• Show Date: 14/05/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Helen Gutteridge Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Redditch & District Canine Society

Redditch and District Canine Society Open Show 14th May 2016 Page 1 of 2 Alaskan Malamute SYD/B (1) 1st and BP Wilkinson and Jelfs’ Lapema Garoto Rude. Nine months male. Presents a nice outline of an immature male with potential to be an impressive example of the breed. Well off for bone, he looks powerful already. Correct slight slope of topline down to a tail that follows the line of his spine and curves upwards in a loose well-furred curl. Good leg length and balanced moderate angulation with big oval well arched feet and toes. Pleasing head with breadth between the ears, strong muzzle and kind dark almond shaped eyes. Not over done in any way. Gait sound though still a little puppy looseness coming and going. Delightful happy character. PG D/B (2,1) 1st and RBOB Ballington-Graham’s Catua Snow Patrol. Mature male. Good head proportions with slight stop. Ears well set and correct shape, strong muzzle, almond shaped eye, would prefer a darker brown. Gently sloping topline to a well set and gently curled furred tail. Pleasing body proportions and leg length, nice big feet, well furred beneath. His gait showed power and the ability to act as shock absorption. O D/B (3,2) 1st and BOB Ballington-Graham’s Catua On The Run. Mature Bitch. She has good length and spring of rib with a gently sloping topline to a loosely curving tail. A very nice head with good breadth, slight stop, correct ear shape and set, almond shaped eye, for perfection could be darker. Gait sound from all views, with no wasted energy. 2nd Wilkinson and Jelfs’ Lapema Nino Vudu. At 21 months she is not yet mature and this showed in her somewhat soft topline. Well off for bone, she has moderate angulation. Pleasing head. All this entry were well presented and had a correct harsh topcoat. All were a good fit weight with moderate neck length and good depth of chest. Import Register Working O D/B (1) 1st and Best Import Register Working: Burnett’s Entlebucher Mountain Dog, Torfheide Beethoven at Skyeanroos. Very sweet male of shining rich tricolour coat. Flattish skull, with quite large, rounded triangle shaped drop ears held close to skull, but not low. Oval eye and good scissor bite. Broad chest, well ribbed and has level topline. Croup slopes to root of tail which was carried in a sickle curve. Rectangular in outline, the legs correctly appear slightly short in relation to body length with balanced, moderate angulation. Tight toes moderately knuckled up. Sound in gait with moderate stride length. A very attractive breed. AVNSC Working PG D/B (2) 1st and Best AVNSC Working: Houslop’s Giant Schnauzer, Eskaidee Firefly at Aligael. Black with good skin pigment and darkest brown eyes. Square in outline with a slight slope to the topline finished with a slightly sloping croup. Head planes parallel, moderately long in neck. Deep chested. Gait sound from all views. She has room to mature. 2nd Cunnah’s Dogue de Bordeaux, Coppertails Miss Dynamite. Powerful looking girl with solid broad head and characteristic expression. Good breadth of chest. Nice tightly held toes. A little soft in topline at present. Page 2 of 2 O D/B (3,2) 1st and RBOB McEnaney and Oldman’s Dogue de Bordeaux, Donnajay Sassy Lady of Bravadogue. Rich red. Broad throughout body with strong topline. Good head with characteristic expression. She moved soundly . 2nd Fish’s Giant Schauzer, Foxwood’s Destiny’s Child. Well presented black. She was out moved by the Dogue. Any Variety Working Veteran D/B (7,5) 1st Cunningham’s Siberian Husky, Azgard Tango with Snowpawz 12 years old bitch. Dark grey with delightful foxy head, elegant in outline. Good body condition, well angulated, loved her front assembly. Movement sound and light footed. Expression and ear set perfect. A real credit to her breeder, and to her owner. 2nd Whitmore and White’s Hovawart, Tyehelva Super Summer of Driftingsky. 10 year old B/T bitch. Pleasing head with kind but intelligent expression. Deep chest with well laid shoulders, good ribbing. Sound if somewhat sedate movement. A very nice unexaggerated example of an attractive breed. Working Group. I had a quality line up to choose from here. Group 1 was Bailey’s Canadian Eskimo Dog, Napu of Northwinds at Akna. White dog who has nothing to hide. Wedge shaped head with moderate width and strong jaws, muzzle slightly shorter than skull. Oblique almond eyes, well set and furred triangular ears. Well muscled neck. Good balanced angulation. Large tight feet. Brisk sound movement from all views. Group 2 was Borne’s Rottweiler, Dortmund Dodging Bullets at Trevearl. Smart dog with rich coloured points in hard condition. Compact build. Broad skull, strong jaws. Nice dark eyes. Well ribbed, strong muscled loin. Balanced angulation. Sound on the move. Group 3 was Spencer’s Bernese Mountain Dog, Waldershelf Ethel’s Way at Padiby JW. Nicely proportioned body with attractive head and expression. Balanced angulation, nice round compact feet. Sound gait. Group 4 was Hannam’s Siberian Husky, Charoite Raven’s Brew. He is a sound unexaggerated middle of the standard example of this breed. Well angulated. Masculine head without coarseness. In good body. Moving soundly from all views. Working Puppy Group Group 1 was Evans and Butler’s Dobermann, Ruzuna Fabulous Frankie at Amazon. Such a smart pup. Lovely head, good neck flows into shoulders. Well bodied. Balanced, sound and positive on the move. Group 2 was Wilkinson and Jelf’s Alaskan Malamute, Lapema Garoto Rude. Promising boy who kept his happy character all day. Group 3 was Westlake’s BMD, Apriori Uill Smith for Jesterbrock. Strongly made with a firm body. Beautifully marked, and sound gait from all views. Group 4 was Hodsdon’s Russian Black Terrier, Kontakta’s Poltergiest. I think you would know if this poltergeist were to bounce around your home in the middle of the night. Big impressive boy, still in puppy coat. Sound movement secured this placing. Judge: Helen Gutteridge