• Show Date: 18/06/2016
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Colin Richardson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Ruthin Canine Society

202 class Open Show Saturday 18th June 2016

Remaining Terriers, Group,  & Remaining Toys & Group

Judge: Colin Richardson

I would like to thank the Officers & Committee of the Society for inviting me to officiate as the replacement judge at their open show.    

Terrier Group: Group 1Welsh Terrier Yonchi Pistol Raider, Group 2 the Manchester terrier Barleydust Fayre Day. Group 3 the  Border Terrier Rhozzum Gemstaone at Otterholme. Group 4 the PRT Spellbert Bygone Times.

Terrier Group Puppy: Group 1 Welsh Terrier Yonchi Pistol Raider . Group 2 the PRT Lady Loveta Le Fay

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Open (2, 0abs)

1st & BOB Storey and Read’s Blue Bon Bon; Blue bitch of 2 ½ years .  Strong feminine head without weakness. Powerful neck going into well laid shoulders. Excellent depth of chest and close coupled with correct topline. Well developed thighs, correct bend of stifle. Moved well.

2nd Storey & Read’s Lightening Ted

Border Terriers

Post Grad. (1,0 abs)

1st, BOB & Gp 3 Jones’ Rhozzum Gemstone at Otterholme: Pleasing feminine otter head. Scissor bite, strong teeth and jaw. Good length of neck going into forehand. Excellent body outline, correct  tail set. Harsh jacket,  strode out purposedly

Open (1, 1 abs)

Welsh Terriers  Good entry of varying type.

Grad (3, 0 abs)

1st,  BOB, BP & Group 1 .  Riley’s Yonichi Pistol Raider.  Moved well with drive. Correct headshape and ear set. Large teeth and strong jaw, scissor bite. Clean well muscled neck flowing into good forehand. Correct loin and level back. Rear angulation and tail set good.

2nd Humphries’ Penparc Skyfall

3rd Jennings’ Tedtree Myfanwy

Open (4, 1 abs)

1st Hughes Felstead Frankie at Mokath: 27 month old dog, typical of his breeding. Good coat texture and colour, well presented. Pleasing head, good shape, scissor bite, strong teeth. Earset OK. Forehand OK, adequate bend of stifle. Tail set OK

2nd Riley’s Yonihi Dodging Bullets

3rd Humphries Serbonche Cynhaeaf Aur

Parson Russell Terrier

Grad (1, 0 abs)

1st Roberts’ Lady Loveta

Open (2, 0abs)

1st & BOB Roberts’ Spellbert Bygone Times. 4 year old dog. Good depth of chest and rear angulation. Moved well.

AVNSC Terrier

Post Grad. (2,1 abs)

1st  Alstead’s Glen of imaal Golden Spurs Equifox Perfect Pickle: 2 ½ year old dog  Moved well with drive. Correct headshape and ear set. Large teeth and strong jaw, scissor bite. Clean well muscled neck flowing into good forehand. Correct loin and back. Rear angulation and tail set good.

Open (1, 0 abs)

1st , Best AVNSC and Group 2  Jones’ Manchester Terrier  Barleydust Fayre Day: 2 1/2 year old bitch of quality. Pleasing headpiece of correct proportions. Strong teeth with scissor bite and strong jaw. Muscular neck of moderate  length flowing into excellent forehand. Short back with correct topline &  tailset. Well bent stifle, positive movement.

Remaining Toys and Group.

Was disappointed at the overall quality and presentation. There were a few exceptions but overall not of the higher quality. Group 1 was the CKCS . Group 2 the Pomeranian Foxhue Licenced to Thrill. Grp 3 the Chinnese Crested Zerachiel Keeping It Real JW, Grp 4 the Papillon Phylcher Love’s Labour’s Won.

Pugs. There was a variety of type.

Junior (2, 0 abs)

1st Woods’ Conquell Longing for a Look. 10 month old dog who moved very positively. Well shaped head of correct proportion and pleasing expression. Good shoulder placement nd depth of chest. Well developed body and good rear angulation.

2nd Teague’s Tarragem Special Cargo

Grad (2, 0 abs)

1st Teague’s Kymclara Annevay of Tarrragem. 2 year old bitch that was clean and well presented.  Would have like a little more head, Good forehand and body shape.  Correct bend of stifle, moved OK

2nd Dover’s Swnycoeds Shining Star of Pugpower

Open (2, 0 abs)

1st & BOB Withers and Povall’s Witherford Twice as Nice. Aptly named 5 year old dog. Typical head , lovely correct body shape and tailset. Well muscled and moved beautifully.

2nd Teague’s Bringiton Mr Chang by Tarragem

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Presentation was poor in many of the exhibits.

Junior (3, 2abs)

1st Jones’  Cavacanti Cariad.  Unfortunately did not show well.

Grad. (5, 1 abs).

1st, BOB & Group 1 Rogers’ Afonmair Simply Magical.  This lovely proportioned 22 month old bitch won the breed with a  lot to spare.  Feminine head with correct bite and dentition.  Correct forehand and loin, with lovely outline. Rear angulation correct with nicely set down hocks and correct bend of stifle. Moved with grace and drive.

2nd Edwards’ Amethyst Holly at Trehys

3rd Lunt’s Oaktreepark Magical Dreams

Open (5, 1 abs)

1st Edwards’ Trehys Katarna 7 year old bitch. Could have had a slightly better head however in other respects was well made. Good body shape and lay of shoulder. Rear angulation OK, moved well

2nd Lunt’s Newroyds Moonlight Whisper

3rd Lunt’s Oaktreepark Alfie

Pomeranian Open (2, 0 abs)  A strong class with well presented dogs.

1st, BOB and Group 2 Christopher’s  Foxhue Licenced to Thrill 3 year old bitch who was well presented and was full of herself. Lovely typical head with foxy expression. Dark eye & good bite. Correct lay back of shoulder and lovely body shape below a profuse coat. Rear angulation spot on and she moved with drive.

2nd.Fox’s Salsapom De Comandante Che Guevara at Foxlyn (Imp. Rus)

Chihuahua (Longcoat)  Open (2, 1abs)

1st & BOB Lewis & Lewis’ Titmouse’s Summerbreeze TAF. Carrying a little too much weight at the present time. Good forechest and rear angulation. Moved well

Chihuahua (Smoothcoat)

Graduate (3, 2abs)

1st Lewis’ Lovchi the Devil Wears Prada for Dyfrdwy.  2 year old bitch with pleasing outline who moved well.  Good head and expression. Well laid shoulders and correct loin with good rear angulation.

Open (2, 1abs)

1st & BOB Lewis’ Lovchi Mink Magnum Forcewith Dyfrdwy.   3year old dog with correct body shape. Lovely head and good bite.Well developed young man who had good forechest and rear angulation. Moved with drive


Grad. (2, 1 abs)

1st & BOB Edwards’ Dolcevita Tipsy Mouse.   3 year old bitch in reasonable coat. Melting expression with dark eyes. Good forehand and moved OK

Open (0)


Graduate (3, 2 abs)

1st  Humphrey’s Papillon Caraideas The Extra Mile    Young dog of 19 months, who moved positively and with drive. Correct head shape with good ear set. Forechest of correct proportions, good body shape and rear angulation.

Open (5, 3abs)

1st, Best AVNSC Toy and Gp 4, Al-Bazi’s Phylcher Love’s Labour’s Won.  3 year old feminine bitch , with a clean and well groomed coat. Head of correct proportions with good earset and feathering.  Correct bite with clean teeth.  Forehand good , correct outline with good rear angulation.  Moved well and owned the ring.

2nd Humphrey’s Papillon Bonmeshays Ruby at Gloynbw