• Show Date: 15/10/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/11/2021

Llandudno Canine Society

Border Collie: G (3,1) 1. Lavignton's Sheltysam Secret Space for Sandmont. Pleasing, smooth outline on this well proportioned dog with corresponding angualtion fore and aft. Head was of good shape with strength of jaw and correct proportions. Good length of leg on well shaped feet and adequate length of body which was of good depth throughout. Scored highly in topline with croup flowing into hindquarters. Easy stride on the move, although a little close behind. Obviously at 17 months he has to mature fully, but did more than enough to take Best of Breed today. Pleased to see him take Group 3. 2. Pepper's Altricia Lady Midnight for Pedmore. Sweet, feminine bitch of almost 14 months who was a little unsettled which made assessment difficult. Not the head of the winner, but kind eye and excellent dentition. Nice length of neck and height to length ratio. Needs to fill her frame and drop into her angles now, presented in lovely condition and coat. O (6, 1) 1. Adshead's Dancaroo's First Moon Very honest bitch of 7 years who presented the most balanced outline of the class, standing foursquare when freestanding. A touch long in back she compensated with correctly angulated quarters, firm topline and croup; holding her outline whilst on the move. Head was feminine with good strength of jaw and muzzle, pleasing expression. Free moving when gaiting around the ring. 2. Charlesworth's Ginnylands Back in Black. 3 year old male who was put down in excellent muscular condition with good strong bone. I liked his head, neck and front which was of good depth and width with excellent shoulders. Pleasing loin and well angulated at rear, but rather steep in croup he could not match the topline of the winner. Good clean stride on the move.

Bernese Mountain Dog: G (4,3) 1. Perks' Kernow Festival Buzz. Immature young dog of almost 20 months. Masculine head which pleased, for strength, stop and strength of muzzle, mounted on strong neck. For a large breed his body was developing well, but I would prefer greater angulation at shoulder and stifle. He was shown in good condition with powerful rear. Topline could be straighter and he was a touch stilted behind when moving. However, he had good strong hocks and moved with purpose and enthusiasm. O (4,2) 1. Fairclough's Monalou Spirit of Discovery. 19 month old male with well developed quarters of strength and depth throughout. I liked his height to length ratio, not being too long. Head was well shaped and in proportion to body although I would prefer greater length of neck to improve overall balance. Lovely strong front, and scored highly in bone and feet. Good ribbing and loin leading into strong croup and adequately turned stifle. Didn't always hold his topline but his handler did tend to overhandle which affected this. Strong gait with easy action. Best of Breed and Working Group 4. 2. Perks' Kernow Festival Buzz.

Newfoundland: O (1). Austin's Baranova Big Bopper of Elbear. Big, impressive black male of 2 years who was a joy to go over with his fabulous condition and coat. He excelled in forehand with strong, masculine head, short square muzzle, good neck together with super chest and shoulders. Lovely ribbing and super, strong loin into powerful balanced hindquarters which corresponded with shoulder angulation. His handler must be careful to not overstretch him as this could compromise his topline which, when freestanding, is firm and level. He really came into his own on the move with outstanding showy and majestic action, true from all angles with minimal roll and absence of toeing in notwithstanding the small ring. Despite standing alone, he stood away for me. Best of Breed and with something in hand was my Working Group 1. I was thrilled that he went on to take Best In Show.

Dobermann: O (4,3) 1. Rodgers' Aritaur Jamaica Me Crazy at Nolatari. Smart brown and rust dog of 17 months who presented a reasonably square outline. Being young he is a touch leggy at the moment and needs some time to fill his frame and fulfil his potential. His head was of a good shape with strength of underjaw, representative of his sex, but ear could be smaller. Good length of neck into straight front with chest developing well and standing on good tight feet. Although short in back and with excellent condition, topline was a little too steep, but this may improve as he matures. Steady mover, who would have benefitted from a bigger ring. Best of Breed.

Bullmastiff: O (2,1) 1. Whittaker's Titantails Daft Punk. Feminine brindle girl of 11 months whose strength, without compromising her sex, pleased me. At her first show she was put down in lovely condition. Her head was square and attractive front on with good proportion of muzzle to skull in profile. Unfortunately she failed to use her ears. Good neck set well into shoulders which were clean leading to firm topline, good ribbing and strong loin. There was strength to croup and turn of stifle. Overall depth of body was good and she held her outline on the move which was quite free and unencumbered. Best of Breed, Best Puppy, Puppy Group 3.

Boxer: Bate's Lullmire Rebel Rebel. Charming 10 month brindle and white puppy with an extrovert disposition. Very attractive headpiece, which is well shaped, feminine and with super expression enhanced by placement of well shaped ear. She is a touch long cast for perfect balance but her lovely arched neck and her corresponding angles at shoulder and stifle lend themselves to a showy, attractive outline. Depth of body is developing well and she had a pleasing underline. Excellent feet and bone. Impressed me on the move, with lovely drive from the rear. Gaiting in profile she had good, purposeful, extension in front with power from the rear. Best of Breed and Best Puppy. In the Group she didn't stop showing but couldn't match the Newfoundland's maturity. I was delighted to award her Working Group 2 and a Puppy Group 1. I was thrilled that she went onto win Best Puppy in Show.

AV Working: P (4,3) 1. Walker's Riverdragon Seren Fach. Lovely, solid black Great Dane baby girl of 6 months who pleased me for overall balance and type. Classic headpiece; feminine and in proportion with strength of muzzle and jaw, square drop of lip, lovely eye and a pleasing expression. Overall body shape was very good with pleasing angulation fore and aft and quarters of good width and depth for age. Correct bone and standing on good, tight feet. Moved out well, if typically immaturely, showing promise. She needs to settle into her role as a showgirl. I was pleased to award her Working Group 3 and Working Puppy 2 where she gave an excellent account of herself.

Working Group: 1 Newfoundland. Austin's Baranova Big Bopper of Elbear. 2. Boxer. Bate's Lullmire Rebel Rebel. 3. Great Dane. Walker's Riverdragon Seren Fach. 4. Bernese Mountain Dog. Fairclough's Monalou Spirit of Discovery.

Working Puppy Group: 1. Boxer. Bate's Lullmire Rebel Rebel. 2. Great Dane. Walker's Riverdragon Seren Fach. 3. Whittaker's Titantails Daft Punk.

Ric Beall (Eppwood)