• Show Date: 07/07/2017
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Camille Lambert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Norwegian Buhund

East of England Championship Show

8th July 2017


Judge: Mrs CT Lambert

Thank you to East of England show society for inviting me to judge at their show. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, the stewards were a pleasure to work with and were very efficient. I was very pleased with my main winners, but rear movement, particularly in bitches, was not so good. The exhibitors were very sporting as always, the stewards were amazed at the support as the previous day not one person had clapped in the breed they were officiating for. Support doesn’t cost anything, but goes a long way!

Junior Dog:

1st Stonton’s ARNSCROFT IN DI ANA JACK, almost 16 mth old wheaten boy who is extremely smart. Super type, good head and eye giving correct expression. Lovely outline with good angulation excellent tail curl and set. Correct substance for size, strong but still having the elegance that Buhunds should have. Moved soundly fore and aft, but was a little lethargic and not giving his owner as much as usual, this cost him in the challenge for the RCC.

Limit Dog:

1st Smith’s ARNSCROFT NEVER SAY DI, 19 mth old wheaten lad. Another strong male, with good substance in keeping with his size. Nice head and expression and moved soundly though not quite as strong in rear. Good body with correct rib. Nice overall picture, but would prefer a little less of him.

Open Dog:

1st Cale, Dobson & Evan’s CH/IR CH ARNSCROFT DI TO BE A SAILOR IJCH, I believe this is the first time I have judged this dog, and he is a pleasure to go over. Almost 5 yr old wheaten, another of excellent type from this kennel who headed a very strong class. Typical Head with excellent infill under his correct dark eye giving super expression, correct mobile ears which were used to advantage. Correct size with lovely short, compact body and excellent rib and short loin leading to the perfect tail set and double curl. Good angulation, would just prefer a little more upper arm. Moved with good reach and drive, balanced and covered the ground effortlessly. He won this class easily and I was very pleased to award him the CC & BOB then saw him shortlisted in the group.

2nd Deeley’s AM/CAN GR CH KYON’S BOLD NORSEMAN (ATC AU00203CAN), a lovely 6yr old wheaten dog of excellent type with good rich wheaten colour. Loved his head and expression, with correct ear set. A heavier set dog but still had the required elegance. Well angulated and moved soundly. Longer cast dog which showed a little in his topline on the move. Unfortunately, his tail was not correctly set which spoilt the overall picture, however, I was happy to award him the RCC.

3rd Coe’s TRELOWEN BIG DADDY, 5 yr old wheaten. Of different type to the others in this class, but with many good points. Smaller in size but with good bone and balanced outline. Good wedged head, but expression not as correct as 1 & 2 having a slightly rounder eye. Super topline, leading to correct tail set with good curl. Lovely rear angulation with powerful drive, but front a touch broad and shoulders placed a little too far forward. Showed and handled very well.

Veteran Dog:

1st Deuchar’s CH/BEL CH TYNYLYNN’S CHARLES LAFITTE AW(S), what a lovely 10 yr old wheaten boy this is. In fantastic condition for his age, and a joy to see enjoying his time in the ring. A larger dog with typical head and expression. Good topline leading to correctly set tail but unfortunately tail not curled at all. Good overall picture showing strength with elegance. Moved very well although showing a little weakness in front.

Post Graduate Bitch:

1st Bethell’s MINFORST GALADRIEL, 19 mth old wheaten girl who quite definitely left her clothes at home. Lovely type with good head and expression, excellent topline and super double curl on tail. Clean coming and going, with balanced side gait. Lots to like on this bitch, but needs to at least put her bikini on!

Limit Bitch:

1st Cale, Stirling & Dobson’s ARNSCROFT BIBBITY BOBITY BU, 19 mth wheaten bitch who I like very much. Super head and expression with short compact body with firm topline and super double curl and well-set tail. Correct angulation which showed in her balanced movement with good reach and drive. Really unsettled in the ring, but her overall quality gave her this class easily, she will have a very bright future I am sure. Unfortunately, in the challenge she was just not giving her owner what she needed, and lost out to the more mature bitches.

2nd Garvie’s RHIALIS LUCINA, 2 yr old wheaten of nice quality. Good wedge head with correct eye. A little longer cast than 1st and topline not quite as firm. Tail was set well with adequate single curl. Nice body with good rib. Good angulation and moved well. In good coat but texture a little softer.

 3rd Cobb & Kent’s KNYTSHALL ANGEL DELIGHT R1EX, pretty 4 yr old wheaten of nice size. Nice overall picture with nice body and good substance. Correct wedge head but a little too broad between ears and slightly rounder eye which affected expression, bite was not quite correct. Moved with good straight front, but rear not as strong and tended to crab a little.

Open Bitch:

1st Garvie’s RHIALIS PSYCHE SHCM, 4 yr old rich wheaten bitch who is now in her prime. Super outline with excellent body, a stronger bitch with correct substance without being overdone. Lovely head and expression with correct dark eye. Well set ears and moderate neck leading to level topline with well-set tail. Balanced angulation which showed in her easy movement which was clean coming and going. Easily the best mover in this class. She looked a picture and was very happy to award her the CC and Res Best of Breed.

2nd Rumsey’s ARNSCROFT DI NAH MAY, lots to like on this attractive almost 5 yr old wheaten bitch who is litter sister to the DCC & BOB winner. Super head with good eye and correct ears. Lovely outline with good body and correct substance. Nice tail which was well set and correct curl. Balanced angulation which showed in her super side gait. Just not as strong in rear as 1, moving a little closer behind. RCC.

3rd Stirling’s ARNSCROFT DI SING ON ICE, a lovely type bitch who has produced some top winners including todays BOB winner. 8 yrs old now and still loving the ring. Super head but would prefer a little more infill under the eye. Excellent body with good rib and firm topline. Good angulation with nice side gait. Good straight front but unfortunately her rear movement let her down.

Veteran Bitch:

1st Cobb & Kent’s CH TRELOWEN VERYAN TO KNYTSHALL, another 8 yr old wheaten who I remember awarding her first RCC. Lovely type with good head and expression with well-set ears. Good body with ample substance correct level topline leading to good tail set, tail not curled as well and was a little short. Still moves cleanly coming and going and was happy to award her Best Veteran in Breed.