• Show Date: 20/02/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/11/2021

Maidenhead & District Canine Society

Samoyed: O (2) 1. Douglas' Taronakits Krackerjack of Troystar. Smart, balanced 3 year old dog who was strong without being coarse. Dark eyes and expressive, well proportioned head mounted on an arched neck. Angulation at shoulder and stifle was equal and he stood on strong bone and well shaped feet. Pleasing depth of body and topline. Profuse coat. Particularly good on the move with lovely strong hocks. Kept an even gait and outline in profile. Best of Breed. 2. Douglas' Aleski Rocket Man of Troystar. Well conditioned veteran gentleman of 9 years who was most competently presented by his young handler. Not the balance of the winner being somewhat shorter in neck but still reasonably well proportioned with filled quarters. Scored in head and good straight front. Good ribbing and hindquarters. Not as positive on the move as the winner, but still gave a credible performance. Reserve Best of Breed.

AVNSC Pastoral: J (2). 1. Chester's Lysdenoire Le Roc. Briard. Upstanding young fawn dog of 12 months who was quite handsome in outline. I liked his head, expression and large black nose. Correct length of neck. Very good height to length ratio, firm, level topline and correct angulation fore and aft. Straight front with good bone and feet and brisket almost to elbow. Just needs maturity to provide greater width and depth overall. I would prefer a stronger croup for perfect balance but so much to like. Good ground covering stride, however being a big, young dog he needs time to tighten up when coming and going. With time on his side I thought him very promising. 2. Webster's Hampatong Head of State. Hungarian Puli. Lively 9 month old girl with a super disposition. Giving something away in age to the winner she couldn't match his balanced outline today, but has time to come into her own as she grows on. Attractive, feminine and fine head atop a good neck. Shoulders and foreleg pleased me as did her short back and strong hindquarters. Rather straight behind at the moment for the perfect outline, but still a baby. Purposeful movement but needs to tighten up all over with time. Best Puppy. PG (1) 1. Chester's Lysdenoire Le Roc. O (6, 5) 1. Webster's Hampatong Trick or Treat. Hungarian Puli. Mature 4 year old compact bitch who scored in honesty being of good size and condition carrying optimum weight. Pleasing head and well balanced quarters with good depth of body. Very good width in front which follows through to pelvis. Particularly pleased with her true action when moving away and coming at you. Best AVNSC.

AV Pastoral: P (4, 3) 1. Croft & Peters’ Foxbarton Princess Royal at Falconmoor. Border Collie. Sweet, feminine 8 month old bitch with a pleasing unexaggerated outline which was nice to go over. Head was of good shape with lovely dark eye, attractive expression and correct dentition. Clean length of neck. Quarters are developing nicely and she stood on well boned legs leading into slightly sloping pasterns and good feet. Sound mover, but needs to strengthen and tighten up all over as she matures on. Best AV Puppy. PG (5, 3) 1. Bridges’ Kirkbridgend Rock Star. Border Collie. Reasonably well balanced bitch of 2 ½ but rather lacking in body which affected overall outline and movement. Good height to length ratio and particularly good lay of shoulder and with clean flow through the wither. Attractive head and eye mounted on neck of good shape and length. A little untidy on the move coming and going, but should she fill out in body and mature on this may improve. 2. Farmer’s Taranza Moondancer. Border Collie. Although still a junior this 17 month old bitch was much more mature than the winner and very substantial throughout with good depth and width of body. However, being somewhat short in leg she could not match the overall balance of the winner and this cost her today. Feminine headpiece and shoulders were well laid and set. Super coat and condition. Firm hindquarters with good strong hocks which were used on the move. O (6, 4) 1. Allan’s Janetstown Jillions. Shetland Sheepdog. Well balanced 5 year old bitch, who stood foursquare with corresponding angles fore and aft presenting a symmetrical outline. Very attractive head with dark oblique eyes, tight rims and good dentition. Very well filled in front with good bone and feet. Correct topline with the required sweep over the loin. Presented in lovely coat and condition. Not the most purposeful of movers on the day, but steady and sound. Best AV. 2. Tiller’s Foxbarton Kings Ransom JW. Border Collie. Masculine 3 ½ year old male of substance with head in proportion to body, but not the dentition of the winner. Stands on a strong, straight front with pleasing bone and he was put down in very good condition and coat. Height to length ratio was good and movement conveyed the desired lightness of foot.

Pastoral Group: 1. Samoyed. Douglas' Taronakits Krackerjack of Troystar. Really came into his own in this competition pulling out all the stops, particularly on the move. 2. Bearded Collie. Waldron’s Snowmead Super Sleuth. Impressive young male of only 15 months who pressed the winner hard. Quite the showman with a striking outline and adequate daylight under body. Masculine without being coarse or cloddy. Very good head with well proportioned, strong muzzle and excellent dentition. Straight front with super lay of shoulder to enhance overall outline. Just needs to mature on and fill out some more with perhaps a touch more hind angulation. On the move he tracked true coming and going. 3. Border Collie. Shahmatova’s Tonkory I’ll Be There for Nashdom. Smart bitch of almost 3 years who’s clean, flowing outline pleased me greatly. Very well put together and very good musculature. Had substance and good depth of body without a hint of coarseness so no compromise to function or femininity. Lovely head with adequate strength of jaw in harmony with body-shape. Good croup and strong hindquarters. A touch erratic when moving away, but profile action was easy and lithe. 4. Hungarian Puli. Webster's Hampatong Trick or Treat. Continued to put in a good performance in a quality group.

Pastoral Puppy Group: 1. Border Collie. Vlascic’s Hats Off at Bordertreokek. Most attractive 8 month old merle puppy who stood out here. Lovely make and shape with well developed quarters, balanced outline and good depth of body to length of leg. Sweet head and expression and pleasing length of neck. Height to length ratio was good she didn’t put a foot wrong. Typical puppy movement, but very sound and easy she concentrated very hard on the job in hand. 2. Shetland Sheepdog. Laversuch’s Pacarane Polgeorgio. Handsome 9 month old male. Striking headpiece and very showy using his good neck and mane to carry head proudly. Pleasing overall make and shape with good muscle and angles developing well. Overall a good outline with correct topline. Not quite as positive on the move as the winner, but a promising lad who one would hope will mature well. 3. Hungarian Puli. Webster's Hampatong Head of State. Showed herself to advantage here, just not quite the balance of the winners ahead of her. 4. Rough Collie. Morey’s Brookynut One In A Million. Attractive bitch of almost 10 months. Pretty, feminine head. Well developed front with good depth of chest she is filling out nicely. Quite well muscled with moderate round bone. Quite a handful which made her a little difficult to assess on the move she now needs to settle into the role of the showgirl.

Ric Beall (Eppwood)