• Show Date: 04/12/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Woolwich Bexley & District Canine Association

Woolwich, Bexley & District Canine Association

Sunday 4th December 2016

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for the kind invitation to judge at your show. My heartfelt thanks to the exhibitors for venturing out on such a cold morning, knowing we would be showing outside! And of course to my able steward, I hope you have all thawed out!


Puppy (2,0)

1. Mrs Welch - Hookwood Rocket Man

Lovely 6 month old B&W dog who at just 6 months old belies his age, carrying himself with an air of importance and totally unfazed. His head has still to break, but shows good length to foreface and a dark eye. He has a good forechest and depth to the brisket. Liked his strong oval bone, but like the rest of him, it is not overdone. Pleasing width of thigh and bend of stifle. For one so young, he is well co-ordinated on the move, showing super drive – BP & Puppy Gp 3

2. Norley & Hazeltine - Hookwood Hattie Jacques

Post Graduate (6,2)

1. Mrs Blowers - Fydal Blown Away To Deadaway

This O&W bitch is just coming up 2 years old, and today really feeling the cold, but this did not detract from her lovely curvy outline. She has the desired graceful curves and is so feminine all through. Thought her head to be well proportioned with plenty of work to it, with kind expressive eyes. She has a lovely flow to her topline, from nose to her beesting tail. Good depth of chest and nicely angulated hind quarters. Moving out well – RBOB – delighted to see her win 3rd in a huge RBOB stakes

2. Hazeltine & Welch - Hookwood Busty Babs

3. Mrs Barham - Kenwardgold Minnie Me

Open (5,3)

1. Hazeltine & Welch - Just Wilbert By Hookwood JW ShCM

A very smart B&W 2 year old dog. He caught my eye for his shapely silhouette, stood he is just right for size and has super balance. Not seeming to care about the cold, he just kept on showing his socks off. His head is masculine, with a well defined stop and slight dish to the muzzle. His long clean neck flowing well into a well filled in forechest and the brisket well let down. He has a pleasing firm topline. His hindquarters show good width of thigh and bend of stifle. On the move a pleasure to watch in profile, driving from the rear – BOB & Gp1

2. Mr & Mrs Crawte - Leascliffe Lorelei

Irish Setters

Puppy (2,1)

1. Parsons & Gisby - Suteresett Tom Collins At Bransett

There is much to like about this 9 month old dog, a typical puppy with a hint of naughtiness. When stood liked his overall balance, he is all male with lovely bone, but in no way overdone retaining the elegance. He has a pleasing head, which shows good length and those lovely unshelled almond eyes. There is a good flow from nose to tail, holding his topline both standing and on the move. Good depth through the ribcage and a nice sweep of stifle. On the move he did have a tendency to go in a different direction to the handler at times, but he did show to be happy and positive – BOB & BP

Gordon Setters

Puppy (1,0)

1. Ms Powell - Kimgilee Maori Secret

9 month old bitch, at present a rather raw youngster, and a little unsure of herself, but she has plenty of time on her side. She has a lovely feminine head, with a good depth to the flew and a kind dark eye. She has a clean lengthy neck, enough depth for her age and flat boned forelegs with strong upright pasterns. Falling away slightly at the croup with moderate rear angulation. She has a lovely coat colour, deep black and lustrous tan markings. Being a little unsettled on the move today – BP & Puppy Gp4

Open (2,0)

1. Mrs Bryant - Muckypup’s D’artagnan JW ShCM

Impressed by this 4 year old dog, he is of a nice size, with good substance and masculine. He holds an appealing shape when stacked. His head showed the correct proportions, with good depth, well defined stop and lovely dark expressive eyes. His neck flows well into his firm topline and tail set. Liked his depth of brisket and well developed forechest. His hindquarters show good length with a well bent stifle. Tail carried fractionally higher on the move, but he has good drive from the rear and shown in super coat and condition - BOB

2. Mrs & Miss Tye - Kyuna Olympic Arrow Of Tymora

AV Bred By Exhibitor (23)

1. Mrs Wilson - Tahir Summertime (Whippet)

Very elegant 16 month old Whippet bitch. Thought her to have beautiful lines and balance. She has the most feminine of heads, being of a good length and an alert expression. She has good depth to the brisket and typical arch over the loin. Well bent stifles with a good width of thigh, showing good muscle tone. Moving out true fore and aft

2. Mrs Milham - Shadowshack’s Grand Promise (GSD)

3. Miss Aldis - Torryburn Cadenza (Border Terrier)