• Show Date: 24/04/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lesley Layland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Beckenham Canine Association

Beckenham Canine Association

Sunday 24th April 2016

Puppy 9 (1abs)

What a super quality class of puppies to start the day with. A few who I liked standing hadn't quite come together with their movement as yet but with time and maturity this will come.

1st Seamons' Messano Incognito

Super puppy bitch of 6mths. Nicely made throughout & at the right stage of development for her age. Attractive feminine head of good type; balanced with lovely dark eyes of good shape, correct scissor bite, ears well set all enhanced with super dark pigment. Lovely length of neck with shoulders well laid back leading to a lovely level topline & correct tailset which she held on the move. Straight front with legs of ample bone on super tight catlike feet. Good depth of chest & spring of rib. Short in couplings with nicely angulated stifles. Once settled moved out soundly clearing showing her super forward reach when in profile. BP & Gundog Puppy Group 3

2nd Riley's Wylloh Royal Doulton

3rd Carter & Woodley's Fivehills Snowstorm

Junior 6 (2abs)

1st Riley's Wylloh Royal Doulton

This pale coated male of 11mths has the loveliest of masculine heads with super black pigment & kind dark eye. Muscular neck of good length with a good lay back of shoulder & correct return of upper arm. Forelegs well boned of good length with tight feet & strong pasterns. Good depth & width to chest with ribs well sprung & short coupled body together with a nicely turned stifle made for a lovely picture. Today he wasn't quite so together on the move & was unlucky to meet the puppy winner.

2nd Riley's Wylloh Clarice Cliff

3rd Purvis' Poppygold Apache Tears

Post Graduate 10 (5abs)

1st Hughes' Amysbury Albertino

Quality pale coated dog of 18mths with super bone & substance & a lovely clean outline. Masculine well chiselled head, kind dark eyes of good shape with a good depth & width to muzzle, correct bite & ears well set. Clean reachy neck onto well placed shoulders with good front assembly & return of upper arm. Straight well boned forelegs on good feet. Chest of good depth & width allowing for plenty of heart & lung room with ribs well sprung. Nicely angulated stifle complimenting his front with hocks straight & well let down & nicely conditioned all through. A little unsettled on the move to start with but once in his flow his rear quarters propelled him easily along allowing him to make the most of his super front extension. BOB. A very nice boy who just needs time to mature and fill his frame.

2nd Krucyk's Maplerose Royal Commander

3rd Bufton & Riley's Wylloh Mr Bojangles

Open Dog 4 (2abs)

1st Dean's Aymsbury Angus With Rugglestone Well balanced male with a heavy mid golden coat of good quality. Masculine head with kind dark eye & gentle expression. Good length of neck on to well angulated shoulders. Deep mature chest of good width with a nice spring of rib & short coupled body. Good bend of stifle with straight hocks & strong rear pasterns. Powerful on the move with a good driving action from his rear quarters. 

2nd Maker's Thornywait Coldplay For Dreamland

Open Bitch 10 (2abs)

1st Reeves' Rheincroft Over Easy JW

Won the class easy on her lovely straight & accurate movement. Short coupled 3yr old bitch  with a very attractive head with kind dark eyes & soft expression. Lovely reach of neck on to nicely angulated shoulders. Forelegs straight with elbows closely fitting body on good feet. Mature in body with ribs well sprung & a good depth to chest. Short & strong through the loin with a lovely turn of stifle & good width to second thigh. Just prefer a little less trimming to her neck and chest but still a very nice bitch. RBOB 

2nd Pett's Stormerick High Hopes At Rumwood

3rd Bolton & Saxon's Chamorels Crimson Moonlight (Imp Swe)

Judge Lesley Layland.