cross Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/07/2022

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Saluki

Driffield Championship Show


Judge - Jill Cross

Thank you to Driffield for the invitation & warm welcome, to my steward and to the exhibitors who made the journey in such awful muddy conditions, and who accepted the placings with good grace. It was a pleasure to judge this beautiful breed however I was slightly surprised to find some really dirty teeth. I was looking for a balanced hound with free natural light movement and typical of the breed.

Minor Puppy Dog (1)

1st: SHAVERNEVA’s Qazal Sarbaz Har Kala Rachi (Imp Bel) TAF, black/tan/tri smooth in first class condition, very young and at a raw stage. Promising with good overall shape, lean long head, good eye and expression, well-placed shoulder, he had a nice depth of brisket with correct spring to ribs, slight rise to loin & moderately angled quarters. Took a while to loosen up on the move but when he did, he showed good promise in his movement. Lovely glossy sheen to his coat, sympathetically handled.

Puppy Dog (1)

1st: ROONEY’s Merenptah Wind 11 months of age, cream boy with fairly good proportions throughout, typical masculine head with good eye & pigment, good length to his neck into well placed shoulder, good depth to chest & decent width in front without being overdone, fair spring to rib, used his legs well on the move with light free ground covering movement, carried his tail a little gaily at times.

Junior Dog (3) 1abs

1st: MARTIN’s Canerikie Vivaldi For Stalwart cream with very good outline and balance. Elegance with masculinity, good in shoulder placement, excellent front, good depth to chest & correct topline, strong quarters, steady sound movement with effortless gait, should have a promising future.

2nd: BLOOMFIELD’s Glenoak Laquan, black/silver, lean head of good balance, lengthy neck to decent shoulder placement, he had a good depth to his chest & clean cut up, moderate fore & aft, has appeal but didn’t make the most of himself today and was probably feeling the cold.

Yearling Dog (2) 1abs

1st: 3MARTIN’s Canerikie Vivaldi For Stalwart – as above.

Limit Dog (4) 2abs

1st: GLAISTER’s Vanechka Otis S Berega Turi (Imp) JW Sh.CM liked this black/silver very much, so well proportioned throughout, masculine but lean head, good ear placement, good expression, good shoulder placement & front, good depth to brisket, nice cut up & good gentle rise over loin to strong quarters used well, sound & moved out well.

2nd: SCOSTA, SKADROVA, & HYVARINEN’s Tazillah Athir Armani, grizzle of different overall look, he had a lovely head & good expression, reasonable length of neck & shoulder placement, overall depth to chest good but seemed slightly down in pastern which completely unsettled his front movement here.

Open Dog (5) 2abs

1st: GLAISTER’s Ch Classicus Cassander JW Sh.CM a joy to judge this lightly feathered very impressive black/silver whose proportions throughout were balanced, and so typical of the breed, masculinity & elegance, strength & purpose with light purposeful ground coverage in his movement which carried him through to CC, BOB and Hound Group 2.

2nd:GOULDEN’s Ch Fernlark By Design JW nicely turned out cream boy who clearly well deserves his title, lovely lean head & good expression, neck, shoulder and front all very good, super depth to chest, balanced angled quarters, fabulous condition, good ground coverage, deserved Res.CC

3rd: DE SOUZA’s Ch Sufeina Jebel Ali

Good Citizen Dog (1)

1st: BLOOMFIELD’s Glenoak Laquan – as Junior Dog (2nd)

Junior Bitch (2)

1st: MANSELL, DUDDELL, & JOHNSTON’s Canerikie Catalina fell in love with this beautifully balanced cream, she exuded elegance, liked her feminine head with good dark eye, good length of neck to well placed shoulder, good front, chest & ribcage of correct proportions, slight rise over loin to nicely balanced quarters, lightly feathered tail carried correctly. Her feet floated over the ground, great stride without any effort. Handled very well, shown in super bloom, should have a great future – well deserved CC.

2nd:HUDSON’s Glenoak Leilah very nice black/silver of good proportions, very feminine lean head, good eye & expression, liked her neck & shoulder placement, good depth to brisket, nice slight rise over loin, balanced quarters, moved well enough but couldn’t match 1 on this occasion.

Yearling Bitch (2)

1st: SANDERS-PARKER’s Classicus Britannia JW black/tan/tri with all to come I’m sure. Most elegant young lady with great appeal, feminine & of good size & balanced proportions, hands flowed over her very good conformation. Lean in head, super neck & shoulder placement, straight front to good feet, excellent depth & strength of loin to moderately angled quarters. Shown in tip top gleaming condition and moving with light, free effortless gait. Res. CC 

2nd: COLE’s Cesaria Z Gibesovy Zahradky (Imp) red of larger proportions, she was more upright in shoulder & would benefit from more fill-in to brisket although her depth in profile looked okay, fair angle to quarters which enabled her to move out fairly well over the saturated ground although at times she widened her gait.

Post Graduate Bitch (5) 3abs

1st: PHILLIPS & WISEMAN’s Vidana Amira S Berega Turi (Imp) liked this girl whose overall balance and shape had great appeal. Feminine & lean head, with average neck to shoulder, spring of ribs good with strong loin & good topline, moderately angled quarters, shown in good bloom & scored well with a lighter movement.

2nd: SMITH’s Yasmin Silver Veil of very different look to 1, larger in size but retained femininity, neck & shoulder placement okay, slightly more upright, good depth to brisket, strong over loin slightly longer cast, presented very well although she had a heavier action on the move.

Limit Bitch (4) 1 abs

1st: COLE, & MINTZ Voice Of My Heart Neshema Tova Jun Ch (Imp) well built grizzle of alternative look to 2nd, feminine & without coarseness moderately angled fore & aft, good brisket & depth with good clean cut up, good in topline, moved like the wind with confidence & purpose, handled well.

2nd: BURTENSHAW’s Fernlark Snow Grouse At Daandazi JW Sh.CM cream, attractive bitch with head of more length than previous winner & good expression, good ear fringes, balance to body & loin proportion good, nicely angled quarters, preferred depth of 1 at this stage & unfortunately she didn’t cope with the ground conditions in quite the same way.

3rd: HUDSON Velourias Agent Velvet Glencathra

Open Bitch (4)

All of these were quite different, nice class.

1st: MANSELL, DUDDELL, & JOHNSTON’s Ch Fernlark Schussboomer attractive & impressive pale grizzle of substance, pleasing in head with good eye shape & pigment, lovely expression, good neck to well placed shoulder & strong front, deep in brisket with good ribcage, of slightly longer proportions than 2nd topline good, & fair sweep to quarters, nicely carried tail, good ground covering powerful yet light movement. 

2nd: COPPERTHWAITE’s Al Caliphs Artemis nicely proportioned cream, very feminine look throughout with lovely balance, good pigment & eye, balanced front & rear, good depth & topline, light free action on the move

3rd: SANDERS-PARKER’s Noushzad Claudia- Classicus (Imp) JW Sh.CM

Good Citizen Bitch (2) 1abs

1st: BURTENSHAW Ch Fernlark Nardini At Daandazi JW Sh.CM Ir.J.Ch, nicely shaped red with feminine head & good pigment, good ear set & fringes, good length to neck & well set shoulder, lovely depth to chest & good cut-up, good in topline & loin, moderately angled quarters, nicely handled & moved well.