• Show Date: 21/05/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sarah Sevastopulo Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Royal Welsh Agricultural Society

Royal Welsh Ag Soc Premier Open Show 22/5/16 – Judge Sarah Sevastopulo (Oldholbans)

Labradors: 6 classes – 36 ent – 28 ho

Puppy (10,2ab)

1st Arrowmoy Fairytale to New York Farnfield (IKC) Wow! What a fabulous young yellow bitch, so alert and showing her socks off. Beautiful head, dark eye and correct ear set. Excellent neck, shoulders that flowed into her topline and perfect tail set. Such a classic outline but with all the breed essentials, good bone, legs and feet, with barrel ribs, in full coat, and a fabulous temperament. In fit condition for her age and this showed in her perfect movement. Just a star – so pleased to give her BP and BOB. She went on to take Group 2 and the Puppy Group 1 and BPIS.

2nd Warringah’s Gilgandra

3rd Linjor The Squire

Junior (5)

1st Warringah’s Gulwarra Loved this chocolate girl when I judged her earlier this year and I still do. Another classic bitch, so well made, excellent angulation, strength and style. Super sound mover. Lost out to winner of last class for BOB on the smallest of margins, just not sparkling today.

2nd Milmaqlabs Apache

3rd Black Bombers Glory

Graduate (10, 4ab)

1st Tullochmoor Dream of Me at Balchrist JW. Pretty yellow bitch, who creates a super outline, good strength and bone, well made all through, excellent mover.

2nd Linjor Magnolia at Jaybec

3rd Carpennt Velvet at Sheenaron

Limit (6)

1st Baldevs Rockerfellow. Black dog of excellent shape, all male head, lovely eye and expression, super body shape in good coat and very fit. Moved superbly, Just needs to concentrate more when standing and show off his full potential.

2nd Meadowline glory to Milmaq

3rd Sandylands Blissful Farnfield JW ShCM

Open Dog (3, 1ab)

1st Balchrist Rogue State at Baldevs. Excellent yellow dog of 8 years, so fit and moved brilliantly. Excellent overall shape, angulation, and bone and substance. Close to top spot, just lacked her panache.

2nd Bowsian Heir Apparent

Open Bitch (2,1ab)

1st Lembas Thank U For the Music at Jaybec. Alone here but a good type and another who was very fit. Lovely head and dark eye, body a little rangy, good coat and moved soundly.

WSS 4 cl – 14ent – 12ho

Puppy (3)

1st Typica Flash Harry Stood out here for type and overall quality. Classic head type, dark eye, super construction and angulation. Correct topline and well carried tail. In super coat and condition. Excellent on the move BP.

2nd Tudful DDraig Goch

3rd Tudful FFos-y-Fran

Graduate (5,1ab)

1st Hudolus Madoc Nufer. When free stood presented a perfect outline and body shape. He is just gorgeous from his head to his tail. So well made, correct amount of bone and strength maintaining that strong, merry and active outlook so intrinsic to the breed. Very fit and a super mover. BOB

2nd Brynseiri Afan

3rd Ferndel Fool Hardy

Limit (3)

1st Coedbrian Mali at Nalydris Lovely young bitch who won this class on her type and style. Excellent construction, good coat and flowing movement.

2nd Barhi Flaming Star at Maytag

3rd Yberfa Lili Bychan

Open (3,1ab)

1st Typica Red Kite. Completed a trio of fabulous dogs from this exhibitor, such a pleasure to go over, a well made, mature male in full bloom and moving so well. Very close to his kennelmate for BOB.

2nd Glenbrows Paintbox at Clynewood

Cockers 6 cl, 3 judges – 7 ent – 3ho

Puppy (2,1ab)

1st Damsantes Forget Me Not at Bryniver. Very pretty tri puppy, straight front, good bone, prettiest of heads, good coat coming and a true merry cocker on the move.

Junior (1)

1st Cassom Leonardo Blue roan dog in full coat, lovely shape but not happy on the move but sound.

Graduate (2, 1ab)

1st Damsantes Sheer Delight at Bryniver Red dog with super non trim coat, excellent head, angulation and overall shape. Sound mover and happy temperament BOB.

Post grad (0) Limit (1,1ab) Open (1,1ab)