• Show Date: 01/10/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Karen Powney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Barking Canine Club

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to a very well organised and well run show at a great venue. I am sure some of the hound entries were absent due to Driffield hound day being the same day and the Whippets had a back to back with a northern champ show the next day as well. But overall a great day with some lovely dogs.

Barking Canine Club 1st October 2016

Karen Powney (Knotdog)


Adult Handling




Basset Fauve DB


Spaniel (Cocker)


My hound entry I am sure was affected by Driffield hound day with both low entries and absenties, but the quality of those present was good and I enjoyed my day judging. My thanks to Barking for inviting me and making me feel very welcome. A lovely large venue with large rings and plenty of space for crates and moving about.

JHA 6-11 (7entered , 4absent)

1st Laila-mai Ogborn (10) – Very practiced handler smartly dressed. Able to hold a strait line but still a little rigid, needs to relax a little and not look quite so wooden.

2nd Isobel Khawaja (9) – Another very good young handler but again slightly wooden and needs to relax, lost out only by one very small wiggle on one of the strait lines. These two could swap places on another day.

3rd Uliana Zybina (10) – This young handler is just starting out and is not as polished as the other two handlers present but did a good job with a dog who was obviously trying to get to someone outside the ring. Maybe needs to borrow a trained dog to help her learn quicker, but she has the makings of a good handler.

JHA 12-16 (10entered, 3absent)

Was a little disappointed with this class as usually the standard is so very high and I have to find very small details to split them on but the lack of attention to where they were standing when others were showing and accidentally or deliberatly being in the way, some rough handling of mouths when showing teeth, and not listening to instructions left some without places who I would normally expect to place.

I did not ask any of them to do anything different so a little attention to the previous handlers and listening to what I actually asked them for would have gone a long way.

1st Harriet Sheppard (14) - Very good relaxed handler who was interested in her dog and made the effort to get out of the way of other exhibitors and actually listened to what was asked, lines were strait and lead loose enough to allow the dog to move well without going off line.

2nd Trinity Robb (14) – A very good handler who listens and pays attention to where she is in the ring, possibly as she has a large dog. Lines were strait and dog presented well, lost out by being a little over faffy with feet.

3rd Miss J Gausden (15) – Was more attentive to her own dog than some of the others and not rough in any way, but lost out on the top 2 placings due to not listening to instructions.

Adult Handling 17-35 years (11entered, 3absent)

1st Shannon Roberts – Very kind handler who was paying attention to the dog and its presentation, listened to what was asked and executed it well. Did not impede anyone else but was not trying too hard or overdoing it. Would happily let this handler handle any of my dogs.

2nd Lisa Parker – Very kind and patient handler with a young dog which she got the best out of by taking her time and not getting flustered even when the dog did not immediately respond. Was not overly attentive to the ring when waiting her turn but did not overly get in anyone else way.

3rd Tess Newton – A good handler who needs to pay a little more attention to instructions and wat is going on around her when not being seen

Adult Handling 36years + (5 entered, 3absent)

The older handlers need to watch the Juniors a little for a few tips on the differences from breed ring to handling.

1st Ashley Harding – Very professional handler with experienced dog, who is used to breed ring more than handling and needs to polish the handling side of things a little. Dog shown well but ring etiquette for handling and being expected to do something a little different to usual caused a few wobbles.

2nd Mrs Hardwicke – Another handler used to breed ring not handling but showed dog well.


Junior D/B (1entered, 0 absent)

1st Kaymark Kangaroo Kandy (B) – BP/BOB – Brindle with white points - This beautiful young bitch was just 6 Months old the day before the show but is so together. Head shape is correct, neck long and naturally arched, body long enough, with correct arch over loin which many seem to be losing, deep enough chest still has a lot of bodying up to do but I am sure this will come with age, but toes well arched, overall a pleasing outline, good on the move and covers the ground lightly and gracefully, with no high stepping in sight. Pleased to award her BP and BOB and to see her go onto Adult Group 4 and Puppy Group 3.

Limit D/B no entries

Open D/B (2entries, 1absent)

1st Hergehill Kangaroo Kandy at Kaymark (B) – RBOB – Blue Brindle parti colour, lovely bitch of 20 months old, good head and body, correct oval eye and pigment good, correct length, good coat texture but was out shined by the junior winner in type and movement.


A shame with four entries that none were present. Appologies were sent that they were all at Driffield

Junior D/B (1entry, 1absent)

Limit D/B (2entries, 2absent)

Open D/B (1entry, 1absent)


Junior D/B (no entres)

Limit D/B (2entries, 0absent)

1st Monkhams Kalico Jack at Beaujons (D) – A lovely boy who is whiter than most in the ring – correct outline and head with good angulation front and rear which shows through when he moves,correct coat, lovely tail carriage and such a happy disposition. RBOB

2nd Jamar Angeliou (B) – Another lovley PBGV who screams type, correct coat, lovely feminine head and holds her topline well on the move.

Open D/B (2entries, 0absent)

1st Beaujons Tickled Pink (B) – Lovely bitch, correct front and rear angulation , beautiful head with lovely dark eye, correct coat, moved round the ring like she owned it. Pleased to award her BOB and watch her go onto Group 2. I also later found out she gained her last points towards her ShCM on the day.

2nd Debaucher Unique (D) – A wonderful boy who I do not think showed the best of himself today. His head is correct, angulation good and coat of correct texture, but he was very unsettled on the table and on the move and did not once get his tail up above the line of his back which was a great shame.

Basset Fauve DB

Again a great shame that none of the entries were present.

Junior D/B (no entries)

Limit D/B (2entries, 2absent)

Open D/B (1entry, 1absent)


Was pleased to see all of the pointers today wagging their tails on the move and no one hackneying.

Junior D/B (2entries,0absent)

1st Hookwood Busty Babs (B) – 6½ month old black and white bitch, lovely feminine head, beautiful overall shape and moves well for a pup, will tighten behind as she gets older, she will be one to watch, was pleased to give her BP and then see her win Gundog puppy group and Res Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Sharnphilly Athos at Jimaura (D) – Just a year old on the day this large boy is well angulated and has a good shape. Outshone by the younger one all round though.

Limit D/B (2entries, 1absent)

1st Droveborough go for Gold by Hookwood JW (B) – Tall bitch, nice head and well laid shoulder, correct angulation and god feet, would like a little more muscle tone but she moved OK. RBOB.

Open D/B (3entered,1absent)

1st Oxfordacres Trinity by Hookwood JW ShCM (B) – This beautiful Bitch is so balanced and has such a beautiful head. She has all the graceful curves and her shape and angulation is correct front and rear. Out moved and outshone the rest of the entry.

2nd Just Wilbert by Hookwood (D) – Heavy headed dog, with OK angulation that looks over angulated by being stood with a ski slope back so his hocks are over half way down his tail. Angulation and front assembly good, good reach of neck and moved OK but not the quality of the BOB.

Spaniel (Cocker)

Junior D/B (2entries,1absent)

1st Sharmead Sunkissed TAF (B) – 7 month old, gold bitch, lovely angulation and nice shape of head, she was a little cautious but settled as the class went on, moved better second time and carries herself nicely. BP.

Limit D/B (2entries,1absent)

1st Manchela Hugo Boss JW (D) – 21 months old Blue Roan boy, correct head and angulation front and rear good, moved well and carried himself happily and with presence round the ring. He is carrying a little too much weight for me but overall could not deny him BOB. Pleased to see he went onto group 3.

Open D/B (2entries,1absent)

1st Molkara Vuvuzela ShCM (B) – 6 year old black bitch, who did not look over happy, just about wagged her tail on the move but in general gave an air of not being totally settled. She has a lovely head and moved OK, her rear angulation is good and she holds her topline well. RBOB