• Show Date: 27/03/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Karen Powney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

West Lothian Canine Society

West Lothian Canine Society

Open Show

Sunday 27th March 2016

Judge :- Karen Powney

Firstly let me say thank you to the society for inviting me and for a lovely lunch and their hospitality.

I had some lovely dogs to go over and my winners were true to breed type. I do however wish that owners and handlers would learn what a strait line is as many good dogs went unrewarded I am sure, as I only saw some weaving up and down the mat crossing their legs to try and stay by the side of their handlers as they meandered up and back. If some of you thought a better dog stood in front of you today maybe look at how you move the dog as some I could only see in profile as up and back I saw only wiggle and crossed legs. I can only assume these dogs do not move correctly and that there is something to hide, but I am sure this is not the case with all.

Bearded Collie


1st Mr & Mrs Robertson's,  Kiltondale Liadhich with Quothquan (B) 3yo – Although this bitch stood alone she was very true to type with a lot to like, a beautiful head and neck well laid shoulders and good rear end. Moved really well in the space available and showed herself off  to best advantage, BOB. Pleased to see her go onto pastoral group 2.

Shetland Sheepdog

Junior (3,0)

1st Mr & Mrs Shaw's, Bluequarry Pearl Blue (B)11 Months Old – Lovely head on this young bitch with the correct eye and a lovely level movement. Still a lot to come in but a lot to like.

2nd Mrs Wilkies, Avonbank Designed to Dazzle (B) 8 Months Old – Cobbier type than 1st but again lovely head planes, profuse coat just not as together on the move, I am sure this will come with age.

Post Graduate (8,1)

1st Mrs McSheehy's, Ashkirk Ladybird (B) 4yo – Correct proportions throughout height to length, planes and angulation all correct in this bitch. The class, a full white collar would be nice just to  perfect the look but does not detract from her form. Pleased to Award her RBOB

2nd Mr Purves's, Donallen Magical Moments (D) 3yo – a lovely mover correct fore and aft but stop a little deep, correct eye and planes.

Open (6,0)

1st Mr & Mrs Hay's, Degallo The Adjudicator (D) 5yo – this lovely dog moves true has everything where it should be except his markings, the white mark up his head that is not totally strait, will throw some judges to believe his head is not correct, but get past this and he has a beautiful correctly shaped head and planes, a correct lay of shoulder, tight feet and good angulation a very easy choice for BOB.

2nd Miss Hepburn's, Leterikhills Emma's Boy ShCM (D) 5yo – well put together boy, correct angulation, Moved OK.

Border Collie

Graduate (3,0)

1st Mrs J Heggie's Janbell One Step Beyond (D) 15 months – Good coat, moved well, I am sure as he matures he will improve in body.

2nd Miss Walker & Ms Large's Wizland Whiskey In The Jar (D) 17 months – Pigment not as dark as I would like, movement I hope will improve with age as a little loose.

The third dog in this class was I am sure better than I saw but stood badly and I never saw a strait line out of him, which is a shame.

Open (5, 1)

1st Mrs & Ms Walker's Ravenskirk Ms Independence (B) 6yo – A true collie and the only one I could see ever working of those presented today, moved out well and dropped on the move instead of having their head up in the air, which causes some to hackney. They should at least still look like they are fit for function even if they never see a sheep. Lovely bone and type. Not overdone in any way. BOB Pleased to see her go group 4.

2nd Mesdames Walker & Alcorn's, Dalguise Celtic Rainbow (D) 6yo– another 6yo but showing his age a little, sound movement and good overall condition.

Rough Collie

Graduate (6,2)

1st Mr & Mrs Fairgrieve's Muldoanich Highland Laddie (D) 1yo – This boy is just over a year old but has a lot to like, good rear movement and lovely head planes, correct ears and eye. Very pleased to give him BOB.

2nd Mr & Mrs Babiak's Rosschell Running Free at Eaglefalls (D) 2yo – Tri colour with a lot to like but needs movement to tighten up a bit, a little more muscle tone would help.

Open (9,4)

1st Miss Carmichael's Kilchrenan Keltic Mist (B) 16 months, correct head planes, ears and eye set, lovely dark eye and good angulation, moved well. Markings not his forte but any good judge will not worry about them. RBOB.

2nd Mr & Mrs Fairgrieve's Rosschell Murphy's Law (D) 2yo – gorgeous head, correct palnes and shape, outmoved by 1st today. Lovely coat texture.


Open (2,2)

Both absent.

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

Graduate (3,0)

1st Mr & Mrs Stewart's, Catch the Dream for Blazerae (B) 17 months old – moves well and keeps topline on the move, correctly moulded front and good rear angulation, could do with a better handler.

2nd Miss, Mr & Mrs Sneddon's, NesdenTiriodh (D) 20 months – hope this boy has finished growing as he is all there and finished outmoved by first. Head, ears and eye placement all correct and he was  presented well.

Open (3,0)

1st Miss, Mr & Mrs Sneddon's, Mor Dearg by Nesden (B) 2yo – Lovely level backed oblong, with well sprung rib and chest well let down, correctly moulded front and good solid rear, moved out with purpose and just demanded attention. BOB and pleased to see her go group 3.

2nd Mr & Mrs Stewart's Blazerae Royal Intrigue (B) 4yo – good movement when I finally got handler to go in a strait line good rear angulation.

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

Open (6,1)

A shame there was only an open class as half of them were pups, saying that I would have merrily run off with any of them a very strong class and some lovely quality throughout

1st Miss, Mr & Mrs Sneddon Tyci Brython Brenhinaedd at Arangath (D) 4yo – Lovely mover, correct wrap at front and true coming and going, teeth could do with cleaning but nothing incorrect about them. Good head shape and ear set. Feet round and well padded. BOB

2nd Mr & Ms McCallum's, Sanja Glengrant (D) 11 months old – this boy and his two siblings also in the class are all really nice, he outmoved them today and I think he has come on the best of them to this stage. I am sure over the time these pups will all change places over and over. His head and ears are correct his eye lovely and dark and his front and rear are everything it should be at this stage. Feet round, large and well padded.

German Shepherd Dog

Open (4,2)

1st Miss Gibson's, Droyale Bold as Brass for Echosands (D) 8 months – a young but large heavy boy who does not need any more height or substance. Moved OK in the small ring available but would benefit from a large outside ring to show off better. Good overall balance and shape.

2nd Mrs K Sharpe's, Geeswood Heidi at Sharpalta (B) 8yo – Finer type veteran bitch in good condition, moved OK in the ring, but did not seem happy being indoors.