• Show Date: 25/09/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Bedford & District Canine Society

Thank you to the Society for a very enjoyable day. There were some good dogs on exhibition – indeed a few potential great ones!  


Unfortunately, the appointed judge was not able to fulfil the appointment so I took over this entry and it was certainly a very good quality entry. I was looking for elegance, correct construction and correct size.

Junior (3)

1st Haggerty’s Moonfleur Rosa Pixie. Overall of a nice make and shape if not just a little raw looking at the moment- but that's not a bad thing. Head was long enough with slight stop. Could do with more width between eyes. Oval eyes. Ok for balance. Chest still to deepen. Top line correct for breed. Feet oval in shape. Moved soundly from all angles when settled. Just needs to turn on.

2nd: Meikle’s Moonfleur Damask Rose. Larger than 1st and not quite as elegant. Balanced angles but not as good as 1st. Head was typical for age with a better width than 1st. Good oval eye. Ears could be better. Neck arched and of correct length. Correct depth of chest. Didn't really cover the ground.

Post Graduate (6) A nice class

1st Richardson’s Selinko Dream On Lewcher. Stand away winner for me. Correct for size. Elegance personified yet with the strength I would expect in a good healthy Hound. Lovely long lean head with the correct refinement and degree of stop. Good width between eyes. Ears of correct shape and set. Lovely long arched neck leading into very well angled shoulders. Upper arm could slope just a tad more. Nice for bone. Correct top line with graceful arch over the loins. Correct tail set and carriage. Body had super proportions. Superb movement from all angles. In super condition and handled to great advantage. A super example who captivated all on the day. BOB, Best In Group and so pleased to watch her take BIS from a strong line up. Congratulations.

2nd Brown’s Chrispan Celtic Legend of Hazeacre. Overall a nice boy. Top for size for my preference, but well proportioned. Still had the elegance in a masculine frame. Head ok with typical expression. Ok for width. Neck of correct length. Well angulated. Topline correct. Tail set good. Moved soundly but not as light as 1st. Hocks well let down.

3rd Pitchers Willakyme Mayfly At Amphoras

Open (4)

1st Pitcher’s Willakyme Destinys Promise At Amphoras. An elegant, very attractive bitch . Long lean head. Not quite such good width as BOB winner and not quite as feminine. Eyes of good shape and set. Neck ok for length, with reasonable arch. Shoulders ok. Upper arm angles back enough. Pasterns good. Would prefer a slightly deeper chest. Excellent bone. Feet of correct shape. Good body with nice length. Definite tuck up. Tail set good. In excellent condition and moved very soundly not quite the ground coverage or overall package of the BOB winner, but still a classy girl.

2nd Brown’s Chrispan Crazy Diamond of Hazeacre. Masculine head which was long enough. Up to size. Well off for bone. Balanced angles all through. Topline good. Correct proportions. Correct tail set and carriage. Moved ok from the side but a little untidy on the out no back.

3rd Whinnett’s Runaround Mozart.

Bearded Collie

Junior (1)

1st Swaby’s Pipadene When You Believe In Marsby. Developing nicely. Balanced all through. Typical head with the correct square proportions to the skull. Typically flat also. Muzzle of correct length and of pretty good strength. Lovely eyes. Moderate length to neck. Well angulated. Back level and firm. Good length to ribcage. Loins not too long. Feet ok. Ok for bone. Moved very soundly from all angles. Enough body.Promising. BP

Post Graduate(1)

1st Griggs’ Malandex Diamond Xpression For Emazenridge. Skull square enough. Correct length of muzzle with good strength. Ears correct. Neck typical. Good angulation all through. Body proportions were good. Good depth and length of ribcage. Nice length of stride. Very sound. Handled to advantage. Coat of correct texture and quality. BOB

Miniature Schnauzer

Shame there was a Club show scheduled for the same day.

Junior (1)

1st Caffel & Kavanagh’s Doberway Lucy Lockett. My notes say ‘super bitch’. It would be easy to end it there as this does sum her up . Beautiful head with correct proportions. Dark eyes of a lovely oval shape. Super expression- so cheeky and sassy. Alert and on her toes. V- shaped ears which were set on high. Lovely neck. Excellent typical angles for breed with line from stifle to hock in harmony with the upper neck line. Just fills the eye. Lovely strong body but maintaining the degree of femininity that she should have. Tail set perfect. Coat just a tad soft for me on the day. Great mover. Absolutely owned the ring. An absolute cracker. My dog of the show. BOB. So pleased to watch her win a very strong Utility Group. Congratulations.

Open (1)

1st Clark’s Khanlorba Rambling Man. Certainly a dog of good type with many qualities to admire. Masculine head with lovely dark eyes, strong jaw with tight fitting lips. Ear set high on head. Neck strong. Firm body. Bit longer through loins than the winner. Topline could slope more for my preference. Balanced angles fore and aft. In good coat, with correct texture. Could not compete with 1st on the move. Crabbed going away, but moved round the ring in a typical fashion. Very well presented. RBOB.

Giant Schnauzer

Open (1)

1st Houslop’s Eskaidee Firefly At Aligael. Stood alone today. An honest dog. A basically good head with the correct balance of strength and femininity that I look for. Dark eyes. Good neck. Balanced all through. Ok for angulation. Topline firm. Perhaps a tad too much length through the loins. Coat of medium texture. Moved soundly at all times. A most super temperament and personality. BOB

AVNSC Working

Post Graduate (1)

1st Everett’s Dainmajik Witch’s Brew. (Great Dane) Pretty good head with the proportions I would expect. Good length and depth of muzzle. Ears set correctly and were carried well. Neck ok for length. Shoulders ok, and were well balanced at the rear which allowed for a reasonable degree of freedom of movement. Topline good. Good depth and breadth of chest. Tail set and carriage good. Tended to stand rather cow hocked. Would prefer more elegance all through but overall looked and went well.

Open ( 1)

1st Smith’s Auldhelm’s Xquisite (Portugese Water Dog). A favourite breed of mine and an easy winner here. Beautiful all through. Very typical head and expression. Skull slightly longer than muzzle. Central furrow to head was correct. Lovely dark eyes, medium size and round. Ears set above eye level. Neck was short and straight and carried as described in the standard. Slightly longer in body than height at withers. Chest of correct depth and width. Moderate tuck up. Well angulated fore and aft. Feet flat. Tail thick at base and tapering to tip and did not reach below hock. Tail carried well on the move. Correct coat. Super mover and just owned the ring in both this class and the working group. Super condition. Could be stood to better advantage at times to show off her lovely outline. Another cracking dog and one I shall watch for. Really beautiful. Best AVNSC Working and Group 1.

Working Group

Group 1: Smith’s Auldhelm’s Xquisite (Portugese Water Dog). Critique as above.

Group 2: Robinson & Platt’s Rigrunner Jubilee Flypast JW. (Siberian Husky) A top class Siberian who has a matured on well since I last judged her. Typical head with lovely almond eyes. Good neck. Excellent angulation fore and aft. Good proportions. Correct length of lower leg. Correct length of ribcage. Good firm topline with slight arch over the loins. Tail set correct, curls slightly towards the tip. Excellent strong mover who really covered the ground to a maximum with minimal effort. Would have really pushed for the top spot had she decided to put her ears up when it counted! A very classy girl in any competition.

Group 3: Adams’ Jhava The One N’Only (Rottweiler). Standard fitting and put on a good performance here. Well constructed with strength throughout. Typical in head. Neck of correct length. Firm topline. In good condition. Moved with much verve and vigour. Well handled.

Group 4: Lainchbury’s Ashlain Trypiti JW. (Doberman). Very alert and ready for the job at hand. Very nice outline. Basically well put together. Head not as feminine as I like in this breed, but was of good proportions. Neck of correct length. Balanced angulation all through. Body proportions were ok for a bitch. Strong topline. Good feet. Nice underline. Moved with purpose.

Working Puppy Group

Puppy Group 1: Mason’s Alkido’s Guinevere (Rottweiler). Just lovely. Really took my eye when she came in. Most wonderful disposition. Gorgeous head which is developing nicely for her age. Certainly not overdone or finished. Lovely dark eyes of correct shape. Great neck. Lovely angulation. Good strong body of ideal proportions. Correct depth of chest and length of leg.. Moved with great reach and drive when settled. Could not deny her the Puppy Group and pleased that her quality shone through to take BPIS. Congratulations. Will watch her progress with interest. Good luck!

Puppy Group 2 : Wilson’s Granadeya Val Veny. (Dobermann). A very puppyish Dobe, but showing good potential. Typical head and neck. Good construction and very typical in outline. Typical topline. Cheeky and just adorable to go over. Moved very soundly when settled. Well handled and another that should do well.

Puppy Group 3: Tinker’s Zaltana Mr Blue Sky At Lolotea. Foxy enough in expression. Good almond shaped eyes. Muzzle ok. Tight fitting lips. Neck long enough with slight arch. Up to size. Too short in lower leg at present compared to depth of chest. Moderate angulation all through. Correct length of body coming mainly from the ribcage. Topline soft at present. Good double coat. Movement was unfortunately erratic on the day.

Krystyan Greenland