• Show Date: 05/01/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/03/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Stakes


6TH January 2017

C.S.Ellis Group Special Beginners Stakes - Dog Or Bitch

1ST Roberts’ Fanmatrix Oh What A Night, Pointer. Typically aristocratic and alert, she presents a strong outline with deep chest, strong bone, good length and return of upper arm, nice crest to neck, well ribbed up, muscular loin and good tail set. Moves well.

2ND Pratt’s Largymore Lalande Of Rosyth, Retriever (Golden) Balanced outline, short coupled, wide quarters and good tail set. Moves well but needs to develop in front.

3RD Smith’s Ewtor Affinity For Flyenpyg JW, Spaniel (Field)

Dorwest Herbs Special Yearling Stakes - Dog Or Bitch

1ST Trow’s Winterwell Inca Trail JW, German Shorthaired Pointer. A beautiful example of the breed exuding breed type from her clean-cut head through to her well carried tail. She has immense presence and commands attention. Moves on an effortless gait with plenty of push and drive.

2ND Dennis, Harris & Morgan’s Nattaset Sonata Arctica At Mariglen (IMP FIN), English Setter. I loved this girl but she was not as settled as the winner. She has a beautiful head with the kindest eye and is so elegant and clean in outline. Her movement is graceful and free and oh that lively, slashing tail!

3RD Coldwell’s Lucoru La Salle, Italian Spinone

Fosse Data Systems Post Graduate Stakes - Dog Or Bitch

1ST Graham’s Desjiem Aspyring, Weimaraner. When I first looked at this handsome boy I thought I knew him and now, having looked at his breeding, I see he is so like his famous sire Ice. He has that wonderfully aristocratic head, a powerful and balanced outline, level topline, big, strong bum and well turned stifles. His movement is smooth and ground covering; a real cracker.

2ND Kniveton’s Hot Sensation's Orstone Cowboy (IMP SWE), Irish Setter. Presents a racy profile but oh what a fidget! Balanced head, strength in neck, gentle slope to his topline and correct tail set. Moves well but could not match the front movement of the winner.

3RD Horler’s Kintalis Winter's Knight By Rackens JW, Gordon Setter

Christine Morgan