• Show Date: 06/11/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: RHONEEN SCHONEVILLE Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/06/2020

Wigan & District Canine Society

Wigan & District Canine Society – 6/11/16 Judge Rhoneen Schoneville (Balvenie)

I would like to thank the Society for inviting me to judge and also give thanks to the exhibitors who entered their dogs. It was a pleasure to be able to go over some quality dogs today.



1st 86. Disley’s Ridanflight Rum Truffle (TAF)

Lovely 8-month old bitch stood alone in her class but worthy of her placing. Evenly proportioned, with a nice outline. Alert, soft expression with correct eye shape. Good front alignment and shoulder placement with nice rear angulation. Good muscle tone. Moved with drive covering the ground well -BOB/BPIB

German Wirehaired Pointer


1st 88. McCullough’s Kimmax Miss Kongeniality

9 mth old bitch stood alone in the class. Nice expression, well boned and good muscle tone. Deep Chest with well-placed elbows. Nice course coat with good tail set. Moved well – BOB/BPIB

German Shorthaired Pointer


1st 92. Sielski’s Orchidstar Wotsit

Lovely 11 month old dog, such a pleasure to go over. This boy is right up my street and so typical to the breed standard. Excellent bone and composition with a great outline and of correct size. Fabulous head, well-proportioned with a lovely soft expression. Muscular neck leading to correct shoulder placement, nice depth of chest with well-placed elbows. Good spring of ribs. Short back and great rear angulation with good muscle tone. Nice square hocks and tight feet. Correct coat, course in texture. Correct tail set. Moved well with drive once he gathered pace, shows drive and reach well. This dog is young and with time will mature in to an excellent representation of our breed - BOB/BPIB I was Delighted to see this exhibit go on to gain BIS and BPIS

2nd 91, Milligan’s Isara Kurzhaar All Spice


1st 98. Sielski’s Orchidstar Xtra O’live

Well balanced mature bitch. Good outline and good muscle tone. Well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest with nicely sprung ribs. Nice harsh coat texture. Good rear assembly. This bitch moved very well with good reach and drive.

2nd 97. Milligan’s Jessophia’s Oberyn Martell



1st 102. Yewdall’s Gunalt Adorable From Ladwey

Lovely well-presented 9 month old puppy, mature for her age. Overall in proportion, with a well-defined head in keeping with the standard and an intelligent expression. Round eye, good length of ear, well-constructed front, good layback of shoulder, nice spring of rib, correct length and good rear angulation. Good muscle tone for a youngster. Moved out and back well and a good profile view. BPIB

2nd 101. Stamp’s Gunalt Two To Tango with Tynsil


1st 101. Stamp’s Gunalt Two To Tango with Tynsil

8 month old bitch with a sweet expression, round eye, correct ear length, good reach of neck falling into well placed shoulders. Nice coat texture, good spring of ribs. Good overall length with good tail set. Movement sound with a good profile view, still needs to develop and mature.


1st 103. Gunalt Adoptable to Ladwey

General appearance in keeping with the standard. Nice feminine head with a kind expression. Good reach of neck. Well placed shoulders. Good front assembly and rear angulation. Well sprung ribs and good depth of chest. Moved out well with purpose and drive. BOB