• Show Date: 11/09/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: EDWARD Forsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/03/2020

North Devon Canine Association

Edward Forsey (Muzoku)

Thank you to the North Devon Canine Association for offering me this opportunity to judge the pastoral group at their limit show.

Rough Collie 

SY (1,1a)

O (2) 1. Triforce Dragon Heart, A well constructed 2 year old sable and white dog towards the top end of the height range, portraying a sense of dignity and calmness at all times, abundant coat of correct texture adding to the dogs overall outline. Correct dentition, long blunt wedge shaped head, dark medium sized eye, obliquely set around a slight stop, small ears set high with tips tilted forward. Straight front with tight feet, deep chest with well sprung ribs, well angulated stifle and tip of tail reaching rear hock. Covered the ground with effortless grace. A confident exhibit who was a joy to watch on the move BOB, PG1 Delighted to see him awarded BIS. 

Bearded Collie

PG (1, 1a)  

O (2, 1a) 1. Braddabrook Calypso at Fenacre, Celebrating her 7th birthday at the show today, good size square skull with a strong muzzle, correct dentition, moderate stop, nice ears placement lending to the overall portrayal of a soft friendly expression. A little out of coat but still having well furred oval feet. Level topline, well srung ribs coupled with a strong short loin. Moved at a steady gait covering the ground well, BOB.

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) 

O (2) 1. Swanpool Armani at waterdeep, A lovely bitch with an alert expression from her dark alluring eyes, Good sized erect ears with rounded tips, foxy shaped head, strong neck, short legs with strong bone, elbows tight to a broad chest, well sprung ribs and level topline. Good turn of stifle with well let down hocks, well muscles throughout. Tail reaching ground, held out when moving purposefully around the ring. BOB, PG3

2. Wildcard River Singing   


O (1) 1. Blossomrain Moonlight Song of Dynar, A friendly 11 month old youngster in fine coat, correct dentition, dark brown almond shaped eyes set in a wedge shaped head, small well furred ears, portraying an alert friendly expression. Well laid back shoulders , straight in front with ample bone, well angulated rear stifle with firm muscle, well let down hocks, straight from side and rear, when moving at a reasonable gait moved freely with a happy tail carried over the back . BOB, PG2, BPIB, PPG1.  

Any Variety Not Seperately Classified Pastoral

P (3,1a) 1. Dobrany Dorian-Blue Odyssi, A well constructed 7 month old boy with a good dense natural coat , coarse in texture. Nice sized head in proportion to body, correct dentition, dark brown oval eyes partially covered by the plentiful coat. Well placed shoulders, moderately boned straight legs with lovely large well furred oval feet. Deep chest, level topline and broad strong loin, well muscled good rear angulation, Short (naturally docked) tail. Steady ambling gait on the move, slightly tight at the rear when moving away BPIB, PPG2. 

2. Starvon All About Me, Swedish Vallhund

O (2) 1. Belshanmish Pretty in Pink at Pyrajay, Two year old female PMD, A well presented good sized bitch, strong but feminine head with deep muzzle, correct dentition, dark almond shaped eyes, moderate stop and perfect ear size and placement. Straight in front with good bone, Broad chest with level topline, moderate rear angulation, tail reaching to the well let down hocks, maintained steady topline when moving at steady gait BOB, PG4. 

2. Dewiza Kontekst at Chrevle (Imp Pol) polish lowland sheepdog

Any Variety Pastoral 

V (3,1a) 1. Beckrow Blue Moon Over Waterdeep, still cant believe this sparky cardigan corgi dog was 13 years old, trotted around with swagger in his stride looking half his years while showing off his Blue merle coat. Foxy shaped head with alert expression, dark eye and correct dentition. Well laid back shoulder with good bone and tight elbows, well sprung ribs with level topline, well angulated rear continuing the good bone, tail length to ground, moved rhythmically at a brisk trot showing himself at his best.

2. Billnets Ace of Clubs, German Shepard Dog