• Show Date: 12/11/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Debbie Wallwork Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Weimaraner Club Of Scotland

Breed: Weimaraner

This was my first time awarding CC’s and I'd like to thank the Weimaraner Club of Scotland for inviting me to judge at their Championship Show & the exhibitors for allowing me the pleasure of going over their wonderful dogs. I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

The ring size and flooring is not ideal for the Weimaraner and it did affect some dogs in their movement, this made for some difficult decisions. 

Weimaraners are a medium sized dog with a balanced moderate outline. I was looking for correct body proportions where the body length is longer than the height, where the length of body is in the ribcage & loin is short; thus giving a level topline and enables the Weimaraner to keep it on the move. The overall balance of the dog allows the ground to be covered efficiently with an effortless stride. 

Generally most exhibits had the correct height to length ratio, but do seem to be losing the aristocratic head and seem to have all but lost the prominent occiput, also ears seem to be getting shorter.


These two boys are a credit to the breed and both are full of breed type.

1. Rooney’s Flitnels Kawasaki King at Zeatana JW. 7 years old. A real favourite of mine but starting to look his age now. He has the most beautiful aristocratic head and melting kind expression. Amber eye, correct ear length and deep flew. He has a super outline and is a medium well balanced dog, from his correct layback of shoulder and length of upper arm to matching moderate rear angulation. Correct height to length ratio with a great length of rib and short loin. Won this class and BVIS on his excellent ground covering movement.

2. Maclaine and Dickson’s Sh Ch/Ir Ch Greyspirit Royal Scot at Trilite ShCM Ir J Ch CJW ’10. 9 years old. Another lovely example of the breed and looking good for his age. Clean outline and well balanced with correct body proportions. Lovely masculine head. Good front assembly and moderate angulation throughout. Just preferred the more efficient movement of 1.



1. Evans and Pavey’s Gunalt Undeniable at Joneva. 9 ½ months old. Well up for size but a lovely balanced boy with correct outline. Appealing classic head with good proportions, great length of ear and good depth to flew. Adequate front angulation, correct length of rib into short loin with the correct height to length ratio. Excellent topline, moderate rear angulation and well muscled. Ground covering movement but just needs to tighten up overall due to his larger frame, but has time on his side. BPD

2. Dodman’s Gunalt Podcast. 9 months old. A pleasing balanced outline but still very much a baby at the moment. Lovely head, correct proportions throughout with good length to rib, but going through a growing stage and stands bum high at the moment. Lots of promise. Just not as positive as 1 on the move at this stage.


1. Dodman’s Gunalt Podcast.


1. Holman’s Astrazone Invierno in Jenluis JW. 23 months old. A lovely example of the breed with a good colour. A beautiful head with plenty of work, giving him that lovely aristocratic look, deep flew but nothing overdone; great pigmentation and correct length of ear. Clean neck into super front assembly and good feet. Good layback of shoulder and length of upper arm, correct level topline and good length to rib. Correct height to length ratio, with moderate rear angulation. Super ground covering movement, just needs maturity now to complete the picture.

2. Osborne’s Enryb Jack Frost for Winborne. 23 months old. Not the balance and outline of 1, and was giving his handler a hard time today standing and on the move. Super head with correct proportions and lovely kind expression with correct length of ear. Moderate rear angulation and well muscled.




1. Holman’s Astrazone Invierno in Jenluis JW.

2. Allison’s Kuantan Goosebump. 2 years old. A medium sized dog with a classic outline. Lovely head with a kind expression. Good body proportions and layback of shoulder, ribs extend well back and moderate rear angulation, moved ok. A little out of coat at the moment.


1. Simpson’s Belvedere Hamlet Of The Grey Noble at Sireva (Imp). 2 years old. Lovely balanced outline. Aristocratic head with kind expression, great pigment and length of ear. Excellent front angulation with good length to upper arm, level topline and well muscled throughout. Correct height to length ratio and good ground covering movement steered this boy to win his class.

2. Stokes’s Khamsynn Coast To Coast at Wipfel. 3 years old. This dog is really starting to mature well. Good outline and colour, and well muscled. Lovely head with moderate stop and nothing overdone. Super front with well placed shoulders and correct body proportions. Moved well.

3. Snaith’s Skilaki Super Fly to Bifonda JW


Really liked these first two dogs, and I am sure they will change places many times.

1. Ruddy’s Sh Ch Netherhill’s Got Talent JW. 4 years old. Did his best to give his handler a hard time. He is super in outline and excels in his body proportions throughout. Masculine head with correct length to ear and kind expression. Super front with correct layback of shoulder and upper arm. Expected length of rib to short loin, which lacks in so many. When he got his act together he excelled in his ground covering movement and has true movement coming and going. Delighted to award him the CC and RBIS.

2. Rayner and Maskell’s Sh Ch Gunalt Academy of Raystans JW ShCM. 3 ½ years old. Very similar attributes to 1. A medium sized dog who is excellent in outline. Super head, deep flew and good ear length. Moderate angulation throughout, pleasing height to length ratio with ribs extending well back. The best of feet and short nails. Strong, level topline and in fit condition, this showed in his great ground covering movement. RCC.

3. Finch’s Multi Ch Deifstock Dandee Red ShCM


A super class of veteran’s who are a credit to their owners

1. Perez-Powell’s Gunalt Quirky. 8 years old and belies her age. Have always liked this lovely girl. She is a great colour and has a beautiful and clean outline. Lovely feminine head and melting expression. She has the correct height to length ratio, with an excellent length of rib. Moderate angulation throughout, not the most animated on the move but none the less she is very honest & efficient going round the ring.

2. Rayner and Maskell’s Sh Ch Gunalt The Look at Raystans JW ShCM. 7 ½ years old. Another one that appeals in outline, she has a beautiful head with good depth of flew and ear length. Clean neck and lovely straight front. Correct body proportions with excellent length to rib and moderate rear angulation which drove her around the ring.

3. Stoke’s Grandahay Hebe Lemon Quartz


Liked both the puppies in this class and I am sure they will change places in the future.

1. Simpson’s Sireva Senna. 6 months old. Quite mature for her age, lovely in outline and a super colour. She has the sweetest of heads and expressions. Good front and shoulders and deep in body with elbow to brisket. Level topline and slope to croup. Moved well and steady.

2. Turner’s Minstergate Call for Rockleyan. 6 ½ months old. Very much a baby at this stage, has plenty of time on her side and has lots of promise. Lovely in outline, super head, kind expression and pleasing ear length. She is moderate throughout with good angulation. Once settled, and particular in the NB class later on, she was very sound and steady on the move.


1. McAngus, Howarth and Haseley’s Gunalt Articulate at Greyfurs. 9 Months old. A lovely puppy, very together for her age and she has a super outline. A lovely feminine head and good ears. Great front and feet, she has the correct height to length ratio with good ribbing. Moderate angulation throughout. When she got it together on the move she had ground covering movement. BPB and BPIS.

2. Turner’s Minstergate Call for Rockleyan


1.Thorne’s Mabanika Code. 13 months old. When she relaxed her topline she was lovely in outline. Attractive head with a moderate stop and good flew. Clean neck into good layback of shoulder. Correct rear angulation with a good bend of stifle, which gave her drive from behind and good ground covering movement.

2. Dyer’s Sharnphilly Ruby Aura. 15 months old. A very pretty bitch with a super head and kind expression. Correct ear length. The best of fronts. Just preferred the length of body and rear angulation of 1. Moved well.


1. Maclaine and Dickson’s Greyspirit Purdue JW. 21 months old. Classic outline and liked her for size. Lovely head and expression. Good body proportions with correct ribbing. She has moderate angulation front and rear, which give her reach and drive on the move.

2. Robson’s Kalimor Armani at Robricci. 20 months old. A more substantial bitch than 1. She has a lovely outline and a super head, deep flew and correct ear length. Excels in her front assembly with a great layback of shoulder and length to upper arm. Well muscled and she moved well around the ring.


1. Turner’s Minstergate Call for Rockleyan



1. Holt’s Meinweg Christmas Fuddle. 3 years old. Appealing balanced outline with good proportions throughout. Feminine head with lovely amber eye. Clean neck into good shoulders and a level topline. Moderately angulated and had a nice easy flowing stride on the move.

2. Reilly, Rayner and Maskell’s Smilek Eyes Of Silver JW. 21 months old. She is built on bigger lines than 1. Lovely head with deep flew and a kind expression. She stands on plenty of bone and good feet. Preferred the front angulation of 1. Correct body proportions and moved well.

3. Husbands’s Gunalt Accuracy


1. Fairlie’s Gunalt The One for Tasairgid JW. 2 years old. This was the surprise of the day for me. Just loved her for her size, shape and classic, clean outline. She is such an honest bitch and moderate throughout as the standard calls for. She has a lovely feminine head and correct ear length. Super straight front, and she is the correct height to length ratio with good ribbing and a level topline. She is not a flashy girl on the move but so steady and true, one of the most honest movers today.

Delighted to award the CC, her 3rd and BIS.

2. Reilly, Rayner and Maskell’s Gunalt Astute at Smilek. 3 years old. A more substantial bitch than 1. She is balanced throughout with good proportions. Nice head and ear. She has good moderate angulation with correct layback of shoulder. Moved well.

3. Haseley’s Gunalt Ice Qube


This was such a super class of quality bitches and some lovely ones went unplaced today. The top 5 in this class could easily swap places on another day.

1. Simpson and Dawson’s Ch Sireva Skype JW. 4 years old. On first assessment of the class this bitch just stood out for me and couldn't be ignored. Such a super clean outline, attractive silver grey colour and feminine head. Good body proportions throughout. Moved out on a good stride, with lovely profile movement. RCC.

2. Allison’s Silberstern High Society. 5 years old. An eye-catching, balanced bitch with a nice outline, she excels in her height to length ratio. Super feminine head with good pigment. Good layback of shoulder and level topline. She moved out well.

3. Rutland and Jones’s Sh Ch Sireva Only Connect with Khamsynn ShCM

Judge: Debbie Wallwork