• Show Date: 16/07/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sue Worrell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

French Bulldog Club Of England

French Bulldog Club of England

Open Show 16th July 2016

 I would sincerely like to thank the FBCE Committee for the invitation to judge this show, to all the exhibitors on the day and everyone who supported the great entry. I had a very enjoyable day going over so many well presented Frenchies. I also fully appreciate the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the shows run smoothly, so thank you again to the Committee, their families and friends, and to my ring stewards Malcolm Trevis and Maureen Cox. Special thanks must also go to the Show Secretary Phillip Stemp for designing the fabulous ring cards! It was a very warm day, however the venue was large and airy and only a couple of the dogs appeared to be noticeably affected by the heat. Although quite a variety of different ‘types’ were in attendance, I was pleased to be informed afterwards that my Res Best Dog, Res Best Bitch (both youngsters) and a class winner all shared the same sire. Overall tails were short but present on most, toplines were mainly acceptable, and temperaments were excellent. A disappointing lack of muscle tone in some exhibits was noted.


1. Hines’ Rycolah Starlord, 7 month old fawn with a black mask. A wide, deep well padded muzzle, slight turn up to lower jaw, dark pigment and expressive eye gave him a strong masculine appearance for one so young. A broadening neck led down to his developing shoulders, straight front and neat feet with lovely dark nails. Cobby body with a gentle roach and small but correctly set tail, he had no trouble keeping his topline on the move


1. Krall’s Jafrak Finger of Fudge, at just 7 months a quality clear coated fawn that caught my eye the second he entered the ring. Dark mask with excellent pigment, wide, deep padded muzzle, correct dentition, well defined stop, cushioning under the dark expressive eye, and fine wrinkling on the domed forehead all added up to a classic masculine head. Smart straight front assembly with good substance and excellent bone, strong pasterns and neat feet with dark nail. A good cut up and gentle roach leading to correctly set tail. Overall balanced appearance with sound movement from all angles, a pleasure to award him BPD, BPIS and Res BIS

2. Bonsall’s Skibelundens Gizmo Gummi Bear at Muggshotts, 11 month old brindle with excellent coat condition, full of breed type who just needs time to mature. Dark round well set eyes above broad muzzle and wide jaw, and correctly placed ears gave a young but still masculine expression. A broad neck into nicely developing well anged shoulders, straight front and onto a pleasing cobby body with good depth of brisket and width of rib. Neat feet and good hind angulation, I look forward to watching his progress.

3. Coffey’s Raglenary Red Russian Blue


1. Khanin’s Dexy’s Midnite Runner, another smart dark masked fawn, scored well in overall type. A Masculine square head with plenty of cushioning on cheeks and under expressive round eyes, gentle wrinkling on the domed forehead and well placed ears which he definitely used to his advantage. I noted the nose pigment was slightly out of favour at the moment but it did not detract from his overall appearance. A sturdy straight front with good bone and neat feet with the desired dark nail. Good body and muscle tone, moved out well.

2. Epps and Friday’s Ossidcla Show Boat, nicely marked brindle with a fabulous head profile, well defined muzzle and lay back, expressive round eye, domed forehead and well placed ear carriage. A strong arched neck leading to good shoulder placement. Front pasterns will hopefully strengthen as he fully matures. Good depth of brisket and cut up, with moderate hind angulation. Preferred the movement of 1.

3. Tilsley’s Woody’s Round the Corner


1. Pleasance’ Hardrock Anima Mea at Katakia JW, a stylish double hooded brindle pied with a strong head, excellent pigment, masculine features and a pleasing expression topped off with well placed bat ears. Good bone and well sprung rib on a cobby body, with deep brisket and moderate hind angulation, topped off with excellent body muscle tone. Moved round the ring with purpose, a worthy class winner.

2. John’s Everready Askabout Bradley, a black masked fawn with good coat texture. Dark eye and pigment, well placed ears and an alert expression. Straight front and tight pasterns with neat feet and dark nails, lacking in spring of rib and longer cast than 1.

3. Tilsley’s Woody’s Round the Corner


1. Brown’s Forbes De Elka Gyvybes Zyme at Kuredeux JW , a stunning dark brindle who stood out for all the right reasons. Well-proportioned and balanced overall, he was up on his toes from the moment he entered the ring. A strong square head presenting a deep, wide jaw, with plenty of cushioning on his muzzle, and an ideal turn up with good dentition. A well defined stop with correct eye and nose placement below a domed, gently wrinkled forehead and upright bat ears all together made for a pleasing masculine expression. Strong arched neck, good shoulder placement and wide straight front with good depth of chest, gentle roach and clear cut up linking into a strong loin, and good angulation front and rear all joined together to present a sound construction. I first judged this dog at 6 months old and am delighted to see how well he has matured. Moved confidently and soundly from all angles, BD and BIS

2. Eskrett’s Risethor Sweeney Todd ShCM, compact well marked brindle with a white chest which highlights how fabulously wide and deep it is! Good bone, straight front and well laid back shoulders, short cobby body with gentle roach and correct tailset gives him a well balanced outline. Attractive head with a good turn up, well padded muzzle, dark round eye and well used ears gave overall a pleasing expression. Moved and handled well

3. William’s Rustar Aristocrat at Willrait


William’s Dersigers Mr Diablo De Bolia, 3 year old light brindle with masculine head, well padded muzzle although I would prefer a wider jaw, dark eye and correct ear set. A deep chest and well sprung rib on a cobby body with a good cut up, he presented a classic outline, however his breathing and movement appeared to be affected either by the heat or the excitement of the day!


1. Coffey’s Kingfriend Mr Dizzy of Raglenary, a 7 year old brindle clearly enjoying his day out. Round dark eyes added to his happy expression, set off by nicely shaped ears that he used to effect. Lack of muscle tone diminished his overall appearance, but with a lovely texture to his coat, he strode round the ring with style.


1. Elsbergiene’s LT CH Busher Pljus Memory Game of Frustyle, double hooded brindle pied. I last judged this dog two years ago and he is still a pleasure to go over. Compact but balanced, with a masculine head in proportion with his body. Melting dark eye, sufficient padding on muzzle and under eye and correct ear set creates a pleasing expression. Well developed shoulders and a deep chest leading down to a straight front, compliments an excellent spring of rib with good tuck up and gentle roach in turn leading to well muscled hind quarters, correct tailset and moderate angulation at the rear. Moved very well and expertly handled, he was a strong contender for Res best dog.

2. Brooks & Cairn’s Kidwelly Eight at Corursus ShCM. Double hooded brindle pied with clear coat presented in excellent condition. Solidly constructed male with large masculine head, deep well covered muzzle and well defined stop, dark correctly placed eye and broad forehead. Short strong neck and wide deep chest with a good spring of rib. Good cut up and roach followed by strong loins, not as balanced as 1.


1. Hines’ Rycolah Starlord – see 1st MPD

2. John’s Everready Askabout Bradley – see 2nd PGD


1. Bonsall’s Skibelunden’s Gizmo Gummi Bear at Muggshotts – see 2nd PD

2. Epps & Friday’s Ossidcla Show Boat – see 2nd JD

3. William’s Derseigrs Mr Diablo De Bolia


1. Pleasance’ Katakia One and Only, a very pretty brindle pied bitch, only 7 months old and developing nicely for one so young, with a clear well marked coat and pleasing balanced outline. Lovely promising head with a feminine expression and excellent pigment. Compact body with a straight front, good spring of rib and gently roached topline, with the right amount of angulation front and rear which all together allowed for very sound movement. Very attentive to her handler at all times, she showed herself extremely well. BPB

2. Hines’ Rycolah Shooting Star, another eye catching 7 month old fawn, fabulous dark mask covering a wide developing muzzle, with good width of jaw and upsweep. Dark eyes and a gently wrinkled forehead topped off by well placed ears came together to create a feminine expression. Plenty of substance for her age, wide straight front, sound pasterns, gentle roach and correctly placed short tail. Ran a close second to 1, who presented just a bit more maturity today. Lovely to see a young handler in the ring enjoying a good relationship with her puppy

3. Elsbergiene’s Essenceera Kia Orana


1. Moorhouse’ Amuelle Miss Itsy Bitsy, 10 month old nicely marked brindle with a pleasing feminine head, appealing round eyes and wide nostrils, broad skull and upright ear carriage. Developing shoulder and rib, gentle roach and short well placed tail, lost her topline a couple of times when on the move, it may come together as she fully matures.


1. Swateridge’s Xentique Total Eclipse JW, nicely put together brindle bitch, with a soft feminine expression on an attractive head. Good width and depth of muzzle, wide jaw with pleasing upsweep and sufficient lip to just meet in the middle. Dark well set eyes and correctly positioned ears which were used to advantage. A straight front and neat feet, ample rib with good depth of brisket, a well arched neck all together providing a balanced outline. If I was being picky I would prefer slightly more turn of stifle, however moved and handled extremely well. Res BB

2. William’s Xentique Making Memories, compact brindle pied with double hood. Very close in age to 1 however not as mature, sweet expression with excellent pigment, dark eye and broad domed forehead. Well muscled shoulder with straight front, good bone and spread of rib, would prefer more length of loin for a more balanced outline.

3. Smith & Pratt’s Khanin Come On Eileen


1. Fallow’s Crashkon Miss Diva, Pretty lighter coloured brindle with wide well cushioned muzzle and good lay back. Correctly positioned eyes, soft wrinkling on domed forehead and good sized ears giving a lovely feminine expression. Good angulation front and rear, super straight front and neat feet. Deep brisket, very gentle roach, with a not overly long length of loin, finishing with well-made hind quarters meant she moved round the ring soundly.

2. Oakes’ Honey Masked Bear at Luxbear, black masked fawn with very dark expressive eye with ample cushioning, wide muzzle, good layback with well defined stop and wide bat ears. I would have preferred darker pigment. Good width of chest and spring of rib with a clear cut up gave her a balanced outline, topped off with a gentle roach and good length of tail.

3. Eskrett’s Risethor Paloma Picasso


1. Fallow’s Crashkon Audrey Hepburn, clear coated black masked fawn, litter sister to 1st in PGB. All the qualities I liked in her sister, and then some! More substance and a better topline, she has great ring presence and definitely gave me pause for thought in the line up

2. Smith & Pratt’s Jafrak Never Persuaded at Khanin, lovely dark brindle coat with excellent texture. Open nostrils above a broad muzzle, dark eye and well set ear carriage, another girl with a feminine expression that’s pleasing to see. Good front assembly and strong hindquarters, moved and handled well

3. Brown’s Monalisa Van Marver’s Fortune at Kuredeux


1. Bradford’s Sibolveld’s Santanna. I have always admired this bitch and was very pleased to get the opportunity to go over her. Double hooded brindle pied sporting a crisp clear coat on a cobby, well marked body with everything in proportion. Square head and deep wide jaw, good turn up , padding and cushioning in all the right places, dark eye, domed forehead and correct ear placement all come together to provide a feminine expression. Just the right amount of substance and bone, with a deep wide brisket and well sprung ribs, a super straight front and neat feet, and a good cut up. Complimented by a strongly arched neck , and her topline finishing with a gentle rise over the loin. Powerful hindquarters and good angulation front and rear aided her free flowing movement which was a pleasure to watch. Lost a bit of sparkle in the final line up, but a very worthy BB and BOS

2. Bonsall’s Muggshotts Peep Show, classic brindle bitch, with a strong yet feminine head, nicely in proportion to her body. Wide, deep well padded muzzle, good lay back, wide dark nostrils and correct ear carriage. Dark melting eyes soften her expression. Well placed muscular shoulders, fabulous rib and deep chest, strong well boned front and strong pasterns. Pleasing topline and moderate angulation front and rear, lost out to 1 on movement.

3. Brooks & Cairns’ Barilballe Fifis Prima with Corursus


1. Quin’s Abbeymills Javu Day ar Nirojo, 9 year old brindle who showed no signs of being bothered by the heat at all. I found her in a lovely trim condition, still plenty of padding on her muzzle, with just a sprinkling of grey. Delightful turn up gives her a slightly snooty expression, however the dark eyes and softly wrinkled forehead with ear carriage held erect at all times convinces you this is a very feminine head indeed. Short cobby body with good muscle tone, elegant and graceful on the move, a very deserving BVIS


1. Pearce’s Hetana Another Angel, a young 13 month old brindle pied with clear markings, square promising head, excellent pigment on lips and nose, sturdy and compact body shape, straight front and good hind angulation, just needs to mature fully, worth watching out for in the future.

2. William’s Xentique Making Memories, see 2nd JB


1. Hines’ Rycolah Shooting Star, see 2nd MPB


1. Smith, Smith & Pratt’s Hileantoir’s Fallen Angel, a nicely matured brindle bitch, feminine with an alert expression, she was up on her toes the whole time. Everything was in proportion and balanced, straight front and well laid back shoulders, nothing exaggerated and moved well , maintaining her top line from every angle.

2. Bonsall’s Muggshotts Peep Show, see 2nd OB

3. Hill’s Rycolah Half Penny

Judge: Sue Worrell