• Show Date: 31/01/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sarah Sevastopulo Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Kent, Surrey & Sussex Labrador Retriever Club

Kent Surrey & Sussex Labrador Open Show 31st January’16 – Judge: Sarah Sevastopulo

Best in Show & Best Dog- Jenner’s Rossacre Trail Blazer at Lyjansen

Reserve Best in Show & Res Best Dog – Coode’s Ch Warringahs Perth JW ShCM

Best Puppy in Show - Coode’s Warringahs Gilgandra

Best Bitch- Spratt’s Warringahs Camira Creek at Briwed

Res Best Bitch and Res BPIS - Coode’s Warringah Gulwarra

Thank you to the KSS for inviting me to judge their Open Show, it was a lovely day and an honour to judge for you. I was looking for a well made, fit Labrador that conformed to the standard – and many did. The biggest problem was the lack of long sloping shoulders, too many were short and upright. Movement was also a problem with many being close behind. Most were the correct weight and those that worked were super fit and had great muscle tone, so pleasing to see so many “fit for function” Labs. Thank you to all the exhibitors for their sportsmanship in clapping all the winners, a great atmosphere all round.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Warringahs Gilgandra, Chocolate boy with excellent overall make and shape. Beautiful head , with correct balance and good stop. Dark eyes and well carried ears. Just right for bone and substance for age, lovely feet. Correct angulation front and rear which meant he moved so well. Correct topline and tail carriage. Good coat coming. Just pipped his litter sister to BPIS on his excellent rear movement.

2nd Buckholt Tudor Tom, gorgeous baby black boy. Has it all there at 6 months, gained in confidence as the class progressed, super bone, substance and construction, with true coat and overall type.

3rd Davricanby Forever and a day at Littledean

Puppy Dog

1st Warringahs Gilgandra

2nd Davricanby Forever and a day at Littledean. Nice pup with good angulation. Needs more bone and substance and is rather soft in condition so dips in topline and is cow hocked at the moment.

Junior Dog

1st Thurbajens Closing Act. Yellow of excellent shape, size and overall construction. Lovely head type and overall balance. Needs to tighten in movement.

2nd Richbourne One for the Road with Kindercroft. who looks lovely when stood but is very wide in front on the move and close behind.

3rd Briwed Magic at Leospring

Maiden no entries

Novice Dog

1st Buckholt Ronnie Rocket. Yellow dog of correct size and overall shape with good angulation. In super hard condition. Sound mover.

2nd Roboshalee First Gunner. Smaller type, black dog. OK all through and sound mover.

3rd Lulukellas Tokyo Joe

Graduate Dog

1st Rossacre Trail Blazer at Lyjansen, Gorgeous black dog who just made my day. Classic head type, so well balanced and with dark eye and correct ears and had the body to match. Correct angulation front and rear, lovely topline and underline, well sprung barrel ribs, super otter tail which he carried well. Excellent muscle tone, good feet and super sound mover. In full gleaming coat with desired undercoat. Showed his socks off to take Best Dog and BIS, see he is by the same sire as the RBIS. Understand he is a good worker too.

2nd Richbourne One for the Road with Kindercroft

3rd Rotherburn Ulysses

Post Grad Dog

1st Icarus Rhinestone Cowboy. Big yellow dog with good head and expression, moderate angulation and rather flat feet. Tends to pace on the move.

Limit Dog

1st Lulukellas Just Maybe. Very little between these two males. Preferred the head type of the winner and he scored in angulation and overall outline. Both were sound movers.

2nd Thurbajens Total Eclipse, in better coat and has a nice shape but not the front angulation of the winner.

Open Dog

1st Hurstmeon Wild Bill Hickok of Leospring Chocolate Dog. Excellent mover who was in prime condition and had excellent muscle tone. Well constructed all through, excellent coat. Would have preferred a slightly larger head to balance his body, lovely eye and ear carriage.

2nd Buckholt Kings Ransom. Yellow dog with classic head type, excellent shape and moved soundly, shame he was in full moult.

Special Beginners Dog

1st Buckholt Kings Ransom

2nd Richbourne one for the road at Kindercroft

3rd Roboshalee First Gunner

Veteran Dog or Bitch

1st Linthwaite Maximus 10 year old black dog who was looking good for his age. Loved his head type and balance, well made all through with correct angulation, ribbing and coat. Sound mover.

2nd Icarus Chances Are 8 year old yellow bitch, nice for size and shape, a little overweight , movement ok.

FT Dog or Bitch

1st Leospring Ascot Superb yellow dog, another really fit one from this owner, you can tell they work. Excelled in angulation, overall make and shape and in full coat. Belies his 8 years and pushed had for top spot, a really gorgeous dual purpose Lab.

Special Working Dog or Bitch

1st Rossclyde Gamekeeper Not much between these two black dogs. Winner had more substance and was in excellent coat. Both had moderate angulation and moved soundly. High tail carriage on winner. Second lacked substance and bone.

2nd Rotherburn Ulysses

Special show / working Dog or Bitch

1st Ch Warringahs Perth JW ShCM. Excellent yellow dog so well balanced and sound. Loved his head type, all male with dark eye and kind expression too. Excellent for size, substance, bone and construction, again his fitness levels show he is a dual purpose boy. In excellent coat and condition and showed really well. I was delighted to have such a classy dog to judge today. Just pipped by his half brother for top spot, splitting hairs but the black boy stole my heart on the day.

2nd Carpenny Micha at Rossclyde Gorgeous girl with pleasing head, moderate angulation, super topline and tail straight front and excellent movement.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Warringahs Gulwarra 8 month old chocolate bitch pup with excellent head, neck, shoulders and topline. In super coat and moved well. Excellent front and rear angulation, well ribbed good bone and feet. Just preferred her brothers better width of thigh and rear movement. Res BPIS. Her overall quality, shape and promise won her RBB too.

2nd Buckholt Tap Dancer Tessa. Lovely yellow girl, pretty head dark eye , well made all through, good bone, substance and feet. Just soft in topline at the moment. Sound mover.

3rd Beautiful Ella Firestorm

Puppy Bitch

1st Warringahs Gulwarra

2nd Buckholt Russet Pippin good yellow bitch pup, a bit narrow in front at the moment. Moderate angulation. Nice overall shape. Sound mover.

3rd Casskala Cassiopeia

Junior Bitch

1st Ryedown Karactere of Chadfrith. Excellent black bitch with true head and expression. Good overall make and shape. In good coat and sound mover.

2nd Frant What Happens in Vegas. Good overall make and shape, head a little short in muzzle. Good bone and substance. Erratic movement.

3rd Icarus Abracadabra

Maiden Bitch

1st Ryedown Karactere of Chadfrith

2nd Beautiful Ella Firestorm Good overall make and shape, head a little plain at the moment. Sound mover.

Novice Bitch

1st Winnellands Dolly Daydream. Excellent Yellow with super overall make and shape. Good head, dark eye and well carried ears. Good angulation front and rear, good topline and tail, in full coat and super sound mover. Close up to a top spot.

2nd Ryedown Karactere of Chadfrith

3rd Othamcourt Dancing Queen

Graduate Bitch

1st Winnellands Loves Passion Mother of the winner of last class, has passed on her good qualities to her daughter. Great shape, head , expression, angulation and movement

2nd Linthwaite Cleopatra JW. A nice bitch overall but left her coat at home. Well made all through and sound mover.

3rd Barnagrow Altisdora

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Warringahs Camira Creek of Briwed. Just Gorgeous. Yellow of excellent construction, beautiful head and expression, so fit and in prime condition. Correct ribs, topline, tail carriage . Moved like a dream to take Best Bitch. Unlucky to meet the two boys later on. See Res BIS is her son. BOS.

2nd Othamcourt Penny Lane to Ankari. Bigger girl with excellent shape, pretty head, dark eye and lovely neck, topline and overall shape. She is a madam to show and when she turns on “the look at me” pose looks stunning, just needs to do it more often, super mover.

3rd Linthwaite Louisiana Jw

Limit Bitch

1st Warringahs Gurley JW Loved both these first two girls for different reasons. 1st a classic quality black, Scored in outline, angulation, construction and type. In good hard condition and excellent mover.

2nd Ryedown Scottish Inghea with Chadfrith. Chocolate bitch of great quality too. Loved her head type, a really chunky girl who is so well made, super angulation, topline and tail. Really sound mover.. Just preferred the more classic outline of the winner.

3rd Carpenny Micha at Rossclyde

Open Bitch

1st Ryedown Scottish Inghea with Chadfrith

2nd Thurbajens Saucy Saffron. Super head type, good front, moderate angulation and good overall outline. Moved close behind and just beginning to moult.

3rd Carpenny Cherry

Special Beginners Bitch

1st Steeleigh Made to Shine Black girl who scores in head, moderate angulation and good outline, sound mover, beat the second on maturity.

2nd Beautiful Ella Firestorm

3rd Badgersleigh Ron de Lace


1st Mrs Green Such a well matched pair and lovely quality too.

2nd Mrs Mount Lovely pair of yellows looking good together.

3rd Mrs Pondsford


1st Buckholt Kings Ransom. Super type of Labrador who has stamped his progeny with his type.

Memorial Stakes

1st Linthwaite Louisiana

2nd Othamcourt Penny Lane to Ankari

3rd Barnagrow Altisidora