• Show Date: 14/08/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Kirkcaldy & District Canine Club

Kirkcaldy & District Canine Club

Open Show – 14th August 2016.

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee of Kirkcaldy & District for the kind invitation to judge at this show. Thank you to all the exhibitors for the pleasure of your lovely dogs.

AV Gundog

Special Puppy (6,3)

1. Mr & Mrs Mc Donald - Steelriver Dance In The Sun At Skyloch (FCR)

This 11 month old black bitch, has a pleasing outline when stood. Liked her overall size and typical outgoing personality. Feminine head, showing a good wedge shape, dark eye giving an intelligent expression. Her clean neck flows well into her topline, falling away slightly at the croup. She has pleasing depth and bone. A positive and true mover

2. Miss Lawrence - Dunnabbey Edelweiss (Lab)

3. Bennett & Mappin - Bryerdae promise To Capledrae (Gordon)

Veteran (10, 7)

1. Mrs Stephenson - Drumwhaur Summer Song (Irish Setter)

Very much liked both of these veterans. Winner an 8 year old Irish Setter bitch, liked her racy outline so feminine and stylish. She has a lovely elegance to her head complimented with the correct shaped dark eye and well placed ears. When stood she has a flow from nose to tail, showing the slight slope to the topline. Good width to the thigh and bend of stifle. Moving out showing good drive

2. M Scrimgeour - Velvetine Shawnee ShCM (Lab)

3. Miss Lawrence - Claychalk Costa Amero At Dunnabbey

Gordon Setter

Open (8,2)

1. Miss Caulfield - Hernwood Black Pearl ShCM

Loved this 5 year old bitch, she is so very smart and has beautiful lines and balance. Found her to have strength throughout the body, but not overdone, and retains a touch of elegance. Her head has the desired depth but no mistaking her gender, lovely dark eye giving a thoughtful expression. Good depth and bone, well sprung ribs and a firm topline which flowed well into a correctly set on and carried tail. Shown in super coat and condition Moving with correct footfall, just not as positive when in the group to just miss out on a placing - BOB

2. Mr & Mrs Miller - Rhum Night Legend

3. Mr & Mrs Miller - Brookes Shadow Mover

Irish Setter

Graduate (4,1)

1. Mrs Davie - Jonala Secret Love At Lochfrae

2 year old bitch, who has lots to like about her. When stood holds a pleasing outline, with the typical raciness. Such a lovely head, long and elegant, oval skull, raised brows and dark eye to give a super gentle expression. She has a good length of neck and forechest, just enough depth. She has a well held topline both stood and on the move.

2. A Logie - Corranroo Rainbow Climber

3. Mrs Stevenson - Drumwhaur Cherokee Rose

Open (3,1)

1. Mrs Stevenson - Drumwhaur Sunshine Girl

Thought this 3 year old bitch to be of a lovely size and shape when stood. She has femininity and the racy appearance yet is nicely boned with substance. Most feminine of heads, good length of neck, which flowed into her firmly held slightly sloping topline and well set on tail. Liked her hindquarters, showing good width with length and a good bend of stifle. Correct amount of width and depth to the body, and nice spring to the ribs. Shown in a rich chestnut coat. - BOB

2. A Logie - Corranroo Rainbow Climber

Labrador Retriever

Junior (3,0)

1. Mrs Meek - Alphawave Leminiscatus At Johdine (Pol Imp)

Yellow bitch 17 months old, she caught my eye as she has real presence about her. Lovely head, which has a good length to the foreface, good width of backskull and dark eye and pigmentation. Liked her pleasing outline which had good strength, depth and spring to the ribs, a tad longer in loin. A firm level topline with a well set on tail, but at times carried a little higher. She has powerful hindquarters, with good width of thigh, which were put to good use on the move. Moving out true

2. Miss Lawrence - Dunnabbey Edelweiss

3. D&C Donald - Fennankala Old Flotilla Lady

Graduate (6,1)

1. Mrs Meek - Johdine Golden Delicious

Liked this 2 year old yellow bitch for her balance and construction. Thought her to have good body proportions, of a nice size and a lovely outgoing temperament. Her head again shows good balance, and strong neck. Her body has good depth with a good barrel rib, Firm level topline and short coupled, well set on and used tail. Strong rear, with good width of thigh. Showing good reach and drive on the move

2. M Scrimgeour - Veletine Dream Chaser

3. Mrs Rooney - Frewlings First Report For Taraloch

Open (7,)

1. Mrs Meek - Johdine Golden Sunshine

I was taken with this 2 year old yellow bitch, who was full of life and exuberance. Once settled she has a lovely outline, having the substance and strength to the body, but in no way over done, retaining her femininity. Appealing head, with balanced ratios, dark eye and a lovely kind expression. Strong neck, well boned limbs, tight feet, good forechest and correct spring to the ribs. Her topline remained firm and level both stood and on the move, well set on otter tail. Well developed thighs with a good bend of stifle. Moving with precision and power to win BOB & Gp2

2. M Scrimgeour - Velvetine Shawnee ShCM

3. Miss Lawrence - Trendlewood Perfect Ten

Golden Retriever

Junior (4,2)

1. Mr & Mrs Bolton - Stanroph Super Stravegante At Shiresmill (Imp)

Lots to like about this youngster. At 14 months old he had a mature and balanced profile. Showing good symmetry with a good length of leg to body ratio. Lovely head, which is well proportioned backskull to foreface, dark eye and pigmentation, all giving such a soft and gentle expression. Body showed good depth, ribs carried well back with short couplings, well boned limbs and tight feet. Moved a tad close behind, but he has a lovely flow on the move, holding his form in profile - BOB

2. Smith & Bolton - Pajula Just The One For Shiresmill

Graduate (1,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Bolton - Stanroph Super Stravegante At Shiresmill (Imp)

Repeat Junior

Open (3,2)

1. Mrs Warden - Eyevalley Macallan Of Glentochty ShCM

Mature and workmanlike 5 year old dog. He has good overall balance and construction, from a slightly larger mould than Junior winner. A kind and gentle expression, strong neck, pleasing depth to brisket and forechest. He has lovely bone and substance through the body. Kept a firm and level topline. Not quite the length of stride of the winner on the move

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Open (1,0)

1. Mr, Mrs & Miss Neilson - Benoveor Rumour Has It

Typical teenager at 15 months old, who like to play the fool! Liked this dog for his overall size and substance. His head is all male, with a kind eye. He has a good length to the neck, which flows nicely into his topline. His body shows a good spring to the ribs, and enough depth. He has strong hindquarters, with a good width of thigh. Once settled showed to be an animated and true mover

Italian Spinone

Graduate (1,0)

1. Miss Christie - Quebaikei Gavees Remise

An honest and imposing 2 year old dog, liked his outline when stacked as this showed him to be squarely built with good substance. He has a masculine head, broad yet has a leanness to it, and the correct planes. Such a kind eye to give that human look to him and a big spongy nose. Super depth and width to the chest, which is well let down. Correct unexaggerated topline and well set on tail. Shown to have good skin and coat. Lovely trot in side profile, keeping his shape and topline – BOB & Gp3

Open (1,1)

Flat Coated Retriever

Graduate (3,1)

1. Mrs Thorpe - Candidacasa Porche At Montreatmnt

Quite a charmer this 2 year old bitch, very affectionate to the judge! She has the typical outgoing personality and is ever active. Stood she has a lovely balanced shape. Her head is nicely moulded, to give that ‘one piece’ look, dark and expressive eyes. Neck of good length, flowing well into her firm topline. She has good depth, forechest and spring to the ribs. Liked her well muscled hindquarters which had good width. On the move she showed good drive

2. Mr & Mrs Mc Donald - Steelriver Dance In The Sun At Skyloch

Open (2,1)

1. Mrs Thorpe - Candidacasa Porche At Montreatmnt

AVNSC Gundog

Open (3,1)

1. McGillvray & Currie - Richley Ready To Rock With Antonine (Clumber)

Enjoyed judging this class, both dogs having some lovely qualities

Winner a 2 year old Clumber bitch, what a treat to go over, just loved her. She has substance and strength but is not heavy or overdone. Thought she had quality in abundance and oh so smart. She has a balanced head shape and good eye. Her strong neck flows beautifully into her firm topline, the ribs show a good spring and are carried well back. Well muscled hindquarters. Put down is super coat and condition. Moved out with purpose and was true both fore and aft. Delighted to award her BOB & Gp1

2. Mr, Mrs & Mr Young - Silverkelvin Lunar Eclipse Over Noreaster ShCM (Weim)

Gundog Group

A lovely group, where I wished I had more placings to award

1. McGillvray & Currie - Richley Ready To Rock With Antonine (Clumber)

Showed her socks off to head this group, Lovely balance and moving so true

2. Mrs Meek - Johdine Golden Sunshine (Labrador)

A change of handler in the group and a transformation! Stood rock solid to show her lovely shape, and moving out with power and drive

3. Miss Christie - Quebaikei Gavees Remise (Italian Spinone)

Impressive dog from all angles, very solid and holding a correct topline both stood and on the move

4. Brough & Walker - Riselawroad No Deal (English Springer Spaniel)

An honest and appealing 2 year old dog, showing good overall balance, nicely boned and moving out with precise and positive footfalls