• Show Date: 27/02/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sara Lamont Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

South Of England Bulldog Society

Thank you to the officers and committee for making my day so enjoyable. The atmosphere seemed relaxed, exhibitors were sporting and my show stewards efficient!

Overall I found the standard high, especially in some of the bitch classes. Grooming standards were good and the majority presented to their advantage. With regards to health my general observations was poor eyes, nearly one dog per class was either squinting, blinking excessively, wet, had scaring, suffered dry eye or had lashes rubbing. This really isn’t acceptable and should be a big focus for breeders to improve. I also found noses small and pinched, it seemed strange but the bigger the nose rope, the bigger and more open the nostrils?! With respect to breed type, lack of quality jaws seemed to be missing, most were true but lacked any significant width in both sexes. On a positive note bodies have improved massively - lovely ribs, briskets, chest and toplines in dogs and bitches.

Veteran (5, 1abs)

1. Prideofbully Napolian, BVIS, strong non exaggerated br/w male. Best movement in the class, large framed but carrying suitable weight for age. Classic broad skull, unwrinkled with good clear eyes on a good reach of neck. In super condition with strong bone.

2. Britishicon It Girl, R/W B, standard size and lovely shape. I awarded this girl RBIS in 2009 and it’s great to see her back in the ring. Lovely cobby body, well boned square front to tight feet. Refined head with good large nose and open nostrils. Moved well for age.

3. Mdenapoli Valentine Rose

Minor Puppy Dog (8, 4abs)

1. Albionpride a King of Magic, BPIS, really liked this boys outline and cleanliness of head. Broad classic skull with well-set ears following to a good length of neck. Well boned, best movement in the class and walking his width on the return. Strong well filled frame due to super chest and spring of rib, but still showing correct maturity for age and suitability toned with a good coat. Strong rear which was confirmed on the move.

2. Hillplace Captain Hook, smaller br/w. Lovely soft coat and type of colour that has to be handled to be appreciated. Good length of skull, well sized nose and good nostrils. True, strong jaw. Short compact body with natural topline.

3. Linmist Unique

Puppy Dog (3, 0abs)

1. Dempsey Messiah, strong 10mth f/w. Strong forelegs to tight feet with short nails. Brick skull, ok ears and suitable fill of eye. Well-padded foreface and true jaw. Compact body with good ribs finished by well angulated rear with low hocks.

2. Nobozz Inspiration, 10mth Br/W who moved with vigour if alittle loose, but not unexpected for age. Well sized unexaggerated head, good eye and big nose. Sufficient bone, well sprung ribs but preferred topline and tailset of 1.

3. Albert Dowell

Junior Dog (4,2abs)

1. Praetorian Horace, this male won the class on this head piece and sound movement. Classic skull, clear dark eye with a well-fitting and wide jaw. Moved sound if a little close behind but had correctly set tail of good length. Was his first show so both dog and owner still learning the ropes and he would benefit significantly with more weight on him.

2. Stellasville Fire Spark, Similar type to 1 but heavier built and well covered but preferred eyes and jaw of 1. Well boned, deep bodied with correct topline and sufficient tail. Moved okay but for me lacking the overall show finish.

Maiden Dog (1, 0abs)

1. Rhobull’s Rodger, BIS, stood alone but went on to win all the way through. Tidy compact r/w with good size head of length that’s well worked but not heavy. Wide dark eyes, neatly set rosed ears on sufficient neck. Good bone, to neat feet, nice profile with correct rise of topline, finished suitable tail setting. Excelled on the move which was purposeful and effortless and ultimately won him BIS.

Novice Dog (0,0abs)

Post Graduate Dog (5, 2abs) - strong class were all present had significant merit.

1. Arumus Ready To Rumble, RBD, 3yr old true masculine heavyweight in build and skull formation but this boy totally impressed me on the move, for his size he moved so well, so light and on his toes. A well worked head but with no negative impact on eyes, nose or nostrils. Masses of bone, strong straight forearms to compact feet. Good body shape finished with the perfect tail and set.

2. Argarspride Rule Breaker, different type to winner and only just over 18mths old. Super head, broad flat skull and good jaw with width and good fit. No excessive wrinkling giving an honest sour expression. In lean/hard condition providing a great body shape finished with a good tail.

3. Hillplace Ambush

Limit Dog (2,0bs)

1. Orchardrose Patrick at Hunthorn, standard sized fawn. Good sized skull, solid nose rope over a large black nose, rosed ears set ok. Compact body shape, suitable bone to compact feet. Good topline finished with an ok tail. Moved sound.

2. Ivabully Ain’t Misbehavin for Pearcroft, large male with great pigment. Masses of bone and chest resulting in an appealing front. Large skull with big nose and open nostrils, Good topline finished with a sufficient tail. Strong rear angulation due to strength of bone throughout.

Open Dog (2,1abs)

1. Linmist By My Side, upstanding young r/w male. Large clean skull, clear big dark round eyes, well turned jaw with good lip placement. Sufficient bone, but for me slightly unbalanced and needs to carry more weight. Ok topline and tail, moved soundly.

Minor Puppy Bitch (5, 1abs)

1. Avaword Connie, BPB, 2 really nice girls that should have a great future. For her age this girl is put together really well, lovely body shape that’s compact but not stuffy. Super depth of brisket and spring of ribs, suitable bone, forearms of good length to compact feet. Lovely natural rise of topline finished with a tail of good length. Clean head, correctly set ears, well-padded foreface, big black nose with good nostrils, solid nose rope that does not impact layback. Moved sound, a tad wide in front at the moment but may improve with age. Was more than happy to award her BPB.

2. Avaword Betsy as Blenhiemstar, ticked white solid girl when stacked up is a picture. Strong straight forearms to compact feet. Another with great depth of body due to well-developed rib and brisket. Short bodied with good topline and suitable tail. Brick skull with feminine expression, great pigment, dark clear eyes, solid nose rope not impeding on nose that was big and black. Another loose on the move but I’m sure improve with age.

3. Eastenders Nessun Dorma

Puppy Bitch (9, 3abs)

1. Sgribble Pip, this r/w girl is sturdy! Compact and up to size for age. I liked her build and coverage but I wouldn’t want her any bigger. Classic skull, neat ears, ok eyes but excelled in width and fit of jaw, especially for a female. Strong front well boned, good brisket and rounded ribs. Sorted bodied and smooth coated, thighs a little beefy and tail ok. Moved well.

2. Debton Lucilla, I liked this girl’s presence of power without being too big; feminine but strong. Super strong straight forearms to compact feet with short nails. Good body shape, might benefit from a few more lbs but correct topline and finished by perfect tail. Well-padded foreface, ok jaw, ears a tad heavy, head on good reach of neck. Moved soundly.

3. Hunthorn Amber Queen

Junior Bitch (10, 2abs) - Strong class which I enjoyed judging.

1. Silobull Chase the Dream, shapely well-built red pied. Won the class on movement - effortless, sound with correct roll. Good bone, well-balanced bitch in good coat, plainer in head, ok jaw, clear dark eyes but ears need to settle.

2. Cholto Crimson Crown, admired this girl from ringside and wasn’t disappointed going over her. A very honest bitch, what you see is literally what you get. Pleasing expression, well rounded cheeks, round dark eyes, lovely fit of jaw. Good neck, into well laid shoulders, topline slightly elongated and high tail set. A few more inches on her legs would balance her out to her advantage. Moved awell and seemed a lively character. I think on a different day these two could easily swap places.

3. Moreross Claira I Dedair at Cheval

Maiden Bitch (3, 1 abs)

1. Cholto Crimson Crown, see 2nd JB.

2. Avaword Edna, upstanding large red bitch. Straight bone, ok feet. Enough chest with a short body and big ribs. Moved okay, sufficient rear angulation. Wrinkling alittle heavy across the forehead, ears low set finished with a big black nose and open nostrils.

Novice Bitch (5, 0abs)

1. Avaword Connie, see 1st PB.

2. Liella I’m Betsie, this girl was naughty! Made her owner work but fortunately I had seen enough of her to make my informed decisions. Clean cut girl, good clear dark eyes, good nose and fit of jaw. Big ribs and ok topline finished with a good tail. Sufficient rear angulation and moved soundly.

3. Britishicon Sweetie

Post Graduate Bitch (6, 3abs) - I’m sure these could swap places on a different day.

1. Stellasville Olympic Star, unexaggerated F/W with dark pigment, did enough to win the class. Winning on eye shape and fill, big nose and open nostrils, wide foreface and neat ears. Short bodied, good rib and ok tail. Moved ok if lacking confidence.

2. Not in Catalogue, Tidy R/W pied. Super short bitch but not stuffy and still maintained a good topline. In strong muscular condition, carrying no excess weight. Large head to body ratio, eyes set wide apart in the head, solid nose rope and ears alittle heavy. Moved ok.

3. So Pretty

Limit Bitch (5, 2abs)

1. Burchell Mrs Hutchinson, BB, BOS & RBIS, standard sized Br/W. Short shapely body, enough bone to compact feet. Classic skull with length, good layback and pushed back nose. Dark clear eyes, giving a pleasing expression not spoilt by any exaggerations. Natural rise to topline finished with a pleasing tail, moved with ease. For me could do with a little more weight but just so much to like about her, she deserved BB and RBIS.

2. Britishurse Marchesa, R/W similar type to 1. Well ribbed and compact body. Front is well filled in chest with sufficient bone to ok feet. Pleasing skull with a feminine expression.

3. Florence of Luconevar

Open Bitch (5, 3abs)

1. De Ca’n Benet Starmenta Linmist JW ShCM, RBB, R/W bitch that I’ve judged many times before. 4yrs old and still holding her own, Stocky bitch which is still shapely and well-toned. Fine feminine head on a good reach of neck, sufficient bone to small feet. Well-developed chest and big ribs, short coupled finished with a pleasing tail.

2. Quilatera Eternal Flame mainly white female in good condition. Super fit and turn of jaw, big round eye on a well sized head. Weaker in front then 1, moved ok but lacking rear strength.