• Show Date: 22/10/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Powell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

North Of England Airedale Terrier Club

Breed: Airedale Terrier

North of England

Airedale Terrier

Championship Show


First of all may I say it is an honor to judge any breed club show and to be invited to judge at this show was a real pleasure for me.

On arrival my wife and myself were looked after very well and through out the rest of the day.

I can only wish the club all the very best in the future and thank them again for giving me the opportunity of judging there show.

M/P/D. (1)

1st Toulson, TOULSYORK NOTED NAT. A minor of good breed type, well constructed and sound all over, keen and alert with good expression, coming along nice for his age, jacket just coming through, needs to settle on the move.

P/D (1)

1st Lee, STARGUS ALLEGRO. A good color to this pup, pleasing head and expression, good ear carriage and dark eyes, correct bite, good reach of neck, short back, good top-line and muscular quarters, moved with ease and in good coat, B.P.D. and B.P.I.S.

J/D (3,1a)

1st Miller, LAKEAIRE CARNIVAL IN RIO. A dog that’s maturing nicely, good head, eyes, and ears, true in front, short backed and well ridded, good angulations and moved very well and in good coat, needs to loose a tad of weight.

2nd Moules, DORAEMI BUFFALO SOLDIER, Not as mature as the first place but one of good breed type balance and soundness, head of good length, nice ear and eye placement, correct bite, good in neck and shoulders, short in back with strong thigh’s, moved very well, nice coat and tail set, could easily change places on another day.

N/D (1)

1st Nelson, BUDDONWOOD TERRYS ALL GOLD, Carrying a fare bit of weight, keen and alert, dark eyes and black nose, good bite, moved a bit loose in front ok in rear, soft in coat, but enjoying himself.

P/G/D (2,1a)

1st Collins, COLLDALE THE OUTLAE (A1) Keen expression with a dark eye, correct bite, good reach of neck, short in back and good angulations, moved well. Would have liked to seen a harsher coat and better muscle tone

L/D (3)

1st Lee, STARGUS SANTA RIOCKS, One of good size, make and shape, balanced and well constructed, strong clean head with good ears and eye shape, good bite large clean teeth, long neck, straight in front with nice feet, well bodied, short with good angulations, good muscle tone, moved very well covering the ground with ease, good harsh coat and nice set on.

2nd, Ablard, KATHERINA’S LAND VIP LOVER, Another quality exhibit, good reach of neck, short in back, good top-line, good angulations and set on, very good coat, covered the ground well.


O/D (7,1a)

A great class of quality exhibits, the strongest one of the day.

1st Toulson, CH TOULSYORK LEVITY LESTER, A masculine dog of breed type with good bone and substance, head strong but not over done, good ears and dark eyes, good bite and large teeth, good length of neck, sound in shoulders and front, good depth of rib, good rear angulations and tail set, moved true fore and aft, good coat and furnishings, great muscle tone hardest on the day, a lot of good virtues and one of sound temperament CC & Res B.I.S & B.O.S.

2nd Callon & Callon-Winn, CH SONORRA CHRISTMAS CRACKER AT RUSSTAM, Another great example of breed type, very well balanced, good coat texture and color, nice furnishings, looked good in profile and on the move, a pleasure to go over, Res CC.

3rd Jackson & Swash, CH JOKYL TRULY NOBLE.

V/D/B (1)

1ST Jackson & Swash, CH JOKYL STAR FLASH, B. Nearly 11 years old, but still like to take part in the show ring, a worthy Champion in her day, good in type and well balanced, moved very well for her age.

M/P/B (3.2a)

1st Toulson, TOULSYORK NEFARIOUS. A classic example of the breed for such a young age, keen and alert, well balanced, great profile stood and on the move, lots of ring presence to her, moved effortlessly covering the ground with ease, one to watch.


P/B (1)

1st Collins, COLLDALE RING OF FIRE. Another pup of quality, very similar in attributes. Well-balanced bitch with good pigmentation, hard and fit, good angulations moved very well, ears just settling.

J/B. (3,1a)

1st Jackson and Swash, JOKYL RED LETTER DAY. Good in both type & balance. Flat skull of good length, good neck & shoulders. Well ribbed with good topline and tail set, nice angulations, just needs to settle on the move. In good coat.

2nd Shaw, LAKEAIRE OOH LA LA. Not as mature as my first placing, but nicely balanced, clean and keen moved very well keeping a level topline.

P/G/B. (5,3a)

1st Turner, CRILLEE CARRY ON MAYBE BABY. Good in type, make and shape, well balanced and of good bone and substance, good pigmentation and coat color,

Good head, flat with well placed ears, dark eyes and correct bite, straight in front, well bodied with good angulations, moved well.

2nd Johnson, OLDIRON VOODOO AT BRAVADOS. Nice in size, clean in head, dark eyes, ears need to settle, good neck and shoulders, short and well -ribbed, good angulations, would like a little less weight, moved keeping a good topline and tail set. Good coat texture.

L/B. (6,3a)

1st Collins, COLLDALE ADVENTURESS GIRL. Strong yet feminine, pleasing head shape, well set ears, dark eyes, and good bite, muscular neck, good shoulders and front, nice leg furnishings, bodied proportions good, hard quarters, good coat color and texture to it, moved with ease for and aft.

2nd Moules, DORAEMI ONE VISION, SHCM. A tad lighter that my first place,

but one of good shape and size, well carried ears, dark eyes, long neck, true front and good bone, well ribbed, good angulations and muscular thigh’s in good coat and move well.


O/B. (3)

1st Frenandez & Purnell. CH JOKYL GOLD STAR, JW. The name says it all (star) a picture of balance, typical head of the breed, Good ears, eyes and expression, good shoulders and front, great topline, short coupled with good angulations, best of jackets and furnishing, moved covering the ground with ease, presented and handled to perfection in first class condition, a pleasure to judge and award her CC & B.I.S.

2nd Kanaya, INT CH ROCKRIDGE JP I CAN’T STOP LOVIN YOU. A well made bitch of breed type, good in head, ears and eye color. Nice length of neck, good topline and rear quarters, hard and fit and in good coat, moved very well, Res CC.

3rd Jackson & Swash, JOKYL HER LADY SHIP.

Special Burdale members stakes B/D. (1)

1st Edington, WENDAIRE KISSED BY AN ANGEL. Plenty of bone and substance, good make and size, good coat texture just needs to loose a tad of weight, moved well.

Judge Mr. Colin Powell.