• Show Date: 24/04/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rachel Collie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Beckenham Canine Association


I would like to thank the club for allowing me to judge their open show, I thoroughly enjoyed my day and the hospitality was great, in a great venue.

Thanks to all who entered and allowed me to judge their beautiful dogs!

I was very happy with my line ups and had some quality dogs to go over, overall quality, temperament and health was excellent.

Junior D / B (13/6)

1st – Mr D. V. Tanner, Bexbull Tudor Rose

8 month old red & white girl caught my eye as she walked into the ring. Lovely head with good pigment, hopefully it shall come on. Good jaw with enough upsweep. Great dark eyes, with correct ear placement and carriage. Good straight front, with enough bone for a young bitch, down to tight feet. Correct topline, leading to a fabulous tail. Viewed from above she has a lovely pear shape, nice rear angulation, excellent on the move. Overall a lovely bitch, proud to award her Best Puppy. Look forward to watching her career.

2nd – Mrs G. Weller, Geenawell The Artful Dodger

9 month old fawn & white dog. Very pleasing head, flat skull and a real sour mug expression. Great wide open nostrils, good jaw, dark eye. Good front with good brisket and tack on of shoulder, straight bone, to neat feet. Correct body length and topline. Moved ok.

Post Graduate D / B (5/1)

1st – Mrs M. T. & Mr I. Fridlington & Kettlewell, Big Red Bull At Albertwood

2 year old male. A lovely red and white masculine dog of substance. Good strong brick head, with lovely width of jaw, open nostrils, dark pigmentation, and dark eye. Correct ears. Nice reach of neck to tacked on shoulders, good pear shape, slightly heavy on the day. Lovely front with great depth of bone. Short coupled dog, good roach, and good tail and moved well.

2nd – Mrs H. M. Wheeler, Stellasville Olympic Star

4 year old fawn & white bitch. Nice brick shaped head with flat skull, clear round dark eyes, and pigmentation. Lovely width of jaw with fantastic upsweep, wide open nostrils. Good ears and expression. Straight front leading down to tight feet. Nice reach of neck, barrel ribbed, good body proportions with a good tail, moved well.

Open D / B (5/1)

1st – Mr S. Winter, Silobull Keep Calm N Carry On

15 month old white dog. Good presence in the ring. Nice brick shaped head, excellent black pigmentation, good wide nostrils, and clear dark eyes. Correct ear placement and carriage with lovely expression. A good jaw, slightly heavy nose roll for me. Good neck to tack on shoulders, lovely shape. Correct front with plenty of bone to nice feet. Moved well around the ring and with purpose. Pleased to award him Best of Breed, and then went on to win Utility Group 2!

2nd – Mr T. R. & Mrs E. M. Vaughan, Bexbull Brunhilda Odinschild

4 year old red & white bitch. Nice feminine bitch. Loved her type, brick head with lovely expression, good jaw, great upsweep and length of foreface. Open round dark eye, correct rose ear. Good straight front leading to good feet. Would like more brisket, nice body shape and length, great straight tail. Moved and handled well. Lovely bitch who deserved Reserve Best of Breed, and I found out after she is a ticket winner.

Rachel Collie (Thornford)