• Show Date: 16/10/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Susan White Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Duchy Canine Society

Duchy Canine Society - 16th October 2016


I’d like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this well run show and their excellent hospitality. I’d also like to thank my long suffering steward and the exhibitors who accepted their placings sportingly. 

It was lovely to see so many dogs in fit condition with some super youngsters coming through – promising for the breed. A few dogs present had under-developed rears spoiling their outline in profile; along with maturity, this is something that can be worked on, although I appreciate from my own circumstances that this can sometimes be difficult.

PUPPY (4,2)
Two very nice, if different type puppies

1st Newstead’s Champles Betty Grable – Darker yellow, 10-month old bitch with a pretty head, well laid back shoulder with good front angulation, strong front and rear pasterns. slightly shorter than 2nd in body with amply developed rear making her appear more balanced in profile, well let down hocks moved very well – would like to see a little more animation – Best Puppy

2nd Fishlock’s Carpenny Victoria – Almost white 10-month lively bitch with superb pigmentation, not quite as well angulated in the front with a slightly longer body than 1st also strong front and rear pasterns; overall pleasing to the eye. Would prefer a little more depth in rear - she was very playful, OK when settled; could do with moving a little faster.

JUNIOR (5, 2)

1st Findjan’s Rossacre That’ll Do – What a striking head on this happy mid yellow shaded boy; excellent pigmentation, particularly around the eyes. Having seen him in the ring previously, I was impressed how he’d matured and balanced out, good length of leg, ample bone, well laid back shoulder, impeccably clean lines throughout, with good reach of neck; Short coupled with well-developed rear and well let down hocks, very “at one” with his owner. Correct otter tail used to full advantage on the move, moved perfectly fore and aft, looking like he could easily have gone all day; nothing overdone. Very exciting youngster - Best of Breed

2nd Philpott’s Rossacre Keno – 17-month old clean lined appealing black in good coat; well barrelled rib, short coupled with well-developed rear; would have preferred more reach of neck Like many dogs of his age, challenging to move for his owner, but when settled, moved well, and when standing, very in tune with his owner.

This was a very nice class

1st Findjan’s Rossacre Xekia – Striking lively black 17-month old bitch well balanced, short coupled youngster, of smallish proportion and good length of leg in keeping with her age. Mesmerising head, difficult to deny her anything I should imagine with good reach of neck. Superbly clean lined throughout, in good hard coat; Moved well, kept her handler on her toes when standing – Best Opposite Sex.   

2nd Jeffery’s Carohall Day Dreamer at Mibridge – 18-month old black male larger than first with a well-developed barrel rib, in good coat and well angulated front and an endearing head with nice eye colour: would have preferred more substance on rear to match his well-developed front, making him more balanced in profile, moved well. 

3rd Fishlock’s Carpenny Lady Love  

OPEN DOG (3,0)

1st Newsteads Champles Top Brass – 3-year-old mid yellow coloured male of good substance, well laid back shoulder leading to good front angulation, clean lined and short coupled with well-developed rear – moved very well – preferred the softer head of my BOB winner – Res Best of Breed.  

2nd Jeffery’s Lembas Swings Both Ways at Mibridge – 3-year-old well developed and balanced male with the most endearing head – short coupled and in good coat – preferred rear of 1st.  

3rd Bond’s Carpenny Seashore.  

Lovely class of bitches with very little to distinguish between them, making movement a key deciding factor.    

1st Findjan’s Rossacre Summer Skye – 3.5-year-old light yellow bitch of moderate but fully balanced proportions, correct barrelled rib and short coupled. Appealing head with good pigmentation and correct ear-set. Strong rear with let-down hocks; tough choice between 1st and 2nd - won the class on movement.   

2nd Jefferies Antonine Paige Turner of Jubiwell – 4-year-old clean lined appealing black bitch with attractive head and nice eye colour. Bodily well in proportion, short coupled and in good coat, she stood beautifully for her handler. Moved well.  

3rd Findjan’s Rossacre Indy Anna  

Sue White (Arghishalee)