• Show Date: 02/04/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lesley Layland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Exonian Canine Association

Exonian Canine Association

2nd April 2016


Special Yearling 11 (6abs)

1st Davey's Dragonsway Sir Gorbash At Starsentinel

Strongly made yellow dog of 18mths with good bone and substance. Masculine head  with good length of muzzle, nice amount of stop & kind eye. Strong muscular neck of good length on nicely angulated shoulders. Straight forelegs on good feet. Good depth of chest & strong in loin with nicely turned stifle. Strong & positive on the move. BOS 

2nd Baker & Judd's Harpitts Miss Brandy Snap

Attractive chocolate bitch of 11mths with a sweet nature. Lovely feminine head with  dark eye & correct ear set. Clean neck of good length with correct forehand construction. Nice depth to chest & short coupled body with a good turn to stifle & straight hocks. Would prefer a little more 'get up & go' from her on the move today but still a very nice youngster. BP & Gundog Puppy Group 2 

3rd Jeffery's Carohall Day Dreamer At Milbridge

Post Graduate 8 (1abs)

1st Small's Primarius Boudica's Success

Soundly made black bitch of 2yrs. Standing foresquare she shows correct balance & has  the loveliest of heads with a kind & gentle expression from lovely dark eyes. Strong clean neck on well laid back shoulders. Straight well boned forelegs placed well under body with a good depth of chest & nicely barrelled ribcage. Nicely turned stifle with a good amount of second thigh & hocks straight & well let down. With her steady gait she moved straight & true with a good length to her stride. Very nicely presented & well schooled. BOB & Gundog group3. 

2nd Sharples' Cadbarin Loganberry

3nd Findjan's Rossacre Summer Skye

Open 9 (1abs)

1st Findjan's Rossacre Indy Anna

Quality black bitch with a happy disposition who presents a lovely balanced outline &  good body proportions. Attractive feminine head with kind eye. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders with good front angulation & nicely boned forelegs. Compact in body with a good depth of chest, short coupled & good turn of stifle. Moved out well holding a level topline & using her tail to advantage. RBOB 

2nd Small's Primarius Moon Goddess

3rd Mills' Lembas Swings Both Ways At Milbridge

Flatcoated Retriever

Open 1

1st Hayman's Lussac Thorin

Tall and rangy 2 yr old male who needs time to mature into his frame. Head of good  shape with kind expressive eye & correct bite. Good reach of neck onto well laid shoulders with nice amount of forechest. Forelegs straight & well boned on good tight feet. Good depth of chest with plenty of heart room. Moved well but just a little over angulated in stifle BOB. 

Curly Coated Retriever

Open 2

1st Courtier's Maycourt Hunky Dory JW ShCM

2yr old liver bitch in lovely coat & condition. Nicely balanced head of good type with a  lovely expression. Strong muscular neck with good shoulder placement & angulation. Mature in body for age with a good depth of chest & well sprung ribs. Nice turn of stifle with hocks well let down on good feet. Soundly made all through which showed in her strong & easy movement. BOB Gundog Group 4 

2nd Edworthy's Rydons Wishfull Thinking


Post Graduate 6 (1abs)

1st Dykes' Raigmore Starlet At Briartor

Nicely made b/w bitch of 2 yrs. Appealing head giving a good expression from nice  eyes. Good muscular neck of nice length onto a good lay of shoulder & clean topline. Good depth of chest & spring of rib with a good turn of stifle. Carried herself well on the move with good drive. RBOB 

2nd Coggins & Adam's Droveborough's Dclause At Gemrose

8mths b/w dog. Well presented in good condition with nice head shape of good  proportions, kind eye, ears well set with correct scissor bite. Strong neck of good length on nicely angulated shoulders with a nice amount of forechest. Good depth of chest & short coupled with a good turn of stifle. Once settled moved out with ease with a good rear action. BP 

3rd Edens' Dalens Sound And Vision

Open Dog 1

1st Osman's Wilchrimane Diamond Geezer At Marissolo ShCm

B/w dog of 5yrs. Well balanced all through with good body proportions. Muscular neck  of good length on nicely angulated shoulders with good return of upper arm. Mature deep chest of good width & short coupled. Nicely turned stifle & in good muscular condition. Moved out well. 

Open Bitch 3

1st Edens' Dalens Coco Chanel

L/w bitch of 22mths. Liked her for her overall balance. Attractive feminine head with  good eye shape, ears well set & nice amount of stop. Clean neck of good length with good shoulder placement & angulation. Good depth of chest & spring of rib with straight forelegs & correct bone. Short coupled & strong in loin with a good turn of stifle. Very easy on the move covering the ground well. BOB 

2nd Needham's Whealbetsy Elsie

3rd Siddle, Siddle & Kruger's Wilchrimane Black Ice

German Wirehaired Pointer


1st Harries' Myrna Loy

Well handled & presented bitch of 2yrs. Nicely made & well put together showing off  her lovely clean outline. Attractive feminine head with lovely balance, appealing eye & good pigment. Strong neck onto correctly angulated shoulders with forelegs straight of good bone & elbows close to body on good feet. Good depth of chest with ribs well sprung reaching back into a short, strong loin. Nice turn of stifle with a good amount of second thigh. Very pleasing when on the move covering the ground well & with ease. BOB 


Open 5 (3abs)

1st Rutland, Rutland & Jones' Khamsynn Coast Liason

Nice bitch of nearly 2 yrs with a lovely feminine head, correct length & depth of muzzle  & good eye shape. Clean strong neck of good length with well laid shoulders, good front angulation & return of upper arm. Straight & nicely boned legs of good length on good feet. Good depth of chest with ribs back & well sprung. Nicely angulated rear quarters with good muscle tone. Moved out strong & with purpose covering the ground well. BOB 

2nd Jefferies' Graufreund Gift Of Grace For Silbermeer ShCm

Golden Retriever

Puppy 4

Liked these first two puppies a lot. 1 just had the edge today on being that little bit more together at this stage of development but nevertheless 2nd is still a very nice puppy with lots to like. 

1st Merrick's Stormerick Abby Crunch

Quietly handled pale bitch of 6mths shown in lovely coat & condition. She has a very  attractive & balanced head of good type with kind dark eye, good pigment & a lovely feminine expression. Good length of neck & shoulders well placed with a good return of upper arm. Forelegs well boned & straight on good tight feet placed well under body. Ribs nicely sprung for her age with a good depth of chest & short in couplings. Nicely angulated stifle with good second thigh & hocks straight when viewed from rear. Moved out steady placing feet correctly with a good length of stride. BP. Gundog Puppy Group 1, RBPIS 

2nd Giltsoff's Endellion Spinnaker

3rd Pike's Kadaka Karbon Kopy For Trumpsgold

Special Yearling 7

1st Beard & Main's Gwyngala Gentle Touch

Easily won the class on her overall confirmation, lovely clean outline & for breed type.  Mid gold bitch of 20mth with a very pretty feminine head, balanced with correct amount of stop with dark eyes of good shape. Ears well set & correct scissor bite. Lovely clean neck of good length with good forehand construction & lay back of shoulder. Good width & depth to forechest with ribs well sprung, Forelegs straight with ample bone on neat feet. Nicely angulated rear quarters with short neat hocks well let down. When moving she has a good forward reach & a lovely level topline but her owner needs to move her a little faster to enable her to show off her movement to full potential as today she was lacking a little in rear drive. 

2nd Hewitson's Kaspurgold Key To My Heart At Seruila

3rd Main's Gwyngala Group Captain

Post Graduate 7 (1abs)

1st Merrick's Stormerick Bobby Shafto JW ShCm

Nicely balanced male of good type with the gentlest of heads clearly masculine but not  at all over done. Good pigment with correct scissor bite, super kind dark eyes & ears well set giving that all important 'golden' expression. Not a big lad but so well put together with textbook front angulation. Strong neck of good length with ribs well sprung & plenty of heart & lung room to his deep & mature chest. Legs straight & well boned on tight feet & well up on pasterns. Short & strong in loin with correctly angulated stifle mirroring his front. In nice muscular condition all through with his rich golden coat sparkling in the sunlight. Moved out steady & true with good forward reach. Delighted to award him BOB. 

2nd Beard & Main's Gwyngala Gentle Touch

3rd Hewitson's Kaspurgold Key To My Heart At Seruila

Open Dog 4 (2abs)

Liked both of these boys. Just preferred 1's front angulation and movement.

1st Merricks Stormerick Scott Free  

Mature pale coated male of 7 years who was confidently shown by his young handler. Masculine head with a nice kind dark eye & lovely expression. Reachy neck on well laid back shoulders with a level topline & correct tailset. Nice amount of forechest with a mature & well ribbed body of good depth. Straight well boned forelegs, tight pasterns & with a good turn of stifle & good width to second thigh. Reachy movement with drive from his rear quarters. 

2nd Fenn's Willsbrook The Hairy Biker At Jandeburn Sh Cm

Open Bitch 4 (1abs)

1st Clarke's Bramblebriar Rainbow Rose For Sunnyoak

Pale coated bitch of 3yrs with a lovely well balanced feminine head with good dark eye  and pigment. Clean neck of good length set on nicely angulated shoulders. Straight legs with elbows closely fitting her chest which had a good depth & width. Short in couplings with good strength to loin. Nicely angulated stifle with strong rear quarters. Hocks straight & well let down. Moved out positively with a lovely rear action. Not quite the maturity of BOB today so had to settle with RBOB today but she is still a very nice bitch with a lot to like. 

2nd Hewitson's Kaspurgold Key To My Heart At Seruila

3rd Hockling's Kaspurgold Elsa

Judge Lesley Layland.