• Show Date: 26/10/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Helen Gutteridge Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Finnish Lapphund

Midland Counties CS Championship show, 26th October 2017 Finnish Lapphunds. PD.(2) 1st Allison and Robinson’s Finnadian Cirius (Imp Fin). BP. Both these pups were slightly longer in body than tall, with elbows set slightly below the chest. Moderately angulated and moving briskly with moderate strides when settled. Relatively broad of back with firm loins, slight slope to croup and correctly set tails. Good double coats with some harshness to the guard hairs. Muzzles a little shorter than skull, correct degree of stop. Nicely shaped and set ears. Sweet expressions. 1st was a little more true on the move than 2nd: Sisley-Smith’s Tabanyaruu Qtamo Onni. JD (2) 1st Liu and Koh’s Infindigo Taysikuu Arvo. RBD. Very nice boy with typical head, muzzle a tad shorter than skull, good stop, rounded forehead, ears broad at base, set apart and very well furred, oval and very dark eye giving soft expression, medium length of neck, moderate angulation with good length of upper arm, firm and broad in topline, well set tail. Correct body and leg length. Nice straight legs from fore and behind. Moderate spring of rib. His gait improved as the class went on, while 2nd’s became somewhat erratic. 2nd F Cirius. OD (6,2) 1st Short’s Glenchess Gregory. BD and BOB Handsome young male with a very typical head and expression, excellent coat. Medium length neck, broad and firm topline, slight slope to croup and correctly set tail. Moderate spring of rib, shortish loin. Standing true he kept this on the move, trotting briskly with a tendency to single tracking without turning toes out or moving close behind. Oval well furred feet with moderate slope to pasterns. 2nd Lloyd’s Arrianrhod Finntroll JW. Another nice male showing typical head characteristics including half tipped ears and nice oval eyes. Well proportioned sturdy body, moderate angulation and sound gait , tending to single track rather than moving close behind. Good coat, profuse with harsh topcoat. PB (4) This was the most competitive class today and all four bode well for the future. 1st Simmons and Henson’s Infindigo Raita Kiito RBB. Very typical baby with a lovely head. Correct body proportions and leg length, moderate slope to pasterns, tight oval feet. Moderate spring of ribs for age, short firm loin. Moved true from all views when settled. Well shaped and set ears, in good coat with harsh guard hairs. 2nd Allison’s Staalon Pilvipouta at Oberitz (Imp Fin) NAF TAF. Not quite the head of 1st needing a little more stop, but very feminine. Another with a well made body, good proportions and a sound mover from all views. Also in excellent coat. JB (2,1) Repeat of PB PGB (3,2) Simmons and Henson’s Infindigo Mailat Ulla JW. BB. Lovely 2 year old bitch. Good bone, well proportioned body and leg length. Broad firm topline with correct croup and tail set. Feminine head with muzzle slightly shorter than skull, broad based ears, well set. Oval eye and soft expression. Clear stop, slightly rounded forehead. Moderately angulated with good length of bone. Oval furred feet, brisk sound stride from all views. In good coat to finish the picture. OB (2,1) 1st Allison’s Oberitz Trolleri. Good body proportions and profuse coat. Nice typical head with clear stop, shorter muzzle than skull, eyes and ears contributing to soft expression. Topline good, moderate slope to pasterns. I would prefer more length to the humerus and tighter held toes Judge: Helen Gutteridge.