• Show Date: 19/05/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Edward McKenzie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Borzoi

Skc 20th May 2017.


Thank you to the SKC for inviting me to judge and my two super efficient stewards, who made my day so much easier.

I was disappointed to have it confirmed that breed type is vanishing fast. The heads that make our breed unique are all but gone.

No head - no borzoi.

Teeth are becoming more of a problem. Too many with missing molars and premolars, far too many with dirty teeth and one level bite.

Small rose ears were few and far between, having been replaced with ears too big to form the elegant rose called for in the standard.

Many animals were lacking in depth of brisket. This is a running hound that needs plenty of chest room for heart and lung development.

Front assembly remains a very serious problem, the correct shoulder blade slopes back and the correct upper arm should also slope at a similar angle and find itself next to a chest of depth and with spring of rib, not dangling below the brisket, giving movement like an old lady knitting. Movement on the whole was appalling, as was muscle tone, or lack thereof. These of course are connected and leaves one wondering if dogs are no longer being exercised correctly.

Although not a fault per se, I was surprised by the amount of animals with dewclaws. This is potentially dangerous in a hound that is being exercised correctly. Once you have seen the major damage this can do to a running hound, you will never forget.

Tails were shocking, flying in the air, curling like an Afghan or both!

Having said all that, I was delighted to find enough hounds of classic type to assure me all is not yet lost.

PD: (3) All puppies were from the same litter, a litter to be proud of, very typy, hope they fulfill their promise.

1, Graham's, Dashava Calgary, self red, 9 months. Full dentition. Good head with dark eye, arched neck, well angulated shoulders, enough depth of brisket at this age. Excellent bone. BP

2, Graham's, Dashava Sochi, w/r, I liked this puppy but not moving as well as first. Good lay of shoulder and well angulated hind quarters.

3, Swanson's, Dashava Moscow.

JD: No Entries.

PGD: (5) (1abs) 1, Binnie's, Dreamlight Dancing Brave, sable/w, strong stallion hound, masculine head, dark almond eye, correctly arched neck, good topline. In excellent coat and condition, best movement in this class.

2, Arnold's, Ballenbreich Bogatyr, r/w maybe not ready for this class yet. Typy head, with gorgeous dark eye. Could have more depth brisket. Needs to mature yet.

3. Arden's, Chernomor Russkaya Zabawa of Greenhaven.

LD:(2) 1. Collinson's, Hogsmeade Harry Potter, mahogany/wh,Full dentition, good sized dog, with plenty enough substance, would like him a couple of pounds lighter. Typy well veined head, dark eye, correct backskull, unlike the coarseness that is so prevalent in the breed today. Good spring of rib and depth of brisket. Correct top line. Too fond of his tail on occasion, which can affect his movement but performed well in the challenge, RCC

2. Kanoo's, Nibrass Hiroyuki Sanada, w/bl, more modern style head, jawline not as strong as I would like. A little shy being handled. In good coat and condition, beautifully presented. 

OD: (6,1). 1, Foran's, Donskoi Nicholai, Full dentition. bl/w, Fantastic head, with dark eye and dark 3rd eyelid rims. Well filled under eye and good backskull. Rose ears, arched neck into well laid shoulders, correct return of upper arm, correct top line, powerfully angulated hind quarters. Can turn in coming towards but his many virtues outweigh this. Profuse curly coat but his white needs attention. CC, hope he gets his 3rd soon.

2, Grahams, Dashava A Touch of Frost, sable/w, not the strongest of heads, correct top line and fallaway, good bend of stifle and second thigh. In beautiful coat and condition.

3. Smith's, Ryazan Joshua at Julam.

PB: (2,1). Collinson's, Dashava Atlanta Hogsmeade. Self red, Full Dentition, litter sister to puppy dogs. Very promising 9 month old. Classic head, with dark eye and third eyelid rims. Elegant arched neck. Good return of upper arm and strong back end. Movement difficult to assess due to puppy nonsense. 

JB: (2,1). Foran's, Donskoi Black Angel, s/bl, 15 months. This is the one I would most liked to have taken home with me today. Wonderful old fashion, correct borzoi. Beautiful dark almond eye, hair on backskull needs stripping to enhance the fineness of this elegant head. Well angulated shoulders, correct top line and strong back end. Movement could be tighter. She's still a baby and not quite ready for the big time yet.Daughter of dog ticket winner and if this is an example of what he is producing, he has a lot to offer the breed.

PGB: (2). 1. Dollan's, Donskoi Zanoza at Scotdach. White with red head. Elegant head, with dark eye. Pleasing top line, well angulated hind quarters. Would like more depth.

2. Conroy's, Quarentas Life's First Love at Enolam, w/r full dention, unfortunately that's as far as I could get as she did not wish to be handled. Pity.

LB: (6). 1. Cooper's, Yadasar C'est Si Bon Avec Zomahli, r/w, full dentition, outstanding classic head, with dark eye and rim of third eyelid. Rose ears, elegant arched neck, into well laid shoulders. Graceful top line, well sprung ribs, good hind angulation. One of the few with correct low tail carriage. She can only improve as she matures. Delighted to award her CC and BOB. 

2. Collinson's, Hogsmeade Hollygolightly. Wh/pale red. I really like this bitch. Not the head of 1 but still a quality head, with veining and dark almond eye. Good topline, depth of brisket and hind quarters. 

3. Lund's, Gospoja Lyubeznaya.

OB: (5,1). Not the strongest class of the day. 1. Dawson's, Stubbylee Prima Donna, wh/br, full dentition, lovely dark eye. Best mover in this class. Immaculate presentation.

2. Sutton's, Trancas Queen Bee, self red, full dentition. Correct veining on muzzle. Dark eye. Would prefer a more refined backskull. Stands over a lot of ground but not showing enough daylight underneath.

3. Robertson and Adams, Cymabresjava Slawjanka.

VB: (2,1). 1. Conroy's, Donskoi Nochka of Enolam, 7 yr old s/b, who I feel has been overlooked too often. Beautiful typy head. Perhaps not the strongest of front angulation, which isn't helped by the markings on her show side. Her other side however does not give this optical illusion. In fantastic coat and condition. The whole ensemble is one of classic breed type. BV and RCC

Edward McKenzie (Judge)