• Show Date: 19/06/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Luke Johnston Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Saluki Or Gazelle Hound Club

Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club Limited Show 19th June 2016 I must express my thanks and sincere gratitude to the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club and it’s members for allowing me the opportunity to complete such an honour in judging some very beautiful Salukis at the club’s Limited Show. The day went on a little longer than planned and unfortunately, some exhibitors had to leave before the Limit show due to various circumstances but this didn’t thwart the chance for me to get stuck into what turned out to be a decent entry, in both quantity and quality. Minor Puppy Dog/Bitch (1) 1. Fisher's Jaisalmer Abhishya (IMP FIN), 7 month blk/tan bitch. Still very much a baby and enjoying her day, acceptably of course. Pleasing, quality head with attractive dark eye and pigment. Bladed bone and good feet. She was well proportioned but obviously still had developing to do in chest and brisket. She moved enthusiastically with a light and lifting action. Puppy Dog/Bitch (4) 1. William's Al Zubeyda Lena at Kasaque. An absolutely gorgeous 8 month old cream bitch. Her dark pigment melted me. She had a strong and lenghty neck set on a well laid back shoulder, and she had a corresponding return of upper arm. She is already starting to form a typical outline, with a slight rise over her strong loin and a particularly elegant underline. She moved beautiful around the ring. BPIS. 2. Faber's Sufeina Against The Odds. Another sweet little girl at 10 months old. Perhaps a little more together and developed than the winner but lost out as she was not quite as purposeful on the move, nevertheless, she was still very sound. Many of the same points apply but I particularly liked her strong bone and width to her moderately angulated hindquarters. 3. Mahon's Canapus Impala of Iskandraya. 9 month old, strong and imposing black fringed red dog. Well-constructed front and was indeed well constructed throughout too. It was a shame that he did not perform his best today which affected his potential as I did see glimpses of great ground covering movement. Junior Dog/Bitch (3,1abs) 1. Faber's Sufiena Kismet. 10 month old cream dog. Masculine head with a beautiful dark pigment. Very immature and more interested in having a good time, but of course that is all part of being a puppy. Like his litter sister in the previous class, he had great width to his stifle. Standing, he hunched himself up but on the move, he presented a much better outline and was very sound, with a light and lifting action. 2. Skadrova & Scosta’s Tazillah Athir Armani. 15 month old elegant grizzle dog. An upstanding male with a far-seeing expression, from oval eyes set nicely on an excellent head. Still lacking body but has time and a decent frame to fill into. Well feathered throughout including his typical Saluki feet. Moving well in profile but let himself down coming towards me. Yearling Dog/Bitch (6,1abs) 1. Anderson’s Canapus Violante (IMP NDL). 23 month old blk & white bitch. This bitch was fascinating, so striking. She had a beautiful head with a dark eye held proudly by a strong and lengthy neck. Good, bladed bone. Her front angulation was among some of the best of the day; and this, accompanied by strong, well angulated hindquarters presented a beautiful picture of driving, purposeful and lifting profile movement. I was a little disappointed when she moved towards me but her more than enthusiastic attitude did not help the situation, unfortunately. Nevertheless, she was shortlisted and in contention for top awards in the bitch challenge. 2. Williams’ Kasaque Salaama. 21 month old grizzle bitch of an ideal size. Feminine and elegant presenting a most beautiful, typical outline. Delightful head with a moderately wide skull. Correctly filled chest and deep and well ribbed brisket. Strong and well angulated hindquarters with great width to thigh. Not as positive or ground covering on the move as 1, nonetheless, still typical light and lifting. 3. Darby & Williams’ El Hamrah Mansur of Kasaque (IMP FIN). Cream male aged 20 months. Handsome, masculine head and strong neck. Still yet to fully develop, understandably but has a good frame to fill in. He scored particularly in front angulation and this was balanced with his strong hindquarters. Perhaps a little too much rise over the loin and also not enough croup, hence his high tail carriage on the move. Moved very well however. Novice Dog/Bitch (1) 1. 2nd J D/B Graduate Dog (4,2abs) 1. Harkett, Leech & McIntosh’s Jazirat Shakeel for Cottonore. 4 year old black and tan. A strong and well-made dog throughout, perhaps a little too heavy for my liking. Good lay back of shoulder and return of upper arm. Well filled chest and deep brisket, ribcage was well sprung and ribbed well back. Well feathered. A little straight in hind angulation. Sound and steady on the move. 2. Webber & Layton-Smith’s Velourias Gene Vincent. 19 month old dark cream with white markings. This dog was a close second. At the completely opposite end of the spectrum when compared to 1, more elegant and by no means finished maturing. However, he has a well-balanced, moderate frame to fill into and was very sound on the move, when he decided to behave. I found it difficult to separate the two but in the end, this younger dog had to give way to the more mature and steadier black and tan. Graduate Bitch (5,2abs) 1. Warner & Hetherington’s Canapus Rodinia at Savuka (IMP NDL). 14 month old cream bitch. Delightfully attractive bitch, still only young although generally looking rather mature for her age. She has the most gorgeous head and eye with dark pigment, held by a muscular neck, set on well laid back shoulders. She had a great return of upper arm too which set her straight forelegs well under her body, although they could have had a tad more length to them, maybe this is a maturity stage? Her forechest was moderately filled, her brisket was deep and ribbed well back. Her outline was typically, moderately curvaceous. Her front was a little erratic at times on the move but when she settled into her stride, she floated around the ring. RBB. 2. Layton-Smith’s Velourias Viva Vivienne. 19 month old grizzle. Not as finished as the winner although she had enough of everything, respective of her age. She has a pleasant head with good oval eyes and dark pigment. Her angulation was balanced fore and aft. She moved with a light and lifting action and had particularly good width when moving up and down. 3. Yardley’s Bryn M Wild Rose of Manarah (IMP CAN). 2 year old attractive grizzle bitch. Built on a lighter frame than both placed before her however she had perfect body and development for her make and shape. Many of the above comment apply for this bitch too but ultimately, she lost out on movement where although she was very light on her feet, she did not have the reach and drive of the first 2. Mid-Limit Dog (2) 1. Owen’s Caryna Khepri. 2 year old black and silver dog. Masculine, but not coarse head with dark pigment. Strong, muscular neck set on well laid back shoulders, with correspondingly good return of upper arm which set his bladed boned, forelegs under his body. He has a good infill of chest and his ribcage was deep, well sprung and ribbed well back. His outline is typical of a Saluki, elegant underline and slight rise over the loin. He was just generally well-proportioned and balanced. I would like a little more substance to his hindquarters and width to thigh, nevertheless they were balanced in angulation. He moved with great reach and drive in profile but would have preferred him coming towards me a little straighter. RBD. 2. Mahon’s Canapus Shamal of Iskandraya. 3 year old dog, red with black fringes. This dog was a close second to the winner. Heavier built but still absolutely retained all the Saluki attributes. Masculine, well-shaped head. Well-constructed front. Bladed bone and good spring to pastern. His body as a whole was well developed. Slightly longer but not the topline of 1. His hindquarters were strong with plenty of width and balanced in angulation. He wasn’t absolutely settled on the day which showed in his outline when he moved however he covered the ground effortlessly with much reach and drive. Mid-Limit Bitch (3,2abs) 1. Warner & Hetherington’s Canapus Vesper (IMP NDL). 23 month old black and silver. Pure elegance and style. This bitch really drew me in for her beautiful outline and dignified posture and expression. So well-constructed, well-proportioned and balanced throughout. It was a delight to watch her move in profile but was just a little disappointed with her front movement. Unfortunately, her owner had two bitches in the challenge and decided to take the Graduate bitch leaving this bitch unsettled without and also when she had chance to be with her owner; had circumstances been different, she may have taken RBB as she was definitely in contention. Open Dog (3,1abs) 1. Andersson’s Alsahra Dakota. 4 year old silver grizzle parti, attractive dog. Very much the showman. He was by all means moderate yet still so striking. Would have preferred a more refined head. Liked his dark pigment. Muscular neck set on good shoulders, that were corresponded with good return of his lengthy upper arm. His chest was moderately filled, his ribcage was deep enough and ribs were well sprung. Great length to his strong loin. His hindquarters were strong and moderate with great width. Typical Saluki feet and bladed bone. His movement was typically light and lifting and actually very satisfying when moving to and fro as this was seldom seen in the entry. He put on a great performance to take BD & RBIS. 2. McCormick-Smith’s Anasazi Red Kite. 6 year old red with black mask and fringes dog. A masculine dog with a well developed body. Pleasing head with dark oval eyes. Moderately well-balanced and well-proportioned all through. Generally well-constructed. His underline was particularly pleasing. He was up against it in this class and he was sound on the move but just not quite as positive. Open Bitch (4,2abs) 1. Davies & Harrison’s Charrioak Sheerzam JW. Absolutely delightful 2 year old cream bitch. Well developed, she had glamour and showmanship even after a long day. A heavier type of head however still very attractive. So well developed and constructed. The most elegant underline and a beautiful rise over the loin too. To be critical, I would prefer a less steep croup. On the move she is so sound, moving with reach and drive yet and with width on the up and down and retaining the desired light and lifting action. No need to reel off quotes from the standard for this bitch, she was the just so moderate, well constructed, balanced and proportioned that she could simply not be denied. BIS. 2. Fisher’s Ruweis Taghaada. 3 year old fawn with black fringe bitch. A bitch of a different type. She was not quite as well developed but absolutely moderate all through. She has the most beautiful head with pigment that melted me. Long neck set on a well angulated front. Fantastic outline in the sense that she had the desired rise over the loin and a curvaceous underline, which I feel adds huge amounts of elegance to a Saluki. Her feet were spot on, of moderate length and toes well arched. Moved well. Veteran Dog/Bitch (6,2abs) A wonderful class to judge, all veterans showing tremendously with great aplomb. 1. Spilsted’s Jeshins Dynamic Diva. 9 year old cream bitch. Definitely not showing her age as she showed with great enthusiasm and positivity on the move. A good head and as the standard requires, long and narrow yet still retaining respective width to the skull. Superb angulation which was absolutely balanced fore and aft, which showed in her ground covering, light and lifting movement. Her outline was a delight, even at this age, retaining such elegance. BVIS. 2. Davies’ Charrioak Nunki. 8 year old red bitch. Another one showing and still looking well. Good head and strong neck set on well laid shoulders. Forelegs straight and bladed boned, typical Saluki feet. Generally well developed and constructed. Moving well. 3. Harkett, Leech & McIntosh Cottonore Enigma. 10 year old male, a red fawn with black fringes. My notes say ‘still enjoying his day out’, like they all did. Workmanlike, sound dog with overall good proportions. Balanced in angulation. Great feet. Special mention to 4th who was Hudson’s Kasra Ni’mah of Glenoak showing so enthusiastically at the grand age of 14 year old, she was a delight to judge. Luke Johnston