• Show Date: 19/03/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jayne Gillam Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

East Anglia Border Terrier Club

Breed: Border Terrier

What a pleasure it was for me to judge the East Anglian Border Terrier Club Championship Show on Sunday 19th March 2017. Thanks to the EABTC for inviting me to judge and to the exhibitors for the lovely entry and the sporting way in which they accepted my decisions. A really friendly relaxed atmosphere and a good big well lit ring awaited me, along with a good steward in Robert Brewster who did a sterling job keeping everything running smoothly. It certainly was a quality entry and I really enjoyed going over all the dogs and coats and pelts were much improved since the last time I judged. Toplines, shoulders and movement were varied but I was very pleased with my winners on the day, in some classes they would change places on another occasion but I was judging them today as I saw them, and how I interpreted the Breed Standard.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Mrs J Guvercin’s, Baillieswells Glengyle At Glebeheath well presented puppy who showed his head off, glad to award him BP. Good front assembly with the most superb straight forelegs with lovely neat feet and firm pasterns for one so young, good topline in profile movement, lovely tail and excellent coat and pelt. Good head with neat ears and dark eye. Best Dog Puppy & Best Puppy.

2nd Mrs M Baileys, Lockhaugh Linx to Grindelvald a bit immature in comparison to my winner but lots to like, pleasing head, good legs and feet and nice to go over but a tad heavier in the shoulder than one. Liked his rib and nicely angulated hindquarters, moved well.

3rd Mr M J & Mrs J M Hollingsbee, Tarkaswell Smart Move To Otterwood, Liked him a lot, lovely rib and in really good coat and pelt, pulling a bit on the lead which made him crab when moving. Just needs time.

Res. Miss K Johnsons, Karison Kroupier

VHC Mr G Brunnings, Tojamatt Rock Star

Puppy Dog

1st Mrs H Haughtons, Chorbeck Space Cowboy, Mature youngster with a lovely outline, excels in neckline, topline and good tailset, a tad large in ear but overall a pleasing head with dark eye and good teeth. In super coat and a very eye catching rich red colour, moved well particularly off well angulated hindquarters.

2nd Mrs S Spaffords, Oakyard Out N’About at Dassett Really nice youngster to go over and in good coat and pelt. Not just as good in topline and tailset as my winner but stood well on good feet, nice head and expression, nice rib.

3rd Mr D Beans Wintergarden Fly’s Finale to Manorcroft Very typey youngster with a lovely head, eye and expression and it good thick coat and pelt, shorter cast than my first two, but easy to span, moved well behind but needs to settle in front.

Res. Mr R J & Mrs E A Barretts Howthwaite in Voice

VHC Miss K Johnsons Karison Kustard

Junior Dog

1st Mrs H Haughtons Chorbeck Space Cowboy

2nd Mr & Mrs D Matthews, Tojamatt Moriarty , Lovely type just looked immature against my winner and not as positive on the move. Really pleasing head and expression, neat ears and dark eye with short strong muzzle, good tweedy coat and thick pelt. Lots to like.

3rd Mr L Reynolds & Miss S Marston-Pollocks Etterbern Sloane Ranger, Similar type to second placed dog, well presented with good legs and feet, stood well but moved a tad close behind.

Res. Mr J Prices Oxcroft Jethro

VHC Mr S & Mrs K Goldings Beaconpike Darkest Night

Yearling Dog

1st Mr S McPhersons, Brumberhill Back T’Future Eyecatching B&T with a good profile in the stack, narrow across the shoulders and lovely rib and rock solid topline. Moved with drive off well angulated hindquarters, needs to settle in front movement. Stood away in his class but looked immature against his older peers in the challenge.

2nd Mr & Mrs D Matthews Tojamatt Moriarty

3rd Miss J Hughes & Mr M J L Kendricks, Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony JW, Good feet and legs, moved well and coat in good order, pleasing head and expression.

Res. Mrs E J & Miss R C Larners, Hawcoat Mr Fixit

VHC Mr J Yores, Southash Deputy Shefiff At Smurfski

Post Graduate Dog

1st Mr N & Mrs A Duxburys, Ridgebow Tracker Strong headed dog, perhaps a tad overdone for me, but dark eyes short strong muzzle and neat ears. Neat outline and retained a good topline on the move, quite a compact dog but was spannable, new fresh coat just starting to come through in a rich red eyecatching colour and a thick pelt, moved well in the rear a tad wide in front.

2nd Dr M A McCall & Ms L Brittons, Brumborder Willow Balm, Rangier type than my winner and nicely angulated fore and aft, good in rib, but looked very bare with little top coat, took time to settle on the move, but didn’t show himself to advantage today.

3rd Mrs J Greens, Breckgreen Soldier Blue, Ears a tad on the large side just spoiled the overall head and expression, harder to span than my first and second, but had an amazing blue & tan coat with a very harsh, wiry texture.

Mid Limit Dog

1st Mrs H Haughtons, Chorbeck Chatty Man JW ShCM Very attractive, typey male, nice head and expression, good neck into good shoulders and stood well on neat feet, easy to span and nicely angulated at the rear, would like a better topline as just seems to fall away over the croup, but moved confidently and so well presented as all appear to be from this kennel.

2nd Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barbour’s, Alcumlow Parsley, A lithe athletic dog with a wonderful, easy to span rib and narrow front and good shoulders, you could imagine he would get anywhere, stood well on neat feet and presented with good depth of coat, would like a bit more masculinity to his head and expression, moved well.

3rd Mr R Brewster & Ms J Greens, Stowthorney Mr Tickle JW, Actually lots to like about this male, harder to span than my first and second, and completely out of coat, would like to see him a new jacket, moved well.

Res. Mr M J & Mrs J M Hollingsbees Otterwood Caius JW ShCM

VHC Mrs J O’Shea’s Shaamit Guarantee

Limit Dog

1st Miss K Johnsons, Karison Kosta, Strong headed male with dark eye and keen expression, short strong muzzle with good teeth and bite, nicely placed ears. Lovely to go over, good legs and feet with thick pads. Nicely angulated front and rear and moved well in profile and coming and going. Looks topsize but found him easy to span. Well presented in really good coat and pelt, liked him a lot.

2nd Mr R J & Mrs E A Barretts, Howthwaite Grainsgill, another I really liked, preferred the expression of my winner and felt the winners front angulation was a tad better, but he is quality dog who moved well particularly at the rear with short well let down hocks, spannable and well presented in good jacket.

3rd Mr N & Mrs A Duxburys, Ridgebow Rifleman JW, Another very well presented male in short tight jacket, not as firm in the fore pasterns as my first and second but moved OK and nice overall type.

Res. Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barbers, Alcumlow Solitaire

VHC Mr & Miss Goddards, Kgills King of Swing At Awbrooksky

Open Dog

1st Ms V L K Docwras, Bandicoot Doc Martin, Loved him when he came into the ring, had the Wow factor for me. Looks a real stallion dog and didn’t disappoint when I went over him. Pleasing head and expression, neat ears, dark eye, good teeth. Lovely neck into good shoulders, easily spanned, narrow throughout and felt hard and fit. Moved well off nicely angulated hindquarters, a really hard topcoat and thick pelt completed the picture. Moved and showed well and had a good rapport with his handler. Dog CC & BIS

2nd Mrs J Lees, Ch Tythrop Timepiece, one I have judged previously and liked as a younger dog. A slightly smaller dog overall than my winner and a different head type but fits the standard and is so well constructed, lovely shoulders and front assembly, good hindquarters and retains a good neckline, topline and tailset on the move. Well presented in really good coat and pelt and shows himself to advantage. Reserve Dog CC.

3rd Mr E & Dr M Armstrong, Int Ch/Ir Ch Ploughdown Plato, liked him a lot and was unlucky to meet my winners in such cracking form, no disgrace here to be third to them, handles well and moved well, maybe like a slightly lower ear set.

Res. Mrs C Deans Cedarhill Once Upon a Time

VHC Mrs M J Holmes Ir Ch Barnby Caramel Wafer At Bimandi JW ShCM

Special Beginners Dog

1st Miss V Bradleys, Brewbrads Tricky Trickster, stood alone but deserved his first placing, not a great deal of topcoat but very fit and in good condition, showed well.

Veteran Dog

1st Miss C Spencers, Ch Cobstoneway River Magic JW ShCM , a quality dog who could still easily compete with the younger males. Presented in really good order, lovely head, eye and expression, stood well on good feet and legs, moved well.

2nd Mr & Mrs D Matthews, Ch Rexlands Cock Robin, Very typey dog in thick coat and pelt, easy to span and moved out well once he had settled.

3rd Miss J Norths, Ch Northborders Mr Pickles JW, Lovely dog enjoying his day out, not a great deal of top coat in today but showed well and was presented in good order.

Res. Mr R Brewster & Ms J Greens, Stowthorney Swinging Sam ShCM

VHC Mrs P Souths, Borderella Day Tripper JW ShCM

Special Open Working Dog or Bitch

1st Miss C Khatchikians, Croat Ch Stonechester Apostraphe Von Jrasamuyr, typey bitch in super coat and pelt, carrying a bit of weight but was spannable, moved OK.

2nd Miss C Khatchikians, Ch Fr/It/Slov/Cro Stonechester Question Von Jeraamuyr, topsize male carrying a bit too much weight which made him hard to span, coat past its best today.

Minor Puppy – Some lovely puppies in this class who didn’t get placed, but many were just at their first show and found it all a bit daunting, hope they all enjoyed their outing win or loose and gained a bit of experience.

1st Miss J Norths, Northborders Twist N’Shout, lovely puppy, loved her neck into good shoulders, narrow front, standing well on neat feet and thick pads, good rib and nicely angulated hindquarters, good tail, pleasing head and expression, moved confidently, retaining a good topline.

2nd Mrs H Haughtons, Chorbeck Angel Eyes, a more compact type than my winner but lovely to go over, liked her head and expression, neat feet and good legs and nicely angulated front and rear, good coat and pelt and lovely tail. Not as good in topline as my winner on the move today, but that just needs time at this stage.

3rd Mr S A McPhersons, Brumberhill Bridesmaid, I really loved this puppy and thought she would be my class winner , she looked a picture standing and was so well constructed when I went over her, very similar in type to my winner but sadly, she just didn’t like the lines on the matting and her handler had difficulty getting her to move over them. Give her time and a bit more experience.

Res. Mr B A Bassett’s, Lockhaugh Twix

VHC Mrs P Clarks, Gameway China Girl

Puppy Bitch

1st Mr W & Mrs T J Baird’s, Dowgri Demelza, stood out in this class, lovely typey puppy, looked so balanced, feminine head, dark eye and neat ears, good topline and tailset, and lovely carroty tail, nicely angulated for and aft, looked a picture in profile movement covering the ground well, good depth of coat and thick pelt. Best Puppy Bitch.

2nd Miss K Johnsons, Karison Krumble, another nice puppy and similar comments apply but not quite the topline and tailset of my winner or the angulation in the hindquarters, but stood well on neat feet and had a lovely jacket.

3rd Mr M J & Mrs J M Hollingsbee’s, Fisherbloom Diaboli At Otterwood , Blue & Tan with a lovely rib, liked her a lot, longer cast than my first and second and a tad upright in the shoulder, nice neat feet and pasterns, just needs to settle in front movement.

Res. Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury’s, Ridgebow Pendle Witch

VHC. Mr S A McPhersons, Brumberhill Bridesmaid

Junior Bitch

1st Mrs J Lees, Bon Appetit By Tythrop, Really nice type with a good front assembly, excellent side gait with long low strides and firm topline in profile movement, lacking much top coat today but what she had was good. Good legs and feet.

2nd Mr N & Mrs A Duxbury’s, Ridgebow Rusty Rivet, eyecatching bright red bitch, in good order, liked her head and expression and good topline on the move, moved well coming and going on lovely neat feet, carroty tail.

3rd Mr E & Dr M Armstrong’s, Ploughdown Paloma, another I liked from this good class, pleasing head and expression with neat ears and dark eye, lovely neckline and topline and lovely tail, easy to span and in good coat and pelt, just had a tendency to stand a bit straighter in the stifle than my first and second, but moved well with drive.

Res. Miss J North’s, Northborders Lady Mary

VHC Mr & Mrs D Matthew’s, Tojamatt Make Believe

Yearling Bitch

1st Mrs S J & Mr C P Girling’s, Benattivo Fire Flower, really caught my eye when she came into the ring and stood out for me, loved her profile and long striding side gait, effortlessly covering the ground, nicely put together with a lovely rib, no exaggerations just a lovely balanced bitch, turned out to perfection in the most wonderful coat and pelt. Reserve Bitch CC.

2nd Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin’s, Charlies Copycat Via Otterbobs, strong headed bitch, not the topline of my winner and lacking depth of coat today. Stood well on neat feet and firm pasterns, moved OK.

3rd Mrs V L K Docwra’s, Bandicoot Dragon Glass, another strong headed bitch, well angulated front and rear, but shorter stride and not the topline of my winner.

Res. Miss L J Coleman’s, Hartswelin She’s The One

VHC Mr D & Mrs D Matthews, Tojamatt Make Believe

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Mr P Brannan & Miss M Kelly’s, Brankell Double Or Quits, overall a very balanced bitch with lots to like, neat outline with good topline, tailset and a really good carroty tail, liked her head and expression, a tad heavy across the shoulders but was easy to span, and she moved well. Well presented.

2nd Mr R J & Mrs E A Barretts, Howthwaite Gold Dust, B&T bitch, not as typical in the head as my winner nor the topline and tailset, but good in rib and easy to span, super coat and pelt.

3rd Mr J & Mrs I M Southern’s, Southash Finding Bliss, pleasing head and a nice sized bitch and spannable, but not the topline of my winner. Lovely legs and feet, lacked depth of coat today.

Res. Mr R & Miss L Goddard’s, Awbrooksky Geeteethree

VHC Mr & Mrs D Nightingale’s, Glebeheath Gold’n Girl For Knowbury.

Mid Limit Bitch

1st Mrs C E Sansom’s, Tarkaswell Doctor’s Orders JW, liked this one a lot and stood out in this class, neat front assembly, with straight forelegs, neat feet and firm pasterns, lovely head and expression with neat ears, lovely neckline into shoulder and good hind angulation, well presented in good coat and pelt, moved well.

2nd Mrs E J Pinkham’s, Puzzlers Hope Full Hattie At Broadsmill, Typey B&T bitch, I liked her rib and was easy to span, but not the topline of my winner, her handler made the best of her and her long, ground covering side gait secured her the second place.

3rd Mr R Wright’s, Borderexpress Miss Potter, Liked her a lot in the stack, but didn’t move as well as my first and second, liked her head and was in very good coat and condition.

Res. Mr W & Mrs T J Baird’s, Tojamatt Debutante For Dowgri ShCM

VHC Mr M J & Mrs J m Hollingsbee’s, Otterwood Domina Candesco JW

Limit Bitch

1st Mrs J Roberts, Smalesmouth Skylark, Didn’t have a great deal of top coat except a bit just coming in down her back and on her tail, but her pelt was thick and good undercoat. She won her place with her lovely rib and really good shoulder and front assembly. Lovely neat feet, thick pads and firm pasterns, moved well.

2nd Miss C Spencer’s, Ploughdown Persephone, stronger made bitch throughout than my winner, but was lovely to go over and was spannable, pleasing head and expression, like my winner didn’t have a great deal of coat in today, moved well.

3rd Mr K H & Mrs D Moore’s, Bardenfox Pussy Galore JW, Handy sized, neat looking bitch with a lovely topline, in good coat and condition but was a tad steep in upper arm and shorter in stride than my first and second.

Res. Mrs S J Baxter’s, Sulan Strictly Blues Dancin

VHC Mr M J Days Withershins Daddies Girl

Open Bitch

1st Mr R J & Mrs H Gilpin’s, Ch Otterbobs Xolana, I really loved her, no exaggerations, just a good honest Border bitch who was the best moving bitch of the day coming and going, with a super ground covering side gait with good reach and drive. Well constructed, good rib and easy to span with pleasing head and expression, presented in superb thick tweedy coat and pelt. Bitch CC.

2nd Mrs C Deans, Ch Cedarhill Wish Upon A Star, Another lovely bitch who was turned out to perfection, super outline in profile movement, good head with short strong muzzle, stood well on small neat feet. A tad heavier over the shoulders than my winner and not so positive in front movement.

3rd Mrs J L Lee’s, Ch Tythrop Turn Back Time, handy sized blue & tan, lovely rib and shoulder, not the topline of my winners and not the depth of coat today.

Res. Miss S Ritchie’s Ch Llanteg Red Rubi JW ShCM

VHC Mr S & Mrs K Golding’s, Beaconpike In A Storm

Special Beginners Bitch

1st Mr & Mrs D Nightingale’s Glebeheath Gold’n For Knowbury, presented in really good coat and pelt, enjoying her day out.

2nd Mrs M Small’s, Badgerbeck Tree Pipet At Tilmoray, Coat not at its best but in good order for nine and a half years.

Veteran Bitch

1st Mrs P Clark’s, Ch Southash Blue Betty Boo Gameway, a quality blue & tan who I have judged and given top honours to in the past, a real credit to her owner to present her looking so fit, she has an amazing coat and pelt and a lovely head and expression, looked good standing and on the move, she pushed my Reserve CC winner hard. Best Veteran.

2nd Mr R & Mrs E Barrett’s, Ch Howthwaite In Violet, another good blue & tan with a super jacket, looks a tad deep compared with my winner but handles well and was easy to span, moved well and has good legs and feet.

3rd Mrs S J Baxter’s Int Ch/Am/Can Ch Sulan Fancy That, nicely made bitch with a pleasing head, not the topline of my first and second, well presented.

Res. Mr J C B Yore’s Southash Cherry Bliss at Smurfski.

VHC. Prof. A S Milton’s An Cnoc of Baillieswells.

Judge: Jayne Gillam