• Show Date: 09/03/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Grace Brown Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019


Breed: Spaniel (Sussex)

CRUFTS 11/03/17 Spaniel (Sussex)

Thank-you to all the lovely dogs and exhibitors who made my day in the spotlight so special yesterday. It was a long and tiring day for you all due to things out of my control but thanks to all who saw it through to the end. My main winners were full of breed type, sound and of excellent temperament

Good to see such a high percentage who are working dogs with excellent muscle tone. Truly a dual-purpose breed "Fit for Function"

VD (4,0)

1 Smith & Murray Norris Northern Torpedo well balanced dog, 9yrs, strongly built, with good head and foreface, correct stop and good frown. Slightly arched neck into well laid shoulder, good rear angulation and showed his strength well on the move.

2 Boniface Sh Ch Belcam Kings Ranson for Glenbrows Sh Ch well-made 10-year-old dog with ample coat of correct golden liver. Correct head, well set ears which were well feathered. Good body and substance all through with strong sturdy hocks.

3 Majster Onyx From a Saturn Night another well-made veteran with good length of back and strong loin. Good deep chest well ribbed back and very masculine head.

PD (0)

JD (3,1)

1 Penneman Labry Berry Brezhnev, good head and expression with nice frown, good length of ear well feathered. Strong neck and shoulder flowing into sturdy legs and pasterns. Long body well ribbed and well angulated rear quarters. A little uncertain of himself on the move but has good length of stride.

2 Dunk Boniblend Howards Way not the maturity of my winner and coat needs time to fill out. Collected and strode out well on the move.

PG D (5,0)

1 Luckin Sovaroma Strangely Brown in Knuckerhole, moved with drive, correct height and balance standing on strong legs and feet with well sprung pasterns. Well ribbed chest, deep and going into a muscular lion. Good coat and true colour.

2 Evans Yorkham Rocking Rudolf, similar in outline to my winner, well-made dog with good head and expression with correct stop. Not as settled on the move as the first dog.

3 Boniface Boniblend Bobby Dazzler, good head, with correct ear set. Body maturing out with well-muscled neck and good length of loin. Correct height and good legs and feet. Coat is pleasing colour, well feathered and he moved well.

L D (7,0)

1 Hughes Ivcar Anything Goes not the biggest of dogs but well balanced on strong short legs and good well-padded feet. Masculine head with good stop and nice curve of skull. Well ribbed chest and strong lion into well angulated rear quarters. Handled and moved well.

2 Hipgrave Bethryn Night on the Town Strong, well-built dog with correct head and deep muzzle, good strong neck and good frill into deep chest, well-muscled loin and correct rear. Not as settled in his movement as my winner.

3 Graves Norriss Northern Wizard another dog well off for bone on short strong legs. Correct head and expression, good sloping shoulder and strong back and loin.

O D (6,1)

1 Bowe Sh Ch Tawnyka its a Puzzle for Belcam JW ShCM a dog which filled my eye as soon as he stepped in the ring, typical roll fore and aft with power and balance. Correct skull with moderate curve and stop, good deep muzzle and strong slightly arched neck into sloping shoulders and correct depth of chest with slight spring of rib, well off for bone and substance with good strong rear legs and hocks. RCC

2 Perkins Sh Ch Quintic the Farmer. Very close decision with my winner with this well-muscled mature dog with great power. Good colour and excellent bone front and rear with well-developed chest and strong loin. Well-muscled thighs and well boned strong hocks.

3 Batlle & Batlle-Hunter Sp Ch Springcurl Merlot a bigger cast dog but good balance, kind expression with his very masculine head. Well-developed chest and strong back. Lovely flat coat, well feathered and correct golden liver colour. Moved with drive and power.

FT D (0)

SW D (1,0))

1 Vowles Sh Ch Jubilwell Beast of Bodmin at Vobrook stood alone but a worthy winner. on top form today carrying just the correct amount of weight and well-muscled throughout who just shouts "Sussex". The best of movement with firm level topline and free stride and perfect tail carriage level with back line. Correct head not carried too high on the move and nice kind eye and expression. Good sloping shoulder into well balanced depth of chest and correct rear angulation. DCC and BOB, his 3rd in a row at Crufts.

GCD (3,0)

1 Norris Northern Wizard

2 Swietalski Belcam Kingsmark at Bowswizzler strong dog with good head and strong neck into good balance of chest, good angulation and moved well, hardly showing his age.

3 Bradbury & Preston Jessemyns Wilcot at Harasteorra bigger dog with lots of scope. Has all the right frame, just needs to fill out with age. His head is of correct skull to muzzle proportion with a kind eye and starting to form a frown, good reach of neck and good legs and feet. Strides out well on the move, tail carriage had a lively action.

VB (3,1)

1 Perkins Quintic Damson, typical head and expression into strong neck and good deep chest on short well boned legs of this nearly 9-year-old veteran. Loin well filled and good rear angulation. Correct movement

2 Swietalski Quintic Vogue of Bowswizzler sister to my winner out of a later litter. A bigger framed bitch but balanced and a pleasing head and expression. Good coat and golden liver colour and typical lighter tips to the feathering. Well set ears and level topline, moderate spring of rib and with plenty of animation on the move.

PB (1,0)

1 Bannister Knuckerhole Ruby Carosel at Roanhowe just a baby but shows promise, feminine head and good bone balancing her short legs with good length of body and good feet and pasterns. Well angulated rear, movement typical for such a baby. Just needs time. BP

JB (5,0)

A class of adolescent youngsters all at various stages of growth. All will benefit from a little time to grow into their true potential.

1 Davey Eald Village Gossip Feminine head on the winner, eyes will darken with age, good curve of skull and stop into good reach of neck and well placed shoulders in to level back and topline. Movement should firm up with maturity.

2 Nesbitt Charbrouille Singin Hinny more length of leg than my winner and good frame which promises to body out well. Correct muzzle to skull proportions and nice eye. good lay of shoulder and level topline into well angulated rear legs. Movement should be more collected as she muscles up.

3 Boniface Boniblend Happy Go Lucky Good head and very kind expression matches her name well. Good bone and plenty of substance. Nice outline when standing. A little darker in coat at present and was playing her handler up on the move.

PG B (7,2)

1 Hughes Marquell You'll Never Know at Ivcar. Lovely shape and frame, balanced head and well curved skull with good stop. Correct ear set. Head carried just right, slightly above the strong neck on the move. Good well-padded feet.

2 Ashcroft & Boswell Marquell You Know You Know at Torshca another with good frame, lovely head and expression with strong neck and good shoulder into well filled loin. Movement true both coming and away. True golden coat and colour in excellent condition.

3 Hastings Yorkham Yule Love it At Bardings, still has some filling out to do but showing a good outline on moderately boned short legs. Very feminine head and good length of neck with level topline. Moved with drive from well-muscled quarters

L B (5,1)

A lovely class of top quality bitches all in their prime.

1 Goodwin Sovaroma Scrumptious Serendel all the right qualities with perfect balance showing strong bone and substance without any sign of coarseness. Muzzle to skull correctly proportioned with true kind expression and amber eye, well set ears and strong neck into sloping shoulder. Well-padded feet and muscled up nicely over the loin. Moved true fore and aft with head carried correctly and keeping a level topline. Speaks true Sussex type from all angles. Was pleased to award her BCC and she was a perfectly balanced match for my slightly more mature dog winner.

2 Luckin Tawnyka Hazelnut Whirl quality bitch with everything in proportion and well balanced, well off for bone and substance, good deep chest and well angled rear. Moved with a typical roll.

3 Majster Pindani Honeysuckle, another well boned bitch with good neck and strong legs. Well-muscled loin into good rear end.

O B (5,0)

1 Ashcroft & Boswell Sh Ch Marquell Question Mark ShCM Correct frame and good head with well-balanced skull to muzzle length, kind eye and expression. Strong well-muscled neck and correct bone to give feminine outline without coarseness. Good depth of chest for height of leg. Well-presented coat of correct colour. Moved out and back well with good topline.

2 Smith Ch Pindani Myrtle JW lovely full champion bitch with brains and beauty; a very close decision with my winner. Feminine head and in good condition with lovely well feathered coat and colour and well filled loin. Moved with drive.

3 Davey Norriss Northern Charm at Eald another excellent bitch to complete the trio. Well balanced on well boned legs and good feet. Good front and nice frill. Correct arch of neck into well laid shoulder and ribbed well back into the correct loin and rear quarters.

FT B (1,0)

1 Cadwell Jubilwell Bal Maiden stood alone but very worthy winner in top form with good coat and colour. Correct height and lovely outline when standing. Liked her head and kind expression with well-set ears and good feathering. Correct bone and good topline held when she strode out well on the move. Well-muscled throughout showing her working background. RCC

WG B (2,1)

1 Ch Pindani Myrtle JW

GC B (4,1)

1 Swietalski Bowswizzler Heiress Boudica, what a charming veteran bitch of 13 years. Belies her age with sound driving movement around the ring. Plenty of substance but still presented a feminine outline. Good head proportions with correct length of muzzle, strong back and well filled loin into well angulated rear quarters.

2 Moon Deanway Summer Storm nice frame and feminine head. Good colour and correct in front and rear. Just not the maturity of my winner and was not as settled on the move.

3 Bates Nyliram Final Fling Over Bethryn bigger made bitch but has balance. Sturdy legs and feet and well off for bone, not putting enough drive into her movement today.